It’s summer in Willow Valley! Last spring, Willow Valley’s first resident, Keira Allen, moved in. She married nearby resident Talin Deppiesse. They started a grocery store, and then had baby Phoebe, shown here.


The first order of business was to get the grocery store taken care of. Talin headed to the store, then called Keira to come join him.

“Keira, oh, I’ve missed you so much,” Talin said as he greeted Keira enthusiastically.

“Talin! We’ve only been apart for an hour!”

The few fruits they’d decided to sell were placed in a display case, and quickly sold out. The produce doesn’t provide much in the way of profits, but it does stock inventories with that wonderful sparkly food.

Since the grocery store was level 5 and getting pretty busy, Talin hired Waylon Menon to help out. He was assigned to restock the store so that Keira could focus on sales.

It wasn’t long at all before Keira earned her gold sales badge. Now she could dazzle the customers into buying very quickly – and they usually gave the grocery store stars, as well.

One of the women Keira impressed with her dazzling skills turned out to be another reporter from Maple Hill. She gave Allen Foods its second “Best of the Best” award.

Now that she was dazzling customers on a regular basis, Keira found that she got tired very quickly. Fortunately, the energizer was right outside.

At one point, though, as Keira was headed to the energizer, exhausted, her aspiration slipped into the green. Fortunately she noticed before getting into the energizer.

She and Talin closed the store down, and Keira tried to fulfill the only want that she could manage at the store – to woohoo with Talin. But she was just too tired. So, they closed the store down earlier than they’d planned, and headed home.

Once home, Keira was feeling much better, so she asked Talin on a date to get her aspiration back up.

Keira then returned to her garden, where she was able to harvest her first tomatoes. They weren’t quite good enough to sell at the store, but they were good enough to stock the fridge.

Talin wrote another restaurant review, and maxed his culinary enthusiasm.

He then used the tasty tomatoes that Keira had harvested to make some delicious pancakes, so that they wouldn’t have to cook every time they were hungry.

Keira and Talin had thought about going back to the grocery store, but Keira had contracted some kind of stomach bug. So they decided to keep it closed for the rest of the season.

With Keira not feeling well, Talin took much of the responsibility for baby Phoebe. He also decided it was time for a new look. Phoebe seemed to like it.

Finally, after days of looking, Talin found a job opening on the computer. It was a position for a drive-thru clerk, in the culinary career. He snatched it up immediately.

Keira managed to get her gold gardening badge. The time she spent talking to her plants about fish ensured that all their produce would be mouthwatering from now on. By the end of the season, the fridge was nicely stocked, Keira had a good stash of produce for the juicer, and Talin had a nice supply to sell at the store in the fall.

As she was planting a new crop, Keira became quite excited when she learned that Phoebe would soon have a new brother or sister!

That afternoon, Talin eagerly rushed off for his first day of work.

Unfortunately, Talin’s new job meant that he would have to miss his daughter’s first birthday. Phoebe was still excited to see the cake.

Phoebe grew up into an adorable toddler, although the hairstyle didn’t seem to suit her. She’s a Virgo, 10/1/7/3/10. Very neat, shy, and nice, and rather active and serious.

Once Keira had restyled her hair, though, Phoebe was absolutely adorable. And her dress was cute, too, which was good – she was stuck with the clothes she got, since there was no store in town where the Allens could buy more.

Phoebe promptly got a bottle of smart milk, and then very quickly learned to walk. Keira could easily see that her daughter was a very smart girl.

Talin’s time at work had been worth it – he came home with a promotion. He continued to do well in his new job, and by the end of the summer had reached level 4 in the culinary career.

There was still plenty of time outside of work to spend with his family.

“Say teddy, Phoebe! Good girl!”

The next day, a gypsy woman came and left an old lamp outside the house.

When Talin found it that night, he rubbed the handle, and out came a genie!

The whole thing seemed silly, but Talin went ahead and wished for money. To his surprise, a sack full of money dropped from the sky! After a few more sacks, the Allens were 22,000 simoleons richer.

Keira made her own wish, and got another 22k! They decided to save the third wish for Phoebe to use when she grew up, so that she could establish her own bank account.

