It’s back to the Cooke family, who last season had an unexpected little bundle of…um…baby. This is a long one, as a lot of stuff happened.

I’ve decided the narrative style with notes at the end isn’t really working for me, as I keep wanting to interject comments and opinions, and since there isn’t really much plot. So, I’m going to try changing to more of a combination narrative/observation. Let me know what you think.

Left to right:

Back: Armando holding James, Julien

Middle: Ashton, Davis, Kylie

Front: Madelina

I said in the last update that I wanted to have a Reno Day. So, on the first day of each season, after taxes are paid, I can use any spare funds to add onto the house, update furniture and appliances, or whatever. I can still buy and sell in buy mode during the season, but nothing in build mode except maybe buying plants or garden stuff.

So this is the house before the renovation. 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, kind of a clunky layout, but I do love that big kitchen. The house started with that front room with the musical instruments, and just kind of expanded haphazardly from there. The Cookes have about $10,000, and I’d like to save some of that for kids’ move-out funds, but I do have some changes I want to make.

After the renovation. Not a huge change at all – I made the front bathroom a little bigger, expanded the girls’ room, swapped the nursery and the boys’ bedroom, and redecorated the kids’ rooms. Not too exciting.

Like the Pavlovs, the Cookes are pretty good at eating meals together with most of the family, and most meals consist of grilled cheese. Unlike the Pavlovs, the Cookes aren’t constantly in danger of getting fat from sparkly food.

After breakfast, it’s Smustle Time! I tried really hard this season to not be as much of a slave driver as I usually did – generally, I let platinum sims just run around on free will when they didn’t have low needs to tend to. Because of all this free will, there will be a lot of smustling in this chapter.

With the kids away at school, it’s playtime for the adults! Don’t get pregnant, guys!

That evening, it’s time for some serious birthday having.

Armando wants a birthday party, so a party it is. The entire Pavlov family is invited, as well as Dand Bruce and some random walkby townies that crashed.

Dand, why are you smustling in the girls’ bedroom? I do wish sims would confine their smustling to the room with the stereo.

 Up first is baby James!

Yep, he’s cute. The little farmer overalls will have to go, though, especially now that there’s a clothing store in town.

I feel like there’s a sameness among the Cooke kids, which seems to always happen with the second generation children of townies/Maxis made sims. I make my CAS sims with recessives, but the Cookes don’t have that. At least they’re all cute.

Davis is next, because he keeps whining and trying to go to bed. He rolls Pleasure/Family, with a LTW to top Slacker. Easy peasy, he’ll just have to open a club if somebody else doesn’t do it first.

Armando got home from work with a promotion to Rock God! A position in Entertainment is now open.

I dislike the official rule for Entertainment, which is that in order to earn a spot in the career a sim has to grow to adult with 10 charisma points. I like to be fair to my CAS sims and townies, too. So a sim topping the Music career will open up a permanent position in Entertainment available for anyone to take.

Next up is Ashton, who’s also trying to run off to bed. He rolls Family/Grilled Cheese with a LTW to top Culinary. No problem, as Julien should be unlocking the career this rotation.

(Confession time: I might have thrown out a maxmotives here to keep everybody awake through the party. I might also have rerolled Ashton’s LTW a couple of times. First it was Golden Anniversary, which I hate, and then Graduate 3 Kids, which I tolerate, but Sofiya already has it. Yes, technically I cheated, but I could have done the same thing by sticking his head in the Re-Nu-Yu orb, it just would have taken longer.)

Last but not least is Kylie! She rolls Fortune/Romance, with a LTW to top Criminal. Also no problem, as I’m sure I’ll have a population over 100 by the time she’s an adult.

Darn it.

Kylie and Sofiya just had time for a flirt before Sofiya had to leave. They instantly fell in love. They’ve got two bolts, and different aspirations, so they are definitely eligible for marriage! I was really, really hoping for this, ever since Sofiya was randomized to gay when she teened. I love matching up born-in-game sims (recessive genes, hurrah!), and Sofiya with one of the triplets is definitely the most logical choice for the Pavlovs and Cookes, since she’s only 2 days older than they are (I think).

