Welcome back to Willow Valley! I’ve been away for a while after I got frustrated with the neighborhood crashing all the time, but it seems to be behaving better now.

The Pavlov Family

Back row: Makari, Lyov, Nadezda

Middle: Aglaya, Leo and Larisa (seated), Vanya

Front: Sofiya

Even though the family business, Larisa’s Fish Market, reached level 10 during the winter, the family still had vegetables to sell off. The business wasn’t open very long this spring, though.

Since Nadezda wanted to run a chain of 5 businesses herself someday, she came along to start learning the ropes. She was hoping to own her first business before she was out of her teen years, but she would have to earn a good bit of money first.

 After returning home, Nadezda invited over her childhood friend, Orlando, who had grown up with her. They were still just as close as they had been as children.

Orlando decided, on a whim, to stick his head in the big glowing ball in a corner of the Pavlovs’ house. Fortunately, it had a good result; Nadezda informed him afterwards that the machine had fried her brother Lyov’s brains until they were like melted cheese.

It was only a few hours after that that Orlando and Nadezda shared their very first kiss.

Nor was Nadezda the only one to have a teen romance. Makari met a girl named Meadow, and had a very nice date and first kiss with her.

Nadezda spent most of the rest of spring working on restoring old cars. She loved tinkering with things, and it helped that it was a great way to make money toward opening her first business.

The rest of the teens had a great time in the family’s new game room, which had been built from the old nursery.

Aglaya had always had quite the mean streak. Her siblings suspected that when she noogied her brother’s girlfriend, it meant that she approved of the match.

When not being mean, Aglaya spent most of her time playing one game or another, as games were her favorite avocation. She kept her childhood habit of wearing her snowsuit all the time.

Although it wouldn’t have been Vanya’s first choice of hobby, he really enjoyed working in the garden with Leo.  He also realized now, more than he had when he was a child, what an honor it was to be declared heir out of all his siblings. Perhaps his parents had recognized even then that he was the one who would view family as most important.

 Makari dabbled in this and that, wanting to learn as much as he could. One thing that was a bit more of a priority, though, was learning to make clothing, as there was still no clothing in town.

Lyov mostly spent his time in the kitchen. Whenever anyone was even the slightest bit hungry, he was more than happy to whip up a platter of delicious grilled cheese sandwiches. He ignored his siblings’ jibes that his brain had been fried, and continued to implore them to not eat the whole sandwich, to let him have the last crusts of each one.

Sofiya couldn’t help feeling left out as all her older siblings entered their teen years. As often as she could, she invited over her BFF Kylie from next door. But she also spent most afternoons and evenings sleeping, so that she could stay up all night looking at the stars through the telescope – for science was far more important to her than trying to get along with siblings who had moved beyond her.

Larisa also didn’t have as much time to spend with her family as she would like. Now that she finally had a job in her dream career of Oceanography, she realized that she was woefully underskilled. Since she was not far from being an elder, she spent nearly every waking moment trying to get her skills up so she could advance.

“YIPPEEEEE!” Aglaya screamed, flying through the air. “Why so serious, Vanya? Come join me!”

Vanya shook his head. “Spinning is…so much more rewarding,” he panted.

 “Delicious, so delicious, oh how I love you, grilled cheese,” murmured Lyov.

“Would you be quiet, weirdo? We’re trying to do our homework,” said Aglaya. “How come you don’t have any homework, anyway?”

“Made my teacher a platter of grilled cheese. She said it was the most delicious thing ever, and I got an A.”

After homework, Aglaya booted up the computer to play SSX 3. She felt so wonderful while playing games that anything else felt hollow. But she felt eyes on the back of her neck. “What do you want, twerp?”

“Want to play red hands?”

 “Well, it is a game. I guess I can hold off on my computer game for that.”

 “Aglaya! Wouldn’t you rather be playing computer games?” asked Vanya.

“Soon, but I’ve got to make sure you little twerps remember who’s boss.”

Aglaya was far from heartless, though. She just tried not to let anyone see her in her more tender moments.

“Good night, Sofiya. Sleep well,” she said softly, tucking in her baby sister.

 “So dinner tonight was so cheesy, and grilled, and just absolutely delicious! I used Havarti cheese tonight, I’ll have to try that again. Tomorrow night, though, I’m trying Muenster on rye bread. So make sure you’re hungry for that one, because it’s going to be awesome!”

