I’ve been playing an apocalypse for a little while now, and it’s decided to get interesting, so I decided I might as well post – and nevermind that I’ve got two other stories going. I’m fickle, I am.

The plan for this apocalypse is to randomize as much as possible. Aspirations will be rolled for, of course. So will college majors. Names will be chosen at random using behindthename.com’s Random Name Generator. And I’m playing with the Unemployment Office handicap, which will sort of randomize the jobs, and also keep me on my toes because I don’t know what’s coming. This is also a Matriarchy, because I like girls better.

Without further ado, here’s the college chapter!


Meet our founder, Chryseis Random. She has all the necessary prerequisites for an apocalypse founder: she’s pretty, and she has elf ears. She’s currently a Knowledge sim, and has just spend a significant amount of her money on an empty 3×1 uni lot, because dorms drive me crazy. Her ltw is to top some career or other, but I don’t care.

“Yay! I get to skill!”

Yay! Aspiration points!

Ah, Re-Nu-Yu, my good friend.

In short order, Chryseis is a Romance sim, with a ltw to have 20 lovers. Perfect. Time to go downtown.

“Oh yeah, I got my smustle on. Can I get a what what?”

Everybody do the Smustle!

Meanwhile, Goopy becomes Chryseis’ first crush. He’s in Culinary, so he is indeed potential spouse material. Sorry, ladies, I know you all wanted him for yourselves.

“Hey, old dude. You seem pretty cool. Sorry I can’t put you on my spouse list due to age discrimination, but you know how it is.”

Old dude: “Drat that age discrimination.”

Peter Sims: “Woo! I’m on camera! Hi mom!”

“Yes! Cell phone! Does that mean I’m finally going to get some freaking woohoo? Seriously, I’ve spent days at this place as a Romance sim, and no woohoo at all!”

Sorry, Chryseis. I decided it would be best to just make 20 friends here. You’ll get to fall in love with them all at home.

“And woohoo?”

The want’s for lovers, not woohoos.


Chryseis spent her time between friends digging for treasure. She had about $7000 worth of stuff by the time she was done.

And it’s friend #20!


Woohoo! But go home first.

“I have a house!”

Yeah, it’s just the little “one step up from a trailer” thing from the bin. But it’s better than a lawn, especially since it’s permanent Fall at Apocalypse U and it’ll probably rain.

And now it’s time for skilling. Both the hard way…

And the easy way.

“You’re a straight girl, plus you have a monkey mouth. So it’s not like you were going to need those skill points, right, dormie?”

“Why? Lovers…Chryseis…not for me. Drunk moons, iron bunnies…”

Of course, Chryseis sometimes needs an aspiration boost…


Um. This dormie’s name is Meadow Player. Something weird is going on here.

“Why, whatever do you mean? We’re certainly not watching your foolish attempt to reverse the Apocalypse.”

Who told you I was planning anything to do with the Apocalypse, huh?

“Foolish Creator.”

Finally, Chryseis’ long term relationships started getting up to 70. Apparently Jill Smith was one of the few who didn’t kiss that total slut Mystery Sim.

Note: this is a matriarchy, so the heir will always be female. That doesn’t mean the spouse will always be male. Jill here is totally eligible. Or she would be, if she had a job or skill points.

Once the LTR is 70 or above, falling in love is easy. Just invite someone over and initiate a romantic interaction – any flirt will do.

Instant best friend, crush, and love. Say goodbye and invite the next sim. Rinse and repeat. That way you can get 20 lovers with no slapping or trash can kicking.

Ben: “Wow, Chryseis, you are hot!”

Chryseis: *giggles* “I know, right?”

“Ben, I…I love you. This is the 20th time I’ve fallen in love, but you’re special.”

“I feel so fulfilled, like I’ll never be unhappy again.”

Can it, Chryseis. I’m getting diabetes here. To the orb!

“But…I like being a Romance sim!”

You’re Permaplat. You’ll like whatever I tell you to like. How about Popularity?

“That sounds like fun!”

Without further ado…

“Ben, will you wait patiently for me for years, then come live with me in squalor and spawn stinky children with me?”

“Of course I will, Chryseis!”

Yep, Ben is the first spouse. I picked him for his dashing good looks and keen fashion sense, you see.

“Chess is hard!”

Good thing you never have to play again, because you’ve maxed all your skills.


Nope. You’ve completed almost all your list: permaplat, max skills, plenty of friends, and engagement. But there’s still one item on the checklist.

Money, of course!

Chryseis earns gold flowermaking, robotics, sewing, and pottery badges before I get bored.

Chryseis spends pretty much the remainder of her time in college painting, with a snapdragon by her side. Um, yay?

Obligatory self-portait. And yeah, I hung up a bunch of her other paintings, too. I might move some children of spares in here someday or something.

Finally, Chryseis graduates, summa cum laude with a degree in Psychology. Permaplat, all skills maxed, 20 lovers, and about 50k in the bank. Let’s get this party started!

After some last minute chats with her lovers, Chryseis grows up. Kind of weird, but not hideous. It will do.

And we’re off! Tune in next time to see what restriction Chryseis will get to lift!