The Cooke family headed into winter with 3 babies and another one on the way.

Standing left to right: Julien, Armando

Babies left to right: Kylie, Davis, Ashton

Armando’s biggest wish was to spend some time out of the house, so he took a job in the Music career.

He also got a bar to fulfill a want. It seemed to attract visitors quite strongly.

The visitors also seemed to like cuddling the babies.

Some visitors even did more than that. Vamsi gave Ashton a bath, even though all he needed was a diaper change.

Julien and Armando considered asking her if she would move in as a live-in nanny after that.

Fed up with babies, Armando decided he would take his turn running the business this season. Julien had already transferred ownership to him, so that he could get his own small business award money.

Armando loved to dance, and wasn’t shy about showing off his moves in front of the customers. They certainly seemed to enjoy it.

Leo Pavlov, the Cookes’ next door neighbor, showed up at the club and stayed pretty much the entire time it was open. Armando could understand that, considering he had a house full of teenagers.

24 hours at the club passed quickly, though, and Armando returned home – where he found his husband stuck in the table.

In no time at all, it was the triplets’ first birthday! Unfortunately, Armando missed it due to work. And the big party they had planned didn’t turn out, as almost no one turned up. Still, there was cake, and all three babies grew up into very cute toddlers.




As cute as Ashton’s fuzzy bear suit was, it didn’t quite match his brother and sister’s more dressed up look. So he was dressed in the same adorable tuxedo as Davis.

The birthday party was still underway when Julien felt horrible stomach cramps. Was this labor? “Please be just one, please be just one,” he muttered to himself.

It was indeed just one baby, a girl. Julien decided to name her Madelina. She was the only one of the four to inherit Armando’s green eyes.

With 3 toddlers and a baby, and both parents working full time jobs, they hardly had time to breathe, let alone take pictures. A bare 25 hours after her birth, it was time for Madelina to enter toddlerhood.

Like her brothers and sisters, Madelina grew up quite adorable.

The toddlers kept very busy skilling and sleeping, when their parents weren’t teaching them to walk, talk, and potty.

“Say ‘Daddy’, Kylie!”


Armando sighed. “No” seemed to be the only word Kylie was interested in saying.

Julien straightened up after talking to Davis, as an incredible feeling of happiness suffused him. He realized that Davis had just become his 20th best friend. Julien had a feeling he would never have to be unhappy again.

Only one picture was ever taken of all four toddlers, and three of them were sleeping.

That evening, it was time for another triple birthday. As the oldest, Kylie went first.

“Wow, I’m big! I’m so awesome!”

“Yay, I’m big! Hey, sister, you’re big too!” Davis said as he grew up.

“They have to grow up, too?” Kylie ranted. “Can’t I have anything to myself?”

Ashton was third. Unfortunately, everyone but Armando had kind of lost their enthusiasm.

“Can I go now? Please?” asked Kylie. “I really want to take a shower, since nobody bothered to give me a bath my whole toddlerhood.”

Julien and Armando, too, were glad when the birthdays were done. They had been wanting some time to themselves for ages.

“The bunny head is mine!” cackled Madelina, upon realizing she had the nursery to herself.

“Davis, what’s so interesting in that stupid book?” Kylie asked as she moved the chess pieces around.

“I’m learning how to fix things. That’s important, Kylie.”

“Chess is more important. Daddy says if I play lots of chess I can be a scientist someday.”

Armando and Julien heaved a big sigh of relief when the triplets got on the school bus the first time. Of course, it would be even better in two days, when Madelina went with them. Neither of them had expected to parent so many children.

“So now that they’re kids, I can make them tons of grilled cheese! Grilled cheese is delicious. It’ll be so awesome, Marylena.”

Christa thought the whole obsession with grilled cheese was rather stupid, as she’d told Armando when he’d tried to talk about his beloved grilled cheese to her.

Sofiya Pavlov came home on the bus with the triplets, and she and Kylie were soon fast friends. “I’m so glad you came, Sofiya,” Kylie said. “You’re way better than my stupid brothers.”

Meanwhile, the dads taught their boys to study. Although the hardest part was over, they still had to make sure all their kids did well in school.

The next morning, Julien cooked up a huge platter of pancakes for the family.

“Julien, these are good, but I was going to introduce the kids to the joys of grilled cheese,” Armando said.

Julien shrugged. “You were still asleep, and everyone was hungry. We can have grilled cheese for dinner.”

“Maybe we’ll get a snow day today,” Ashton said.

“Don’t be silly,” Davis replied, looking out the window. “Spring starts today. No snow days for us.”


1) I did rather rotten with the picture taking, didn’t I? I didn’t mean for this to basically be a birthdays chapter, but not much else happened other than toddler skilling, and Julien spending tons of time on the phone making best friends.

2) 4 kids! No first born effect!

3) Nobody in this family has an overabundance of nice points, but Kylie’s only got one, as does Madelina. Those two actually have negative relationship points.

4) Just to clarify, Armando’s still a Popularity sim, with a secondary aspiration of Grilled Cheese. But oh boy, he does love that grilled cheese.


Sims 14

Households 2

Owned lots 2

Unowned lots 0

Military lot? NO

Business districts 0

Universities 0

Downtown? 0

Sim multiplier 2

Population 28

Uni funds 21100

CAS sims available 1

Comm. Lots avail. 0

Fires 0

Burglaries 0

Electrocutions 1

Graves 0

Level 10 businesses 1



Business 0 of 1

Culinary 1 of 1

Music 1 of UL

Oceanography 1 (special)