Welcome to a new season in Willow Valley!

The Pavlovs

Left to right: Makari, Aglaya, Nadezda, Leo, Larisa, Vanya, Lyov (sitting), Sofiya

Yes, this is the same picture from last time. No one had a birthday or a makeover, so why not?

Paying taxes is first up, of course. The Pavlovs have an impressive net worth of $363,905 (counting their 2 businesses, of course), so their taxes are a hefty $18,200.

Next is time for a house tour and some renovation. This is the first floor, with a living room, kitchen, game room, master bedroom, and 2 bathrooms.

Here’s the second floor, with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and an upstairs deck. The single rooms at the top belong to Aglaya and Vanya. Nadezda and Sofiya share the room with the yellow beds, and Makari and Lyov share the room with the blue beds.

There was only about $10,000 left after paying taxes, so I decided not to do any structural renovations. Instead, I just focused on upgrading from the cheap crap they’ve had in the house since Larisa first furnished it. They still have cheap bathrooms and beds, but now a very nice kitchen.

Just as the Pavlovs were always coming home on the bus with the Cookes, now the Cookes are coming home with the Pavlovs.

Poor Sofiya is the only one with homework; everyone else got out of it.

(I have a hack that makes homework random after kids have learned to study, and most of the time they don’t get any, which is awesome.)

The grocery store is open only for a few hours, and for the first time they don’t sell all their produce. The clothing store is the priority this rotation.

Sofiya and Kylie continue to be adorable, even if they are being rather kinky by being in the parents’ bed.

What a surprise, they’re having grilled cheese for dinner! They do seem to be enjoying the lovely new table.

It’s time for a birthday! Finally – they haven’t had one in this house since spring.

Aglaya grew up well, in gold, but hers is the first non-platinum birthday in town. *sad* And the worst thing is, I realized afterward that I could have just had her make some strawberry lemonade! She has the produce in her inventory.

After a quick clothes change, Aglaya calls a cab and moves out. We’ll see her again later in the rotation, right after the Bruces.

(I’d prefer to have sims move out right at the beginning of a rotation, but I’m probably going to have a grace period for sims who have their birthdays the very first day of the season – it’s no fun to hang out in Mommy and Daddy’s house for 4 1/2 whole days if the sim in question isn’t the heir. Besides, 3 of the quads will be moving out at the beginning of next season, and 4 new households in one rotation would be a lot.)

As soon as she’s gone, Sofiya has to mail her a money order. I have the no 20k handouts hack, and Aglaya moved out with a money order in her inventory, but it doesn’t seem to have worked – she only took 1/8 of the household funds.

Poor Lyov. He doesn’t realize that the ballet bar doesn’t build fitness. Or maybe he just doesn’t care.

It’s funny how the house can seem empty with 7 sims in it. But then, I always feel that way when a sim moves out. It’ll be really bad when I have 3 move-outs at once next season.

All the remaining teams head out to the clothing store the next afternoon. Apparently Nadezda’s failures are now no change?

Jessica Picaso and her husband just moved to town, and the Pavlovs were very happy to welcome her with a makeover. They’ll be the last household this rotation.

Back home, Lyov convinces Sofiya to make the nightly grilled cheese – even though she doesn’t have the cooking points. She manages to grill them to perfection.

I’m doing better at letting them hang out on free will, just directing them to fulfill needs, and wants when they drop below platinum. And they have chores, of course – cleaning, tending the garden, etc. All right, they don’t really get that much free will.

Now that Aglaya’s gone, Sofiya gets to move into her room. She’s very excited to have her own room for the first time ever, although she wishes she had a double bed.

(All the kids’ beds are being sold as they no longer need them. Vanya’s kids will get new, nicer beds.)

Larisa’s very excited when the new Mrs. Bruce comes by, and rushes out in her nightie to greet her.

“I heard you do makeovers in your store,” Andrea says with some excitement.

“Oh, yes,” Larisa replies, waving her hand, “but you hardly look like you need one.”

“Oh, I would love to buy some jewelry, though.”

The next day, only Leo, Larisa, and Nadezda go to the store. It’s not about badge training today; there’s serious work to be done.

Leo dazzles the pants off the customers, then dazzles them directly into new pants. In no time, the store is Level 5. Leo uses all his business perks on cash prizes, of course.

Back home, Leo gives the clothing store to Nadezda – the first of her five.

(No, the others don’t get businesses. No, it’s not fair.)

As always, there’s lots of talking about grilled cheese and how wonderful and awesome and incredibly delicious it is.

The next day, Saturday, the businesses remain closed. Nadezda invites Orlando over for a quick aspiration-boosting date, then sends him home – she’d feel bad if he were to stay for the festivities, since he doesn’t get to participate.

