So excited for the weekend! I don’t get much time to play during the week, although I did manage to squeeze in an hour on Wednesday. But now it’s Saturday, and so I was able to play through the first household of summer! As always, the Pavlov family is first, because they’re my favorites, and also because they’re just first in the lineup.

 Left to right: Makari, Aglaya, Nadezda, Leo, Larisa, Vanya, Makari (sitting), and Sofiya

Now that all the kids were teenagers, Leo had them pose for a painting. Unfortunately, the painting didn’t turn out too well as they were all tiny.

The household was always busy, especially the 8 am stampede for the school bus.

Larisa and Leo were always a little relieved once their brood was safely off to school. Larisa spent most of her time working on her skills – she was very close to being chosen as Hand of Poseidon.

Leo worked all day on the portrait of his six beautiful children, basking in the warm glow of the sun lamp over his head.

After school, it was time to open up the grocery store for the season. The Pavlovs decided to do things a little differently this season. Instead of the usual 24 hour marathon at the store, they would open it each afternoon for about 6 hours – since they had 6 teenagers eager to help out and earn their badges, but didn’t have a good way to get their aspirations up at the store.

That first day, Vanya and Aglaya doubled up on the cash registers, as their parents knew that having a single unqualified cashier at a level 10 business would be a disaster.

Since Nadezda’s lifetime want was to own 5 top businesses, a gold sales badge was far more essential for her than it was for the others, so she worked on her sales pitch. Larisa handled the restocking. Leo occasionally followed up with a dazzle when Nadezda’s selling wasn’t enough, but mostly supervised.

Back home, Lyov performed his usual duties, serving meals and keeping the kitchen clean. He didn’t mind at all.

Makari, ever the knowledge sim, worked on learning more skills.

Sofiya had the urge to create, so she took to the easel.

Later that night, all the kids gathered in the game room to chat.  “So, Aglaya, you’re growing up soon,” Vanya said.

“Not soon, really. Not until the fall,” Aglaya replied. “And yes, Mr. ‘I’m the Heir’, I’m moving out right away.”

Vanya smiled and shrugged. “It’s not like I can get started on the next generation until I’m an adult myself, anyway, so it doesn’t really matter to me.” He punched his sister playfully. “As long as you get out eventually.”

Leo finished his portrait of the kids, and hung it alongside his and Larisa’s portraits. He hoped one day there would be paintings of generations of Pavlovs hanging in this room.

Nadezda fixed up another old car – she’d probably fixed up 5 or 6 by now. This would be her last one, though. Now that she could be in the zone, she had plans for another direction to take her hobby.

The second day at the grocery, Vanya got to take his turn doing sales – although there seemed to be far too many people more interested in socializing than shopping.

(They’re so cute. It’s too bad that their romance is doomed to never move beyond the community lots of Willow Valley.)

That night, needing an aspiration boost, Aglaya took herself off to Games of Glory. Of course, her annoying little sister had to show up.

Although there was plenty of time spent on school, homework, the businesses, and skilling, the teens did get to have some fun.

Lyov and Sofiya are terrible at smustling, but Makari’s actually not bad.

The next day, instead of going back to the grocery store, the Pavlovs bought a second business. Called “A Whole New You”, the store sold clothing, jewelry, and perfume, and also had a makeover chair. Although Leo was officially the owner, the whole family would help out to make it a success.

Nadezda decided to try her hand at styling. She had some successes…

And some failures.

Some of the familiar visitors from Cherry Hill ended up with entirely new looks, living up to the store’s name.

By the end of the day, Nadezda had earned her bronze badge.

Later that evening, while trying to fix the computer, Leo gave himself a very nasty shock.

“I’m fine, I’m fine,” Leo grumbled. “Nadezda, maybe you should fix the computer.”

“Be glad to,” Nadezda replied. “You should have asked me first, Papa.”

“I didn’t want to bother you, dear.”

“Mama, the grilled cheese sandwich I had tonight was so sublime, just so incredibly delicious!”

“That’s wonderful, Makari! Did you make a platter of them? Are there any left? I’d love to try one!” Larisa said eagerly.

After the kids had gone to bed, Larisa finished the last of the family’s supply of elixir. Leo had had an entire bottle, and the two of them had shared a second. There would be no more – but Leo would live to see all his children grow up and grandchildren born, and Larisa would be around to help care for those grandchildren for a while yet.

Mornings started early in the Pavlov house, well before the sun came up. Aglaya desperately wanted to play a game with her father. When he agreed, she felt fulfilled for, it seemed, the first time since entering her teenage years.

The next day, Larisa came home from work with a promotion to Hand of Poseidon! She was the second sim in Willow Valley to fulfill her lifetime dream.

That night, the teens waved off their parents. They would run the business themselves this time.

Lyov was thrilled that his parents weren’t there – they surely would never have let him slack off enough to have his first kiss with the girl of his dreams.

Now that they were both permaplat and their kids didn’t want them at the store anymore, Leo and Larisa spent a lot of time just hanging out together, being romantic.

Larisa was also glad that being done with skilling for work meant that she could spend plenty of time with her kids.

Not long after he got home, Lyov invited Meadow to come over. He was quick to ask her if she would be his girlfriend.

Oddly, he felt afterward as if he’d done something wrong, even though he was thrilled that she had accepted.

