As fall came to Willow Valley, a horrible fire devastated the Allen house, killing Keira, Talin, and their four children. It was a terrible tragedy, and no one dared to settle in Willow Valley again for many, many years. Finally, though, a new sim moved into the valley. Perhaps she was ignorant of the prior tragedy, and the valley’s deadly reputation. Or perhaps she just didn’t have anywhere else to go.

Larisa Pavlov viewed her new surroundings. She wasn’t particularly excited about living out here in the middle of nowhere, in a valley that had some kind of weird reputation, but it was the best option she had. They would never look for her here.

Larisa had managed to find a small cabin. An old man living in Maple Hill had sold it to her for a song, but not until he had warned her that no good could come to her in Willow Valley. Larisa had insisted, and was now pleased to find that the cabin, although sparse and without luxuries, would fulfill her needs.

There was even a nice pond behind the house. Larisa’s lifelong dream had always been to be a top oceanographer. She knew she would likely have to give that up now, but at least she could still enjoy the fish in her pond.

The fish she caught would help keep her belly full, which was a very good thing since she didn’t think there was a grocery store anywhere around here.

Although the residents of Maple Hill didn’t want to live in Willow Valley, they didn’t seem to have any qualms about coming to visit. Jill Smith, a member of the local garden club, became Larisa’s first friend. And a man who called himself “Mr. Humble” dropped off a welcome package at her front door.

Later that day, some more visitors came over. Larisa enjoyed getting to know them, although she had to make sure to keep her distance – she couldn’t allow anyone to get too close.

The next day, a man named Leo Wilkie strolled by. Larisa had always been attracted to distinguished older men, and Leo was no exception.

Larisa found herself with a strong liking for Leo, and even trusted him enough to share gossip with him.

Turns out Leo liked her back.

Larisa never would have thought she’d be getting this close to someone so soon, but she had only known Leo a few hours when she took him to bed.

The next morning, though, she realized what a mistake she had made, and told Leo he’d better go home. He was clearly disappointed. As she made herself some grilled cheese, Larisa told herself that it was for the best. She couldn’t afford to get to close to anyone.

Larisa wasn’t sure whether it was her disquiet about Leo, or maybe just bad grilled cheese, but she found herself running to the bathroom after eating.

Still, Larisa had plans for the day, and she wasn’t about to let a little stomach bug spoil them. She’d noticed that a lot of Maple Hill residents walked by her house, and she wanted to see if they might be interested in purchasing some fish. Her fishing had been very successful, and she’d caught far more fish than she could eat herself. In no time she had her first customer.

Larisa got very tired in the afternoon and snuck off for a nap, but was up again soon when the customers kept coming. The fish proved to be very popular, and were soon sold out. 

Late that night, after another run to the toilet, Larisa realized the true cause of her illness. She was pregnant with Leo’s baby. Now what was she going to do?

It really wasn’t a very difficult decision. Leo was so kind, so loving, and she knew that she couldn’t keep his child from him. So as soon as it was light the next morning, Larisa invited him over. He was thrilled to learn that he would soon be a father. “I’ve always dreamed of having a big family – half a dozen children, at least!” he said. “I’d just about given up on my dream, now that I’m an old man. But – I’m going to be a Daddy!”

His excitement cemented Larisa’s decision. “Leo, our baby needs to grow up with two parents. Will you marry me?”

“Of course, of course I will!” Leo cried, leaping into her arms.

They married in a private ceremony inside the cabin, just the two of them. Leo readily agreed to move into the cabin with Larisa.

“Even though it will mean becoming a resident of Willow Valley?” Larisa asked.

“I live in a one room apartment on Maple Hill. There’s no room for a baby there,” Leo replied.

Larisa pointed out that her cabin was only one room, too. “That’s no problem,” Leo said. “You’ve got the land all around.”

Leo got to work and in no time had built on two more rooms – a bedroom for them and a nursery for the baby.

Larisa soon got back to her fishing, while Leo planted a tomato garden right by the pond. They would need some vegetables to accompany their fish, he said.

When the garden didn’t need tending, Leo enjoyed painting.

Larisa mostly just ate when she wasn’t fishing. Pregnancy made her feel like she had a bottomless pit in her stomach. She knew she should eat the fish she was stockpiling, but the only thing that seemed appealing was grilled cheese.

After a lot of conversation with Leo, Larisa decided to open up a shop to sell her fish – and eventually Leo’s fruits and vegetables. They weren’t able to finish the building the way they liked, or even keep it open very long due to Larisa’s pregnancy, but at least they got it off the ground.

As spring turned into summer, they waited anxiously for the imminent arrival of their new baby.


Sims 2
Households 1
Owned lots 1
Unowned lots 0
Military lot? NO
Business districts 0
Universities 0
Downtown? 0
Sim multiplier 2
Population 4

Careers: None available


1) The old Willow Valley got very glitchy – Phoebe had a ltw, plants weren’t growing, the game crashed every time I tried to grow one of the triplets up. I decided I’d better put it out of its misery before I got further into the challenge. I liked the Allens a lot, but I decided it would be best to start over.

2) Larisa is a Fortune/Grilled Cheese sim. Her ltw to top Oceanography is a great one for a BACC founder, since she can get her gold fishing badge fairly easily, but it doesn’t mesh so well with her constant wants to eat grilled cheese. Leo’s garden will help with that, though.

3) Leo’s a family sim who wants to marry off 6 kids. Hard, for an elder, especially since I’m usually very sparing with the elixir – but I think I’ll make an exception for Leo. I always feel bad for the poor townie elders, since they hardly ever get to move in, so I think Leo’s got some extra niceness coming his way.

4) Larisa didn’t save up enough to open her business before she got pregnant. Leo brought 7k with him, though. I usually don’t have pregnant sims run businesses, but I took them there just long enough to get the business off the ground and make a couple of sales, so I could count it.