There are plenty of visitors, though. Lyov’s girlfriend Meadow does get to stay.

The entire Cooke family comes over.

Of course Aglaya is invited, too.

“Aglaya, so good to see you. We’ve missed you so much,” says Leo, giving his eldest a hug.

“It’s only been 3 days, Papa.”

“Yes, of course. So tell me, is there anyone special in your life?”

“Oh, Papa, don’t be silly. It’s too early to be asking about things like that.”

Poor Leo. He rolled the want for a child to get engaged the second Aglaya had her birthday, but the chances of it happening this rotation are slim.

Of course, one could run into that someone special anytime, anywhere.

There’s plenty of food to be had – grilled cheese for the cheeseheads, and a big bowl of chili for those who prefer variety in their diets.

As you might have guessed, it’s birthday time for the quads. Makari’s up first, as he’s the oldest.

Next is Lyov…

Followed immediately by Meadow.


And finally Vanya.

And no breakdowns! Miraculously, no one had the fear of growing up uneducated, not even Makari the knowledge sim.

Although there were a few tears shed at the thought that none of them had had the opportunity for higher education.

“Education?” Lyov sobbed. “Think of all that free time to eat delicious cheesy sandwiches! I heard on grilledcheeselovers.net that you only have to go to class for two hours, and you can spend the rest of the time cheesing it up!”

After the guests went home, makeovers were had.

I got Nadezda a new outfit, then changed my mind. She looks cute, if quirky, in the clothes she grew up in. They seem appropriate for her tinkering.

There was some shuffling of beds again; Nadezda and Vanya switched rooms, and Vanya got a nice new double bed.

Makari thought he’d start off his career as an adult Knowledge sim with a little stargazing.

Everyone woke up at the loud noises, but after investigating and finding nothing, they went back to sleep. Only Vanya stayed up, convinced something was wrong. He used the time to look for a job, but there didn’t seem to be any postings today.

A few hours later, Larisa heard another strange noise, and ran out to see an alien spaceship hovering over their driveway!


While Leo and Vanya were frightened and horrified, Larisa seemed oddly excited.

(She’s a Fortune/Grilled Cheese sim, so she has no reason to be whooping it up about aliens.)

Makari stood and dusted himself off. “Wow, that was kind of cool! I want to go again!”

The next day is clothing store time again, with Nadezda enjoying her role as owner. Makari stayed home, exhausted after his night with the aliens, but the rest of the kids came. The store didn’t quite get to level 6 before they had to get home, though.

“Congratulations on not going to college, sis!”

Wait, what?

 Vanya was bummed about his automatic breakup with his girlfriend Madelina, so when Makari woke up, he took Vanya down to the music & dance studio to see if he could find something (or someone) to cheer him up.

Vanya hit it off right away with the hobby leader, Noelle.

Makari was unsuccessful at finding that one special girl, but at least he was able to enter a dance competition.

He lost.

Vanya invited Noelle home with him, and found that he liked her very, very much.

Madelina was a sweet kid, and they’d had a great time as teens, but she was still just a kid. Noelle was…a woman. Vanya thought she just might be the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

They parted that night with a kiss, but Vanya was sure he would be inviting her back soon.

Nadezda spent the day building robots. She had a silver badge, so it wouldn’t be long now – she hoped she would be ready shortly after she got her own place.

Makari found himself exhausted. Even though he’d slept all morning, he still felt the need to head to bed early. That alien abduction had really done a number on him.

Lyov spent the evening conjuring grilled cheese, something he’d learned to do right after his birthday. He’d reach his goal soon, he was sure.

Late that night, as the winter winds began to howl, Vanya searched for any job openings and was thrilled to find an opening in the business career! He snatched it right up. If he couldn’t have his dream job as an educator, Business was definitely his second choice.


Sims 19

Households 5

Owned lots 4

Unowned lots 1

Military lot? NO

Business districts 0

Universities 0

Downtown? 0

Sim multiplier 3

Population 57

Uni funds 86900

Total CAS sims 5

CAS sims available 1

Comm. Lots avail. 0

Fires 2

Burglaries 0

Electrocutions 2

Graves 0

Lvl 10 businesses 2


Larisa’s Fish Market, Pavlov, Rank 10

A Whole New You, Pavlov, Rank 5

Club C, Cooke, Rank 10

Wired, Bruce, Rank 4


Architecture 0 of 1

Athletic 0 (unlocked)

Business 2 of 2

Culinary 1 (unlocked)

Entertainment 0 of 1

Music 1 (unlocked)

Oceanography 1 (special)