Having finished her last car, Nadezda got to work on the electronics bench. She wanted 5 top businesses, which meant she would need help – and she had an idea how to get that help.

Aglaya spent a lot of time cooking – she wanted to improve her cooking skill, and she didn’t feel that reading a book would help her as much as practical experience.

The next day, Larisa headed to work for the first time as the Hand of Poseidon. She’d thought about quitting her job, now that she’d gotten what she wanted, but she only worked 3 days per week and made over 4,000 simoleons each day. Even though the family was doing very well financially, more couldn’t hurt.

The kids headed off to school shortly afterward, leaving Leo alone in the house again.

He spent the day puttering around the garden, making some food to store in the fridge, and writing a restaurant guide. He was getting used to these days all by himself, but he still didn’t like them. He rather wished for the house to be filled with the sounds of a toddler’s laughter again.

The final day of the season, the kids handled the clothing store themselves again. By the end, they had gotten it up to Rank 3.

In an effort to maximize his nature enthusiasm, Vanya went on a hike. Just like his mother, he blundered into a beehive, and spent a good portion of the afternoon on the run from the stinging yellow creatures.

Tired of grilled cheese, Aglaya made herself some pork chops and put them in the oven. Then she headed off to the game room to dance while they cooked.

“A fire!” Lyov screamed, jumping up from his homework. “Oh no! Without an oven, how can I make delicious grilled cheese?”

“Stand back, Lyov!” Leo called. “I won’t let that fire hurt my family!” He pulled out a fire extinguisher and blasted it at the fire.

Hearing the shouts, Aglaya came running in. “A fire? Ohmiboolprop! Where? Oh no, my pork chops!”

“It’s all right, it’s out now,” Leo said, and everyone gave a sigh of relief. “I wish we lived somewhere with a fire department.”

For dinner, it was no surprise that the family turned back to their staple grilled cheese. The grilled cheese, after all, had never turned on them.

Late that night, Vanya managed to maximize his enthusiasm for the natural world – though he still didn’t want to become a plant.

Larisa and Leo spent the evening in their favorite room in the house.

Much later that night, Nadezda decided it was time for a night on the town. She snuck out to meet her boyfriend Orlando.

Everyone was asleep except for Leo, and he was busy on the exercise bike and didn’t see her go.

She snuck back in without incident, thinking a nice night out with Orlando was a wonderful way to conclude the summer.






Owned lots


Unowned lots


Military lot? NO
Business districts






Sim multiplier




Uni funds


Total CAS sims


CAS sims available


Comm. Lots avail.










Lvl 10 businesses














Larisa’s Fish Market Pavlov Rank 10
A Whole New You Pavlov Rank 3
Club C Cooke Rank 7


1) I love teenagers! They’re able to do most things, but they don’t have the responsibilities of adults. I feel like the teen stage is when sims really get to be themselves – children don’t seem as interesting, and in the adult years life is full of children and career. The downside is I think teens are the hardest stage to keep happy – especially when there are 6 of them in one house! Aglaya and Sofiya in particular have been hard. That picture up there of Aglaya with the platinum plumbbob? I think it’s the only time she’s been platinum her whole teen years.

2) Yay, Larisa’s permaplat! I must confess, though, that I do tend to ignore my sims when they’re permaplat. I tried to get out of the skilling grind I so often get into with my sims, and let them have their free will as much as I could. As a result, there was a lot of punch-you-punch-me and rock-paper-scissors going on this rotation, as well as Larisa and Leo constantly being all over each other.

3) A fire, hooray! Aglaya’s LTW is to top Law Enforcement, so I need another couple of fires, pronto. I think I’m going to establish a new rule: no skilling cooking from books, only from actual cooking. Most of the kids grew to teen already with maxed cooking, and we can’t have that!

4) I’m making another new rule, shamelessly stolen from snuffalopagus and his Krow BACC: Reno Day! Instead of  just adding rooms to houses willy-nilly, which for me means silly layouts and house sprawling everywhere, I can only remodel once during the rotation. For my BACC, I’m going to make it at the very beginning of the rotation, right after taxes are paid (uni funds before pretty houses!). I didn’t do anything with the Pavlov house this rotation, as it’s adequate the way it is, but expect a serious overhaul once most of the kids move out.

5) I don’t like to over-elixir my sims and have them going on and on forever, but I also kind of feel like the adult lifespan is just a little too short. Even if a sim gets pregnant on the first day of adulthood, they’ll be an elder before that child is an adult – and at best, they’ll live to see their oldest grandchild grow to a child. So my sim couples get one bottle of elixir to share between them. Leo got an extra bottle because he moved in as an elder, and townie elders really get short shrift. You won’t see any CAS elders in my game, because I feel like it’s not fair to start them with nothing at that stage of their life. (I will be moving in the Goodies and the Ottomas family from the bin, so there will be elders there.)

6) Meadow really may be the girl of Lyov’s dreams – they’ve got two bolts and different aspirations, which means she’s eligible to marry in. As long as she and Lyov are best friends when he ages, she’ll grow up with him. And yes, Makari got his first kiss from Meadow, too, but he only has one bolt with her and hasn’t spoken to her since, so don’t feel like Lyov’s doing any stealing. I’m happy that Meadow will be the first townie teen to grow up and maybe marry in – she was married to a spare’s kid in my apocalypse, and never got to have kids, so I owe her.

Time to move on to the Cookes!