With the money the genie gave them, they were able to expand the house and build on a proper kitchen, with room for a table and chairs.

They also added a second bathroom, in which Phoebe was successfully potty trained.

Late one night, while working on her charisma skill, Keira went into labor.

Hearing her cries, Talin quickly rushed to her side, although he wasn’t sure what he could do to help.

Keira gave birth to a lovely baby boy with blond hair and brown eyes, named Stefanos. She quickly handed him to Talin.

A few minutes later, another baby boy was born. Demetrios has red hair and brown eyes.

Phoebe toddled in and sat down by Demetrios. “Phoebe have brother?”

Phoebe has 2 brothers!

And a sister! The third baby has blonde hair and blue eyes, and is named Katina.

Talin and Keira were very glad they’d built a nice big nursery. There was just enough space for the changing table and a blanket for each child.

Three babies certainly took up a lot of time. The next day, while Talin was at work, Keira started changing Stefanos at 11:30 in the morning.

After changing, cuddling, and feeding each baby, Keira finally put Katina back to sleep at 4 pm.

Fortunately, Phoebe had learned all her skills early. She was happy to play with her bunny head most of the time, only needing an occasional bottle, snuggle, or tickle from her parents.

That night was Phoebe’s birthday! The Allens decided not to bother with a cake, as they could spare only a few minutes for the celebration.

Phoebe grew from a cute toddler into a beautiful little girl. Again, she was lucky to grow into suitable clothing – even if it was a bit plain.

After the celebration, Keira pulled Talin to the couch. “Oh, Talin, I love you and all our children, so much. Let’s have another one!”

And thus summer turned to fall! I leave you with a picture of the expanded house – more of the genie lamp money was used to build an upstairs with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a nice sized open room. It’ll be a nice zoo for the kids later, but for now Phoebe has it all to herself.


Sims 6
Households 1
Owned lots 1
Unowned lots 0
Military lot? NO
Business districts 0
Universities 0
Downtown? 0
Sim multiplier 2
Population 12
Uni funds 4400


Culinary 1 of 1


1) I like to run the businesses once each season, and have the sims there for at least 24 hours. Once the business is level 10 and they have a manager, though, they just have to check in on the phone. I think they were there a little less than 24 hours this time due to Keira’s near miss with the energizer (she was walking toward it when she dropped into green; fortunately I caught it and stopped her). Waylon is being groomed to be manager, but he’s got a couple of badges to get first.

2) Phoebe is named after one of my favorite characters from my old apocalypse. She got her name because she has the same coloring, but her personality is totally different. That Phoebe had only 1 nice point, and this one has 10, among other things.

3) I have the no 20k handouts hack, so each child establishes a bank account as soon as they’re old enough, hopefully with at least 10k. Thanks to the genie, they’ll be able to establish bank accounts for all the kids. I use Monique’s computer, and yes, it earns some interest – but I figure the no 20k handouts makes up for it. And I do count the bank accounts, as well as the business value, when calculating taxes.

4) I get my names from I’ve usually just done completely random names in the past, but I decided when the triplets were born that I’m going to give each family a nationality to get their names from. The Allens will be using Greek names, since they already had Phoebe. I know neither Keira nor Allen fits the theme, but future names will.

5) If anyone’s wondering how I got blond hair on the triplets, I always make my CAS sims with recessive genes – I make a mom and a dad, use the “create a child” option, and then delete the parents. So Keira has recessive genes for blonde hair and green eyes – and skin 1, though all the kids are skin 2 and none of them even have a skin 1 recessive. But I love that I got 4 kids that are all unique in their hair and eye color combinations.

6) Right after Phoebe’s child birthday, Keira rolled up the “have a baby” want – and Phoebe rolled up a want for a new family member. They’re totally on their own for that – but ACR’s risky woohoo chance is set at 30% until someone takes a job in the medical career, so their chances of getting their wishes are pretty good. Not that I particularly want another baby, but I’m letting ACR do its thing here.

Next season is fall, so I’ll be adding a new CAS sim! The Allens will be up first, though. I’m very excited to see what the triplets will look like.