Julien Cooke looked around at his new home. He had come from a town called Valley Z, a place locked in eternal winter and ruled by a corrupt mob after a horrible disaster several generations ago. He had been lucky; he’d gotten out just in time, before the mob clamped down on any further travel out of the region.

So far, Willow Valley was already looking better. The house he had purchased for half his savings, though small, was bigger than anything he would have been allowed to have in Valley Z. And his next door neighbor’s lot was quite lovely, with a pond, trees, and even a greenhouse. He would have to meet them soon.

Julien’s lifetime wish was to have lots and lots of friends, and he’d always thought that owning a club would be the best way to make those friends. So the first thing he did was buy a plot of land in the undeveloped center of town.

There wasn’t much there to start with, just a few musical instruments – all Julien could afford so far.

Still, people seemed happy to visit his lot. Before long, he was able to start building some walls, and had made his first friend!

In only a few days, Julien had built Club C into something to really be proud of – the musical instruments were properly placed on a stage, and there were plenty of games for customers to enjoy. He put the word out that he was willing to hire anyone who wanted to play regularly on his stage.

Through it all, as he made over a dozen friends, Julien kept his eye out for that one special sim. Melissa Fancey, hearing that he was single and looking, offered to set him up on a blind date with a friend of hers.

Julien did indeed think that Ocean was quite attractive, but after a short conversation learned that he was straight. Julien was happy to just be friends with him, though – there were plenty of other fish in the sea who would reciprocate Julien’s interest.

After about 5 days, Club C reached level 5, and Julien decided to shut the place down and head home.

Once home, he called over Armando Cox, who had been the man to most strike Julien’s fancy at the club. It was soon clear that Armando was definitely interested in Julien, too.

Things moved quickly, and soon Julien had invited Armando to move into his house – and into his bed.

Julien soon had to go to work – he worked in the Culinary career – but Armando was happy to stay home and entertain their guests. Since he and Julien were both Popularity sims, they almost always had visitors over.

After his new friends left, though, Armando was surprisingly tired, and headed to bed for a nap.

After he got home from work, Julien naturally decided he’d like to make a new friend. He greeted Shea Johnston, who was passing by. “Hey, Shea,” he said as the conversation got going. “You don’t happen to know my next door neighbors, do you? I haven’t properly met them yet, although from the looks of things they have a lot of kids running around.”

“Oh, yeah, that’s Larisa and Leo Pavlov’s house. They run the grocery store in town. You must have seen it – it’s right next to your club.”

Julien frowned. “Larisa Pavlov? I know that name.” He remembered a dark-haired girl, a few years older than he was. Hadn’t she been friends with… He blinked and returned his attention to the conversation.

The next day, Armando was gardening when his stomach suddenly expanded! “Must have eaten too many grilled cheese sandwiches,” he thought to himself. That thought was quickly followed with, “Is there such a thing as too many grilled cheese sandwiches?”

That night, Julien decided to check out the grocery store. He caught only a brief glimpse of Larisa, but it was enough. She was the girl he remembered. He had to talk to her. She had to know what had happened in Valley Z – she’d left town years ago, before…well, before things had taken a turn for the worse.

Back home, Julien spent the time he wasn’t at work skilling what he would need for his job. He studied cookbooks and learned new recipes, expanded his creativity with lovely paintings, and spent many hours staring up at the heavens. That was certainlyy a novelty – the sky above Valley Z had never been visible due to the cloud of toxic ash in the sky.

Of course, Julien also spent plenty of time with Armando. One day, he decided it was time to make their relationship official. “Armando, will you marry me?”

“Oh, Julien, yes! Yes!” Armando cried as he admired the ring.

Since neither of them wanted a party at the time, they got married right there in the living room.

Even though he didn’t have a job, Armando managed to keep busy. Since it was fall, there were plenty of leaves to be raked. And when that was done, he could work on his hobby – he loved music and dancing, and spent a great deal of time playing the guitar or piano, and practicing at the ballet bar.

Apparently all that work at the ballet bar was for naught, though, since Armando found himself getting even fatter. Well, what could he do? His appetite for delicious grilled cheesiness just couldn’t be quenched.

Julien, meanwhile, kept making friends everywhere he went. “Meadow, I’m so glad you came home from work with me. Will you do me the honor of being my 20th friend?”

He was so close! Now all he had to do was close that gap between “just friends” and “best friends” with his twenty good buddies.

The next day, while Julien was at work, Armando was woken from a sound sleep by horrible abdominal pain. “Oh boolprop…I’m going to die here, all alone! Why didn’t I live somewhere with a hospital?”

Armando couldn’t have been more shocked when out came a tiny baby girl. “Well, how did this happen?” She was quite adorable, though, as she yawned at him sleepily. “I think I’ll call you Kylie.”

Then the pain started up again, and after a few moments Armando was holding a baby boy in his arms. “Wow! I can turn grilled cheese into babies! You look like a Davis.”

And then a third baby came out! “Ok, I get the picture. I was pregnant, not fat. I didn’t even know men could get pregnant. Hmm…Ashton for you.”

“Hmm,” Julien thought as he arrived home from work. “I have a feeling something odd is going on inside.”

Julien walked inside and saw the devastation in the bedroom. “Wow, Armando, you have a superpower! You can turn grilled cheese into BABIES!”

“I thought that too, Julien,” Armando replied, “but I think I just got pregnant somehow. Did you notice they all have your eyes?”

A nursery was swiftly built, and the babies were placed on soft blankets on the floor. They showed their appreciation by simultaneously wetting their diapers.

Once all three babies had been changed, cuddled, and fed, Julien and Armando had some time to spend together. “I love you so much,” Julien whispered. “I don’t know how it happened, but you gave me three beautiful children.”

The next day, Julien arrived home from work with a promotion to Sous Chef! With luck, he would be a Celebrity Chef by the time spring came around.

Suddenly, his stomach grew! “Wow, maybe I can turn grilled cheese into babies, too,” he thought. “Hopefully there are less than three in there, though.”

That evening, he made the phone call he’d been thinking of making for the past several days.

“I need to talk to you. Meet me at my club in 20 minutes.”

Once Larisa had finally agreed, Julien headed out the door. It was winter now, a season he was more than familiar with – and the perfect season for the conversation he was about to have.


1) If you haven’t guessed yet, Larisa and Julien are Apocalypse Challenge refugees, specifically from my lost Fine Apocalypse. They never actually appeared in that story, but they were there. Really. 😉

2) Triplets! I only have the random version of triplets and quads. Odds are set on default, so in theory my combined chance of getting triplets or quads is only 9%. I need to buy a lottery ticket.

3) Armando’s hopefully going to eventually get a job in Music, since it’s been unlocked by Julien’s club, but it’s stubbornly not been showing up. His lifetime wish is to top Athletic, though, and if my devious plans play out that may be available to him in the spring. So I’ll probably have him stop looking for the winter, especially with another baby on the way.


Sims 13
Households 2
Owned lots 2
Unowned lots 0
Military lot? NO
Business districts 0
Universities 0
Downtown? 0
Sim multiplier 2
Population 26
Uni funds 5400


Culinary 1 of 1
Music 0 of UL