The last household in the rotation is the relatively new Bruce household.

In the spring, Dand, currently the sole member of the household, got a job in the Business career and spent his spare time skilling. He didn’t make enough money to buy a community lot, nor did he meet anyone who was spouse material. As promised, he took a look at the crystal ball to get some ideas, although he didn’t actually meet anyone.

Dand has an extremely tiny house and could definitely use an expansion, but I don’t want him to use up too much money – I need him to start a business by the end of the rotation so I’ll have enough CAS points for the next family. So all that’s built is a 4×4 room to serve as a nursery in case there’s a baby by the end.

After work, Dand takes residence at the easel until he gets his Arts & Crafts interest up to 5 and gets his first hobby lot membership.

He then heads down to the Arts & Crafts lot.

He spends some time making friends with Leo, but the woman he’s looking for doesn’t show up. When it gets dark, he heads back home, disappointed.

He spends the rest of the day digging for treasure, without much success – just some rocks and a couple of broken water mains.

That night, though, a couple of very nice gifts were left on his doorstep – enough for him to purchase the lot and building for his business.

That afternoon, after work, he opens up his store for the first time. It’s called Wired, and it sells all different kinds of electronics.

Electronics stores have two big benefits: they’re very lucrative to the owners, and they fill up townies’ inventories with tons of expensive stuff. The downside is that playables tend to deplete their family funds rather quickly; I’ll have to remember to have them stow their money safely in bank accounts.

Dand’s first customer is Andrea Hogan, and he’s surprised to find that he has two bolts with her. She’s not the woman he’s keeping an eye out for, but he’s not picky.

(He’s really not picky. He’d happily settle down with a one bolt chick. I’m the picky one.)

After a few hours at Wired’s opening day, Dand heads home and promptly invites Andrea over for an outing. They’re good friends, and close enough to kiss each other goodbye, but no more.

Dand spends the rest of the night skilling. He finally got enough points to get an energizer, which is good – between his career, running a business, and trying to find a woman to settle down with, he doesn’t have time to sleep.

 He also doesn’t have time to take care of his poor tomato plants, which are nearly dead. He decides it’s best to compost them; he can think about gardening again when he’s a little less swamped.


Store, with slightly expanded inventory due to money from work

More work.

Dand is doing great in the Business career. By the end of summer, he’s at level 8.


The relationship has matured a little, so Dand is able to ask her to move in.

Andrea brings in $19,000! She also comes with a pretty decent inventory: plenty of stuff from the grocery, a couple of things from Dand’s store, a mirror, and a couple of random items. She keeps the stuff from the grocery store, and sells the rest, giving the Bruces another $1600.

They immediately head to the store for another date.

Andrea is a Fortune sim, and rolls a secondary aspiration of Family. Her original LTW is to top Architecture, but that’s rather over-represented in the neighborhood at the moment (Dand and Makari Pavlov), so she’s allowed a re-roll. She wants 6 grandchildren. I’m not a fan of that one (why are all the Family LTWs so annoying?) but I let her keep it. Her current job is in Slacker, so she’ll have to quit. That’s ok, though, she can stay at home for a while, until Dand tops Business. Then he can quit and stay at home.

Also, she and Dand are two bolts without any turn-ons. I might have to adjust their turn-ons to see if I can get them up to three.

 Thanks to the money Andrea brought in, they’re able to get the electronics store fully stocked with merchandise. They have to use almost all the money, but they’ll make it back quickly enough.

They sell for a while, and get Wired up to level 4. All the points are used on cash rewards.

They close the store, then have a quick engagement and wedding.

Back home, Dand returns to his first love, the easel. Andrea gets settled in, quits her job, and gets a makeover.

Is she pregnant yet? You’ll have to wait until next time to find out.






Owned lots


Unowned lots


Military lot? NO
Business districts






Sim multiplier




Uni funds


Total CAS sims


CAS sims available


Comm. Lots avail.










Lvl 10 businesses




of 2




of 1




Larisa’s Fish Market Pavlov Rank 10
A Whole New You Pavlov Rank 3
Club C Cooke Rank 10
Wired Bruce Rank 4