Larisa woke in the middle of the night with sharp pains. She couldn’t stay still, and had to get out of bed. “Leo!” she yelled. “Wake up! The baby’s coming!” She had a fleeting moment of wondering what kind of insanity had possessed her to come here, to have a baby in a cabin in the middle of nowhere with no doctors for miles around.

But all those thoughts disappeared when she held her beautiful daughter in her arms. Aglaya had Larisa’s black hair and fair skin, and Leo’s brown eyes. Larisa thought she was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.

Leo wholeheartedly agreed. He’d thought he’d given up on his dream when he’d become an elder, but now, he had a daughter.

The Pavlovs had just enough money to buy a blanket for Aglaya to sleep on, but they had to take out a loan to pay their taxes. So, as soon as they could, they headed to the fish market to try to make some money. Leo took care of sales and restocking. Once again, Larisa’s fresh fish proved to be the most popular item.

Larisa manned the cash register, and soon had brought in enough money to buy some paint and flooring to finish up the store.

“So, Remington, you’re a family sim,” Leo said. “Perhaps you would consider marrying my daughter one day.”

“Hmm, I’ll have to think about it. Let me ask my nose,” Remington replied.

After running the store for a full 24 hours, Larisa and Leo were exhausted, but they had made enough money to pay off their tax loan. They treated themselves to a date before heading home to Aglaya.

Almost as soon as she arrived home, Larisa had to make a run for the toilet. She hadn’t eaten anything suspicious lately – hadn’t eaten anything at all, in fact. So she suspected this vomiting was due to the same cause as the last time.

Her need for a nap, followed by an irresistible craving for grilled cheese, confirmed it. There must be another baby on the way.

Larisa wasn’t sure what to think. It wasn’t long ago that she had resigned herself to never having children, being alone forever. Now she had a baby, and would probably have a second while Aglaya was still in diapers. And Leo wanted six children! It was all too much, too soon.

Leo suffered no similar uncertainty. He had Aglaya, and he loved her with all his heart.

He thought about her constantly, even while doing mundane things like fixing the computer.

He spent a great deal of time in the garden, eventually earning his silver gardening badge.

Larisa spent every moment of her spare time fishing, and soon earned her silver badge.

Larisa found herself smiling when she realized she was definitely pregnant. She did love Aglaya, and it would be nice for her to have a little brother or sister.

It seemed like only a day or so before it was time for Aglaya’s birthday. Leo proudly brought her to the cake.

Aglaya grew up into an adorable toddler, largely taking after her mother. She was dressed quite warmly for summer, though.

A quick trip to the changing table got her into something more suitable, and soon she was drinking her first bottle of smart milk.

In only a couple of hours Aglaya had learned to walk. Larisa was very proud of her.

“Now I’ll only have your little brother or sister to carry around.”

As Leo was spraying the bugs in the garden one night, he found himself coughing – he’d inhaled the pesticide!

The pesticide induced a strange mutation, merging Leo with the plant. It felt rather odd to be half tomato plant.

The Pavlovs quickly built a greenhouse so that nothing like that would happen again, but it was too late for Leo. He was forever changed.

“Leo! Come quick! The baby’s coming!”

“I’m here, honey! I don’t know what to do, but I’m here!”

Larisa soon gave birth to a baby boy, named Makari.

“Here, honey, you’d better hold him. I’m still feeling really uncomfortable.”

The second baby boy was born with red hair, and was named Lyov.

The third baby was a girl, named Nadezda.

And finally, Larisa gave birth to another baby boy, named Vanya.

With the unexpected arrival of the quadruplets, the Pavlovs’ previously small but cozy house suddenly seemed quite tiny.

Not knowing what else to do, Larisa went to the business to make a little money. She hated leaving Leo with all the children – but after only a day at home, she was also desperate for some time away.

At least she had plenty of fish to sell. The fish market was actually starting to live up to its name.

Larisa got very nervous when a man came into the store and started taking notes. Was he looking for her? But if he was, he wasn’t being very subtle about it.

It turned out he was just a reporter from the Maple Hill newspaper, and he gave her some kind of award. Larisa tried to seem appropriately pleased, but really she was just relieved.

The store was level 4, and was getting busy for Larisa to handle alone, so she had to call Leo in to help her out. His new plantsim nature was immensely helpful, although they did have to buy him a special sunlight to keep him happy.

Back home, Larisa and Leo pretty much took up residence in the nursery. Larisa almost cried when the nausea pangs hit. It wasn’t possible, was it? Surely she couldn’t be pregnant again! She and Leo should not have gone on that date before coming home from the store.

Soon it was time for a quintuple birthday!

Aglaya was up first. She continued to be extremely cute.

The cakes were then moved into the nursery to grow up the quads – easier than carrying the babies into the kitchen. Leo set off some spores of happiness to help his wife and daughter make it through the birthdays without falling asleep.





Please note that all the toddlers are waving at the camera. They love their readers!

“Who’s a Daddy’s little girl? Who’s my little Nadia?”

Nadezda was the first to learn to walk, and the only toddler to be taught a skill in the remainder of summer.

“No, no, no, no, no!”

And thus ended the summer for the Pavlov family.


Sims 7
Households 1
Owned lots 1
Unowned lots 0
Military lot? NO
Business districts 0
Universities 0
Downtown? 0
Sim multiplier 2
Population 14
Uni funds 1600


Culinary 0 of 1


1) Quads! Holy guacamole, Batman. After getting a singleton and then triplets in my previous BACC, I did not expect that I’d have the same luck here. At least Leo wants 6 kids – although turning him into a plantsim seems kind of pointless now, since kid #6 is on the way. I was going to stop after the quads and let him spawn #6, but got super duper lucky with ACR’s risky woohoo (set at 30% until there’s a doctor).

2) The Fish Market got to level 5 before Larisa and Leo left the second time, so there’s a position open in Culinary – not that either Larisa or Leo is interested. They need the money, sure – they’re dirt poor again after adding on a kitchen and expanding the nursery. They couldn’t even afford a bed for Aglaya, but I figured she could share with Larisa since Leo doesn’t sleep anymore. But with four toddlers and another baby on the way, I don’t think sending one of them off to work is really an option right now.

3) All the kids are unique looking! Aglaya and Nadezda have different skintones, as do Makari and Vanya. And they all have different faces. And personalities. After losing multiple battles with the firstborn effect, this pleases me a whole, whole lot. Hopefully #6 will be similarly unique. (And hopefully it’ll just be #6, and not #6, 7, 8, and 9!)

Next up is fall! Look forward to lots and lots of skilling!