Nadezda smiled and nodded. Sometimes she wished she could be like Aglaya – just hold up her hand, say something rude, and walk away.

“Finally, I am supremely logical!” said Sofiya to herself as she earned her tenth logic point. “Sure, all my siblings can still beat me in chess, but I bet none of them can find constellations as well as I can. For Science!”

“So, Orlando, want to go steady?”

“You know I’d love to, sweets.”

Nadezda smiled at him as the plumbbob above her head turned platinum.

After what seemed like years of waiting, it was finally Sofiya’s turn to join her siblings in the strange world of the teenager.

“Oh, yeah, I am smoking hot! Time to go out and find me some dates!”

“These clothes just will not do, though.” Sofiya promptly got on a computer and set about ordering some better clothing online. While she was at it, she ordered outfits for a couple of her fashion-challenged siblings as well. “My dear brothers need to learn that there are great improvements on running around in a sweat suit all day.”

After a makeover, Sofiya felt much more comfortable. Now all she needed to do was attract some of the right kind of attention.

 Seeing her sister’s new look, Nadezda decided it was time for a change herself. She shuffled through Aglaya’s clothing and Sofiya’s cast-offs, and found an outfit that she thought worked much better. A new haircut completed the look.

“Cheesy cheese, my siblings seem to have not finished their delicious grilled cheese. I’ll have to cheese it for them. Can’t have leftover cheese.” Lyov rubbed his belly. “Look how round my belly’s getting! It’s a badge of honor for all the delicious cheese I’ve eaten! Maybe someday I’ll even have a cheese baby like the Cookes next door.”

Sometimes, a teenager just has to get out of the house. After school the next day, Sofiya headed down to the science lab, where she found that Ivy Copur was also a science nut. The two became fast friends.

Meanwhile, Nadezda made her way to the cooking club, where she eagerly chowed down on something a little more upscale than grilled cheese.

Vanya continued to work hard in the garden, and eventually earned his gold gardening badge. He wasn’t interested in becoming part plant like Papa, but he was thrilled to have the ability to talk to plants.

“10 charisma points!” Makari exclaimed. “I’m well on the way to knowing everything about everything!”

“Mama, what’s Sofiya doing?” Lyov cried. “That purple stuff she’s drinking is definitely not the delicious grilled cheese I made for everyone.”

“Now, Lyov, she’s allowed to have something else if she wants,” Larisa replied, sitting down to her own plate of grilled cheese. She personally couldn’t see why someone would want to have something other than grilled cheese, but she supposed some people liked to have a varied diet.

Later that night, as they did nearly every night, Larisa and Leo went on a date. “Oh, Larisa, I just feel so happy,” Leo said. “I feel like I’ll be happy forever! I’m so glad I got to this point on a date with you.”


1) I will freely admit that I have favorites among the six teens, although I do like them all. I’ve tried to give everyone some good air time, but I know I tend to focus more on my favorites.

2) Alas, neither of the teen romances seen here will last into adulthood. I insist upon either three bolts, or two bolts and different aspirations. Nadezda/Orlando and Makari/Meadow both only have one bolt.

3) Leo became permaplat by lifetime aspiration just before the end of the season. Hooray for my 2nd permaplat sim in the hood!

4) Sofiya is, oddly enough, Romance with a secondary aspiration of Family. She has the LTW to send 3 kids to college, so she will be spawning. Whether she’ll marry is still up in the air – now that Leo’s permaplat, I don’t know that I’ll keep giving him so much elixir, so he might not make it as far as Sofiya’s wedding.

5) Silly me, I completely forgot that I can have the sims order clothes online through Monique’s computer. They don’t have to be stuck in terrible clothes anymore!


Sims 15

Households 3

Owned lots 2

Unowned lots 0

Military lot? NO

Business districts 0

Universities 0

Downtown? 0

Sim multiplier 2

Population 30

Uni funds 32800

Total CAS sims 2

CAS sims available 0

Comm. Lots avail. 0

Fires 0

Burglaries 0

Electrocutions 1

Graves 0

Level 10 businesses 1


Business 0 of 1

Culinary 1 of 1

Music 1 of UL

Oceanography 1 (special)