Since Davis was the teen to grow up in the most egregious outfit, he gets to head down to the clothing store to get new clothes for everyone.

Much better.

Then he heads over to Club C, since no one opened it today. I’m going to keep up the practice of running it a few hours a day. After getting his bronze sales badge, Davis closes up shop and heads home.

Why did I do maxmotives? They’re all up ALL NIGHT.

Armando is thrilled that there’s finally someone in the house he can talk cheese with.

The kids head off to school on Day 2.

The day passes quickly, with everyone pretty much doing their own thing.

Ashton grew Brittany up, so he invites her over to have a go in the Re-Nu-Yu orb (as otherwise they’re stuck on Grow Up aspiration). He figures he might as well get his first kiss while she’s there.

It’s Kylie’s turn to run the club today! She, however, is not interested in anything so mundane as a sales badge. After opening the club, she heads straight to the phone.

(Clubs are great for teens, because they pretty much run themselves. A teen can open the club, then invite over their friends and just hang out while the club makes money.)

You can believe they’re just going in there to take pictures if you want.

Despite the double red rings, they’re both pretty happy about going steady. Even fulfilled a want for Sofiya.

These two are so adorable together. They have two bolts, and they’re totally going to get together as adults and have babies.

The kids all love the musical instruments. It seems like at least one is occupied 24/7.

Everybody actually goes to sleep the second night! Hooray!

Awesome! Thanks, ladies!

Brittany left the expensive stereo. The gifts are put in their respective recipients’ inventories, to be sold when they move out.

The teens discover that they can have something besides grilled cheese if they cook for themselves. So they each make their own omelet, and neither one of them sets the kitchen on fire. Alas.

Time for the parade to the school bus! If they could play their musical instruments while walking to the bus, they could be a marching band.

Hey, look, a toddler!

Seriously, I forget about James for hours at a time. It’s terrible. He doesn’t seem to mind, though – he’s still learned all his skills, and is usually pretty cheerful.

Nobody extra comes home on the bus, but 2 Pavlovs walk onto the lot as soon as the bus arrives. They are, of course, invited in.

Kylie promptly invites Sofiya on a date.

It’s Ashton’s turn to run the club today. The Pavlovs get free admission, of course (as do all playables), but they’re still good for stars.

The club is definitely a teen hangout this afternoon.

Nadezda seems to love the photobooth – she takes pictures two or three times. Nadezda, I love you, but you’re not exactly a beauty queen.

Davis talks Lyov into giving him his first kiss. Unfortunately, that means Lyov is cheating on Meadow.

A peck of Pavlovs approacheth! Must be somebody’s birthday.

Madelina is a teen! She’s only two days younger than the triplets. Madelina rolls Knowlege/Pleasure, with a LTW to top Science. She’s already got all her logic points, so she’s in good shape.

Post makeover, whistling to herself.

I didn’t know sims could use bathtubs in other people’s houses.

As usual, there is much smustling and giving of noogies…

A parent arriving home from work in the middle…

(With a promotion to Celebrity Chef, by the way. The Culinary career is now unlocked.)

And the cops to break it all up. Maybe they should just start inviting Demi to the party – it would save her some time.

Kylie’s the only one not tired, so she gets the job of cleaning up the mess.

She also fixes the broken stereo, without even a little shock.

Davis is drafted to teach James a nursery rhyme. This may be the first interaction any of the teens has had with their baby brother.

Madelina has no cooking points, so naturally she’s told to make herself breakfast. She burns the toaster pastry, but alas, no fires.

One, two, three! Three Pavlovs on the school bus! Ha ha ha ha ha!

I was a little worried when I saw that Kylie and Aglaya have 3 bolts, but I don’t think these two will be romancing each other. They’re pretty far into the negative thanks to autonomous actions. Time to tweak turn-ons to get Kylie and Sofiya up to 3, though.

