Keira Allen looked around at her new home. The map told her this place was called Willow Valley, and it was quite lovely, if rather empty. It seemed like a lovely place to get away. Keira was a Knowledge Sim and wanted to max all her skills, something she had never had time for in the city. This place, though, would offer few distractions.


 With her limited savings, she was able to build a small house. It wasn’t much, but it had all the essentials – and even a small vegetable garden out back to keep her fed.

 Keira immediately got to work planting some tomatoes. She didn’t really know much about gardening, but tomatoes seemed like they would be easy enough.

Within a few hours, Keira had her first visitors. She had thought that no one lived here, but apparently she was wrong. They told her they were the “welcoming committee” to welcome Willow Valley’s first official resident.

“But don’t you live here?” she asked them.

“Oh, no, we live up on Maple Hill. No one’s wanted to live in Willow Valley before,” was the response.


Of all her visitors, she found that she was interested in Talin Deppiesse the most. They had instant, incredibly strong chemistry together.

Keira talked to Talin all day. Before she knew it, it was dark, and the others had gone on back to Maple Hill – and Keira had had her first kiss, and developed a terribly strong crush on Talin.

She hadn’t known him long, but Keira knew she wanted to know Talin better, so she invited him to move in. He readily accepted.

Like Keira, Talin was a Knowledge Sim, and he also wanted to max all his skills.

That night, as Talin was leaving some flowers outside for Keira, Pong from the Garden Club came by and left them a wonderful gift!

With the money Talin had brought with him, and the money from the sale of Pong’s gift, Keira and Talin were able to purchase a plot of land and build a small building there – although they couldn’t afford to finish the floors or interior walls just yet. They named the store Allen Foods, although there wasn’t any food there just yet.

Even though their business wasn’t up and running yet, Keira decided this would be a fine place to ask Talin the question she’d been wanting to ask since they’d met.

“Talin, I know I just met you yesterday, but we can’t deny that you and I were made for each other. Please say you’ll be my husband.”

Of course he accepted.

Since they didn’t know too many people, and there were no other residents of Willow Valley anyway, they decided they might as well get married right there on the sidewalk.

Then they returned home to work on getting a little more money to get the store off the ground. Talin, who had a secondary aspiration of Pleasure, worked on a restaurant guide, discussing the lack of restaurants in Willow Valley.

Meanwhile, Keira worked in the garden and got enough experience to get a bronze badge. She wanted to get a good harvest, both to stock their own refrigerator and to have some good vegetables to sell at the grocery.

After a restaurant guide and a networking gift, Talin and Keira were able to head back to the grocery and buy some very basic wall and floor coverings, and some vegetable bins. The grocery wasn’t complete yet, but they were ready to open.

They were soon quite busy with customers, all from Maple Hill. Keira worked on sales and keeping the shelves stocked, while Talin manned the cash register. Neither of them was very good at it yet, but the more experience they got the better they did.

Every once in a while, they closed the store down to cheer themselves up with a date.

One evening a man came into the store and wandered around for a while, taking notes. After a couple of hours, he came up to Talin and announced that he was a business reviewer for the Maple Hills newspaper. He was writing up an article about Allen Foods in the newspaper, and giving Talin a Best of the Best Award!

After their write-up in the newspaper, business boomed. Soon they were able to add some more produce and a freezer section. The store was now complete, except for a space for their “farmer’s market” where they would eventually sell produce from their garden.

After about four days at the grocery, Amin Sims gave them a star, making the business level 5. With that, Keira and Talin closed down the store for the season and headed home.


When they arrived home, they used most of the money they’d made at the grocery store to build a greenhouse, buy some fruit trees, and expand the garden. Now that the grocery was such a success, Keira wanted to start selling the very best fresh produce there.

Although Talin’s goal in life was to max all his skills, he wanted to get a job to help the family, too. But though he checked the computer every day, there were never any job openings in Willow Valley.

Talin and Keira settled into married life, spending most of their time skilling together.

Halfway through spring, they learned that there would soon be an addition to their family! They were both very excited at the prospect of becoming parents.

When she wasn’t skilling, Keira worked in the garden, and got her silver gardening badge. 

Even though he wasn’t able to find a job, Talin was still able to get money for the family. Each day he made friends with another visiting Maple Hill resident, and sometimes they brought gifts. Vamsi gave him a television that day, and brought another later that night!

Talin maxed his cooking skill, which meant that his restaurant guides usually earned him over $3,000. Not bad for a few hours’ work. He moved on to the charisma skill.

In the same spot a few hours later, Keira maxed her first skill, cleaning. She moved on to painting.

The pregnancy made her very hungry, so she was constantly making herself something to eat. Luckily, she never caught the stove on fire.

Near the end of spring, Keira harvested her first crops – some mouthwatering oranges. She set aside a few to sell at the grocery store, but she kept most of them for the family to enjoy.

Later that night, Keira went into labor.

After only a short labor, Keira gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, with Talin’s blue eyes and red hair from both of her parents. Talin and Keira decided to name her Phoebe.



Sims 3
Households 1
Owned lots 1
Unowned lots 0
Military lot? NO
Business districts 0
Universities 0
Downtown? 0
Sim multiplier 2
Population 6


Culinary 0/1


Notes: Talin did indeed show up in the welcome wagon, and he and Keira had a natural 3 bolts. Normally I like to have couples have different aspirations, but I make an exception for 3 bolts.

I have some slightly relaxed rules for some jobs, and one of them is Culinary. Any food business that reaches Level 5, not just restaurants, counts to open a culinary position – mostly because I don’t like running restaurants. So Talin checked the computer every day, but no culinary job showed up the rest of spring.