Yes, I know, I’m updating like gangbusters. That’s what 3 day weekends are for, right?

As spring began, a new house was built down the hill from the Cooke and Pavlov houses – deeper in Willow Valley than anyone had lived before.

A man soon moved in, with the oddest ears anyone had ever seen. His name was Dand Bruce. His goals were to pursue first knowledge, and then money. He had come here because he heard the town was growing, and he hoped it would soon need an architect to help mold it into a fine city.

His house was small, but functional. He stepped immediately to the easel – soon he would learn to paint fine portraits.

A bit later in the morning, he got on the computer to see if he could find a job, but there were no jobs to be had.

Soon he had a visitor, a woman named Marisa. She quickly became his first friend.

After a while he had a few more visitors. He was disappointed to learn, though, that none of his new friends actually lived in Willow Valley. They were from nearby Cherry Hill.

Still, Dand was happy to be making friends. He wasn’t a very good cook, but he still wanted to be hospitable. He hoped a big bowl of macaroni and cheese would be acceptable.

A woman named Melissa Fancey stopped by as well. After only a few minutes of conversation, she gave Dand a brand new computer to test out! He was amazed by how friendly people were here.

Late that night, well after midnight, Dand decided to run a quick search to see if there were any new jobs. He was quite pleased to find a position in Business. It was only a job in the mail room, but he was sure he could work his way up.

Tuesday’s work went well, though he didn’t get a promotion, so Dand used some of the money he had been saving to purchase himself a very nice new telescope.

Wednesday afternoon, Dand came home with his first promotion! He was definitely moving up in the world now.

That night, Dand’s new friend La Shawn came by and left a karaoke machine on the lawn. Dand sold it to add to his savings, but he certainly appreciated the gesture. He would have to keep making plenty of friends if they continued to be this generous.

While watering the plants early in the morning, Dand remembered how much he adored nature. He knew there was a grocery store on the town’s main street, but he decided it would be nice if he grew a garden for himself.

By Friday afternoon, Dand was a Junior Executive! He was thrilled at how fast he was making progress. Still, he knew his life was far from complete. But further advances would have to wait until summer.


Sims 16

Households 3

Owned lots 2

Unowned lots 0

Military lot? NO

Business districts 0

Universities 0

Downtown? 0

Sim multiplier 2

Population 32

Uni funds 41600


Business 1 of 1

Culinary 1 of 1

Music 1 (unlocked)

Oceanography 1 (special)


1) I hate how fires from lightning drop the sims’ needs, fulfill fears, and yet don’t even count! I have yet to have a fire that counts, even though I have unskilled people cook as much as possible.

2) Usually I like to have the founder take the first spot in the Business career, but Larisa’s busy with her LTW career, so when it popped up for Dand I figured, why not? As a knowledge/fortune sim, he’s perfectly positioned to zoom up the career ladder.

3) Dand is saving up for a business, and was about halfway there at the end of the season. At this point in the challenge, when there are some jobs available, I prefer to have the sims buy pre-built businesses rather than build them from the ground up.

4) Despite greeting every single female walkby, Dand had no luck finding someone who’s spouse material. He found one two-bolter, Christy Inada, but she’s also knowledge, and so two bolts isn’t enough. Besides, knowledge/knowledge couples are the most boring pairing to play. The good news is that, now that he’s gone a full season without finding someone, I get to break out the crystal ball! (As usual, I have weird rules on these things – he’s not allowed to use the crystal ball to summon anyone, but he can find out what his best possibility is. That way, if his best option is a two bolt fellow knowledge sim, I’ll know and won’t continue to fruitlessly search for something better.)

Next up: back to the house of teenage craziness!