Guess who else has 3 bolts?

Now I have a bit of a dilemma. Neither of them is already paired up, and I hate to fight “true love”. But I was hoping to only have one permanent pairing between any two sets of siblings, and Kylie and Sofiya called dibs. Both the Cookes and the Pavlovs have enough kids that I wouldn’t be sacrificing much in the way of genetic diversity…but Madelina and Vanya are about 8 days apart. That’s a long time for a family sim to wait.

Maybe. We’ll see.

Madelina’s turn at the business. She gets a bronze sales badge.

Armando got demoted down to level 7. He seems pretty cheerful about it, though.

Another birthday! I couldn’t deal with another party, but there were still a bunch of teenagers and townies there to watch.

The nursery is converted into an extremely boring bedroom for James. They sure as heck better not be needing a nursery again.

In a rare moment of responsible parenting, Julien sends all the excess teens and random townies home at 11 pm.

The next morning, while making breakfast, Julien apparently spontaneously combusts.

Apparently I’ve been doing it wrong. I’ve been sending the ones with low cooking points to the stove, when I should have been sending the Celebrity Chef with max cooking.

Kylie’s right on it with a fire extinguisher…

But it’s too late.

“Please, please don’t let my papa die!”

Yes, I toyed with the idea of not pleading for him. But I’m a sap.

Has anyone ever had a sim lose? I don’t plead a whole lot, but they’ve always won.

Man, Madelina’s going to be one of those annoying suicidal/homicidal knowledge sims now, isn’t she?

And he’s back! Hooray for permaplat. He’s sent immediately to the energizer.

And where was the rest of the family during this whole ordeal?

As soon as the fire was out, Kylie and James ran off to bathe.

Davis and Ashton were hanging out in their room, and Armando slept through the whole thing. Can’t you feel the love?

The worst off is James, who dropped into low green due to a fear of fire, so he’s put to fulfilling wants while Kylie makes a new breakfast.

The burned omelettes are still on the stove, though, and the sims can’t seem to get them off. I think the stove’s glitched – maybe that’s why it didn’t burn.

New stove time! All better now.

After getting himself fixed up and seeing the kids off to school, Julien heads off to Club C. It’s level 8, and I’d like to get it to level 10.

After about two and a half days of work, Club C is level 10! Another position in the business career is open. And the Cookes are about $80,000 richer – $10,000 from the ticket fees, $70,000 from grants.

I don’t know if I’ll have the Cookes keep coming to Club C after this, but they definitely won’t be coming back this rotation, so Julien turns off the ticket machine so other playables can use the lot.

Back home, Julien adds the money to his bank account, bringing it up to more than $100,000. The kids already all have $20,000 move out funds, too. I’m going to build them an awesome house next season.

It’s Saturday, so the kids spend most of the day hanging out playing music.

Armando comes home with a promotion and goes immediately back to work.

Abhijeet gets stuck in the table for a few hours before I notice. I’m definitely getting them a new table – hopefully a non-glitchy one – when I build their new house.

Davis, being a responsible family sim, asks for permission to go out – although once he gets in the limo, his icon still says “snuck out.”

Julien sticks lobster in the oven, then goes off to bed. I get all excited thinking I’m going to get that third fire.

Alas, he gets up in time to pull burnt lobster out of the oven.

I made them eat it.

Armando’s a Rock God again! Also, he and Sanjay totally look like twins.

The season changes as Kylie is repairing the computer with her two mechanical points. We’ll have to wait until fall to find out how that turns out.






Owned lots


Unowned lots


Military lot? NO
Business districts






Sim multiplier




Uni funds


Total CAS sims


CAS sims available


Comm. Lots avail.










Lvl 10 businesses




of 2




of 1




Larisa’s Fish Market Pavlov Rank 10
A Whole New You Pavlov Rank 3
Club C Cooke Rank 10

Next up is Dand Bruce! Will he find love?