As fall came to Willow Valley, a new resident moved in. But would his arrival herald good things, or ill?

At the Pavlov house, life was chaotic. Two parents had their hands full with a child and quadruplet toddlers, with another baby on the way.

(On the left, plantsim Leo with Makari. At the activity table, child Aglaya and toddlers Nadezda and Lyov. On the right, pregnant Larisa with Vanya.)

Once again, the family was short on money, and had to take out a loan to pay their taxes.

Aglaya helped out a lot, keeping the place tidy. With nine neat points, she rather enjoyed the chores.

Every once in a while, there were a few blissful hours during which all four toddlers were asleep on their blankets.

Leo used the time to keep his garden healthy, and even harvest some mouth-watering fruits and vegetables.

Larisa, meanwhile, kept up with her favorite hobby. She caught a rather impressive number of fish while she was at it.

When the toddlers were awake, though, Larisa and Leo were kept very busy teaching them their skills. Potty training was a high priority for both parents.

Fortunately, all the toddlers were as smart as their sister Aglaya had been, and it wasn’t long before all four of them had learned to walk, talk, and go to the potty.

When Leo got a chance, he decided to drink some elixir. His dream was to see all his children married, after all, and he wanted to be alive to see it come true.

Aglaya wasn’t forgotten. After her first day of school, Larisa took a couple of hours to teach her to study. She made her parents very proud by coming home the next day with an A+.

Most of the time, though, she amused herself by jumping rope. She looked forward to the quadruplets’ birthday, when hopefully they would be more fun to play with.

After learning their skills, the toddlers had plenty of time to play. They all became best friends – and got lots of mechanical points – playing with blocks on the activity table.

“Leo! Get in here! The baby’s coming!”

Once again, labor had woken Larisa from a sound sleep.

“Oh, no! What do I do?” Having seen his other five children born apparently didn’t help Leo to be calm.

“You don’t have to do anything! I’m the one stuck with the hard part, and it’s all your fault!” Larisa screamed back at him.

“Can you guys be quiet? I’m trying to sleep here,” Aglaya mumbled without opening her eyes. She’d been sharing with her mother since her birthday, since there was no money to buy her a bed of her own.

Soon enough, though, all the aggravation was forgotten as Larisa held her sixth child in her arms. The baby had her sister Aglaya’s coloring, and was named Sofiya.

“I have six kids! Six!” Leo exclaimed, applauding his newest daughter. “I’m the luckiest man in the world!”

“I’m glad you feel that way, because you’re certainly not getting any more,” Larisa muttered. She loved all her children, but she had never, ever pictured herself as a mother of six.

Now that Larisa was no longer pregnant, she and Leo headed into town and opened up the grocery. They desperately needed money, as they needed to pay off their tax loan and expand the house before the quadruplets grew to children.

Leo got his gold sales badge, which made selling much more efficient – especially considering that Leo didn’t get tired. Soon they had sold all their fish and fresh produce.

One evening, while Larisa was taking a break for the energizer, a man came into the store. “Excuse me,” he said. “I’m looking for a woman named Larisa Pavlov. I heard she owns this place.”

The other patrons just shrugged. “Not sure where she is just now,” is all the answer he got.

Larisa came back and saw the man browsing in the freezer section. “That’s not…surely it’s not who I think it is,” she thought to herself. But as she watched from across the room, she became more and more sure that the man was, in fact, Julien Cooke, from her old town. She didn’t know why he was here, but it couldn’t be good. She spoke quickly to Leo and closed the store down. Fortunately, Julien hadn’t bought anything, and she tried to avoid being seen as he left the store.

Fortunately, they had made quite a bit of money during their time at the store, including small business awards totalling $70,000. They were able to add a second floor to the house, with plenty of space for all their children. They also had enough to establish a bank account for each child, with $10,000 each. The money would serve them well when they were grown.

Nadezda was the first of the quadruplets to max her mechanical skill, but all four of them succeeded in that task before growing up.

Meanwhile, Larisa got her gold fishing badge!

She headed to the computer to see if maybe, just maybe, she could get some kind of job related to the ocean, but there were no jobs to be had.

“I wish we had a tv,” Aglaya said over dinner one night. “It gets so boring out here in the middle of nowhere.”

“Well, your brothers and sister will be growing up soon, so you’ll have them to play with,” Larisa replied. She really didn’t see the need for a tv – there were so many other ways to spend the time.

The much anticipated birthday finally arrived, and the four toddlers trooped into the living room to grow up.

(Left to right: Lyov, Vanya, Makari, Nadezda)

They had a great birthday, all managing to grow up in platinum.

