As the Pavlov family dealt with far too many teenagers, the Cooke family next door had their own issues.

They didn’t get their family picture taken at the beginning of the season, so a picture of everyone eating grilled cheese sandwiches for breakfast was the closest they came.

(Clockwise from left: Armando, Julien, Ashton, Madelina after her birthday, Kylie, Davis)

The season started with a trip to Club C. Larisa, now that she knew Julien was a friend, was a frequent visitor, especially since Julien had promised her that she and her family could always visit for free.

“Come on, Nadezda, you know you want to get a ticket!” Julien exclaimed. “It won’t even cost you anything! And look how much fun your mother and sister are having!”

Even though Armando technically owned the business, they had decided Julien would be the best choice to run it this season due to his permaplat status. He acquired a gold sales badge shortly after coming to the lot, which was great for business.

The business was open for a day, allowing the townies plenty of time to enjoy themselves.

Back home, Madelina grew into a very adorable child – and the only one of the four with green eyes!

Ashton made himself a friend, and couldn’t stop talking about the little red-headed girl.

Armando found himself just a sliver into platinum with a couple of hours until the carpool came, so he took a page from Julien’s apocalypse experience and settled down to meditate.

After work, he settled down with his good friend the thinking cap. Since he and Julien were both working their way up their career ladders, Armando in Music and Julien in Culinary, they spent most of their time skilling.

Although there was always time to make new friends, and talk to them about grilled cheese.

“And then I made the biggest grilled cheese sandwich ever! It was bigger than my head!”

Julien was painting one evening when he felt a familiar cramp. He looked down in shock and saw that his belly had expanded. “Not again. We really need some birth control in this town.”

First thing in the morning, Julien helped Madelina with her homework, although it was difficult because she kept looking up and giggling. He sighed, finally. “Madelina, what’s so funny?”

“You’re so fat, Papa! Daddy must have made you too much grilled cheese.”

“I’m not fat, darling. I’m pregnant. You’re going to have a little brother or sister.”

Later that morning at breakfast, the new baby was on all the kids’ minds. “Daddy, one of the kids at school said that when men get pregnant they have alien babies,” said Davis. “Is papa having an alien baby?”

Armando chuckled. “You kids are too young to remember, but your papa and I had all of you. No aliens involved. No, this is just going to be a regular baby.

Since it was the weekend, the kids had plenty of time for skilling. All four kids maxed their logic skill during the weekend, and moved on to new things.


Since Julien and Armando were both Popularity sims, they also understood how important it was for their kids to make friends, so there was plenty of that as well.

That meant that friends and neighbors were hanging around all hours of the day and night, but that didn’t bother anyone.

Armando was especially pleased to have friendly guests, as no one in his family would put up with his rhapsodies on grilled cheese.

Julien spent most of his pregnancy working hard to raise his skills. Getting to eat plenty of candy as he worked the candy machine was just a delicious bonus.

It was almost two in the morning when Julien went into labor, but he and most of the kids were still up. It’s hard to get to bed early in a house where a constant party is raging.

Julien gave birth to a baby boy, named James.

Everyone was very excited. Well, the kids were certainly excited, anyway.

“Wow, a brother!” Davis exclaimed. “We’re gonna teach him to play catch and chess, right, Ashton?”

Fortunately, they had never gotten around to remodeling the nursery, so little James had it all ready for him, complete with a full array of toys for after his birthday.

As Armando made breakfast, he reflected that he never would have expected this. When the triplets and then Madelina had been born, four babies in quick succession, he and Julien had had a rough time, but they had pushed through. Now that the kids were finally getting older, ready to become teens during the summer, Armando had thought he might get some time to himself again. But with James’ surprise arrival, they had a helpless infant again.


“Morning, Julien,” Armando called as Julien brought James out for a bottle. “Were you up all night with him?”

“Pretty much,” Julien said wearily. “He should be ready to sleep after this bottle, though. Your turn tonight.”

After putting James to sleep, Julien came out to have his own grilled cheese. “Ashton, shouldn’t you be on the school bus?” he asked, glancing at his watch. “It’s almost nine.”

“I’m stuck!” Ashton protested.

“No, you’re not. Go to school,” Armando said firmly.

Finally finding his way away from the table, Ashton raced for the bus. He made it with seconds to spare.

With all the kids finally out of the house, except of course for baby James, Julien and Armando looked at each other. It had been so long since they’d had a chance to sit and talk – and now Julien couldn’t think of anything to say.


Sims 16

Households 3

Owned lots 2

Unowned lots 0

Military lot? NO

Business districts 0

Universities 0

Downtown? 0

Sim multiplier 2

Population 32

Uni funds 41600


Business 0 of 1

Culinary 1 of 1

Music 1 (unlocked)

Oceanography 1 (special)


1) Lots of skilling in this chapter. I toy on and off with letting sim kids have a childhood, but usually I just make them skill. What can I say? It’s so easy to keep them in platinum that it seems like a shame to waste the opportunity.

2) I did try extra hard to have the Cooke kids make friends, though. I’m running into a bit of a problem with the Pavlovs now – they simply don’t know enough teenagers. Some of them have been really hard to keep platinum, because all they roll are romance wants. So I’m hoping to give the Cookes a bigger field when they grow up.

3) Another baby. Gah. I decided after Julien got pregnant that it’s just too much – my ideal would be an average of 2-3 kids per family, not 5-6. Sure, the Pavlovs were going to end up with 6 anyway, but with the Cookes I would have been quite happy with 1 or 2. So risky woohoo chance has been reduced to 10%. Since most of my pregnancies have been by risky woohoo, I’m hoping that will be enough to stem the population explosion. We’ll see what happens with the next family.

Next up: a new household!