(Left to right: Makari, Lyov, Aglaya disrupting the birthday line, Nadezda, Vanya)

They were quickly set to skilling for the remainder of fall. Lyov found he really enjoyed music and dance, and quickly became quite the little virtuoso on the violin.

Nadezda proved to read books very quickly, and soon had maxed her cooking skill.

The other children worked on their logic skills, using the telescope and the family’s 2 chess boards.

(Top: Makari. Bottom: Vanya and Aglaya.)

It was hardly all work and no play, though. One afternoon they invited a couple of kids from Maple Hill to join in a water balloon fight.

Soon, it was time for Sofiya’s birthday. Only Larisa and Leo were present, as the children had gone to bed early.

Sofiya grew up with her mother’s eyes and hairstyle, and her father’s mouth.

The hair was quickly changed to something more unique, and Leo happily taught his youngest daughter to walk. He pretended not to notice Aglaya cheating her brother Vanya at chess.

Soon it was time for the quadruplets’ first day of school. “Hello, new friends!” cried Makari as he got on the bus. Then, looking around in dismay, he said, “But it’s just my brothers and sisters on here!”

“You lot are the only kids in Willow Valley,” the bus driver said. “I’ve got to drive you into Maple Hill for school. What is this place, an orphanage or something?”

After the school day, Makari and Aglaya headed immediately to the chess board, not even bothering to take their snowsuits off.

“This is way better than those blocks you used to play with, huh, brother?” Aglaya said.

“Actually, I think I’m about as done with chess as I was with the blocks,” Makari replied. “I’m gonna go read a book or something.”

Leo and Larisa were kept quite busy that afternoon teaching all the quadruplets to study. They really wanted to teach them all that first day, since it was the last day of fall and the kids would soon be losing their skilling bonus.

As Leo taught Lyov to study, Larisa made a large platter of her favorite food, grilled cheese. She might consider making something else if the kids complained, but so far they seemed quite satisfied with the unvaried diet.

“I’m so glad we’re all best friends,” Aglaya confided over her grilled cheese. “Let’s all wear our snowsuits and be best friends forever!”

Her siblings swiftly agreed.

Before Larisa could eat her own sandwich, the phone rang. “Hello?”

“Larisa. Finally. This is Julien Cooke.”

Larisa froze, speechless.

“Larisa? Are you there? You do remember me, right? Boolprop, but it was hard to track you down.”

Larisa broke out of her trance. “I left for a reason, Julien. What do you want?” she asked, her voice hard.

“I need to talk to you. It’s urgent. Meet me at my club in 20 minutes.”

“Why should I?”

“Larisa, I don’t know what happened back in Valley Z, but I wouldn’t interrupt your new life here if it weren’t important. Please.”

Larisa sighed. She hadn’t known Julien well, but he had always seemed like a nice guy. Hopefully he was on the right side. And if he wasn’t…well, clearly he knew where she lived. It would be better to meet him, away from home, then risk him coming after her here and putting the kids in danger. “I’ll be there.”

“Leo, something’s come up. I have to go out for a little while.”

“All right, Larisa,” Leo replied. “I’m almost done with your portrait, so maybe it will be ready when you get back. I think it’s going to be nearly as beautiful as you.”

“Oh, Leo. I love you so much.”

As Larisa left the house a few moments later, the wind began to howl. Winter had begun.


1) Yes, Julien is the “CAS” sim I moved in. The plan is to alternate actual CAS families and binners, no more often than twice a year. I moved in Julien at the beginning of the rotation, even though I haven’t played him yet. He’s already in the Culinary career, and since there’s a spot open that neither Larisa or Leo wants, I’m letting him stay there for now.

2) All four of the quads actually learned their toddler skills, and maxed mechanical! Go go fall skilling bonus! I’m just amazed that nobody went into aspiration failure or anything.

3) Now that she has her gold fishing badge, Larisa’s looking for a job in Oceanography, but no luck yet. Leo’s just going to be a house husband – he has plenty to keep him busy.

4) The business is now level 7. It was level 8 for a moment before some idiot lost a star. I’m hoping to get it to level 10 next season, once Aglaya teens – it’s getting to be a bit much to run with only two people, even with Leo only needing an occasional puddle splash to keep him happy.


Sims 9
Households 2
Owned lots 1
Unowned lots 0
Military lot? NO
Business districts 0
Universities 0
Downtown? 0
Sim multiplier 2
Population 18
Uni funds 5400
Culinary 1 of 1
Open to sim  
Oceanography Larisa Pavlov
Science Makari Pavlov