When we last left the Random family, they had just had a little boy, Cainneach.

Since this is a matriarchy, though, they need a girl. So after putting Cainneach in his brand new crib, Benjamin and Chryseis headed down to their bed to make another baby.

I would think having a door through the midsection would make anyone sick, pregnant or not.

Obligatory pop pic

Chryseis burned the hamburgers for the first time ever. How sad.

When she’s not taking care of Cainneach, Chryseis spends most of her time writing novels.

Meanwhile, Ben is almost there! Just one promotion to go, and then his little Cainneach and the nooboo on the way will be able to go to college.

Cainneach grows up, and gets elf ears! Hooray! He also has Daddy Ben’s nose, which I personally rather like.

 Cainneach gets a precious bottle of Smart Milk, and learns some skills. Got to get those 4 aspiration points so he can get his need perks.

“Bye, honey, I’m off to work! Hopefully I’ll have good news for you when I come home!”

Chryseis, washing her hands at the sink, didn’t answer.

Chryseis turned as he left, but just managed to hold back her cries of pain until the door closed behind her husband. It was far more important for him to go to work, even if it meant not being there when she gave birth.

 Moments later, she held her second son in her arms. He was named Torgny. Chryseis fell in love with him at once, but she couldn’t help being a little discouraged; she had hoped to only have two children, and now she would need to have another. And if that child was another boy…well, that could be a problem.

Ben did indeed come home that night with a promotion to General, lifting the Military restriction.

Sims may now go to community lots, invite people over even if they’re not in love with them, move out, and go to college. They can walk to work as well (as long as they have 10 body, while Law Enforcement is in effect).

Since it was Tuesday, Chryseis got on the phone to tell all her friends about Ben’s accomplishment.

She did get off the phone in time to make baby #3, though.

Ben got demoted back to astronaut, and found he didn’t really mind. His accomplishments would still stand.

With Ben gone at work so much, and Chryseis trying to take care of a toddler and a baby while pregnant, she found herself getting a little overwhelmed.

Fortunately, Cainneach grew up into a child that night.

Even though they bought him a bed, Cainneach was too tired to make it there, instead falling asleep on his feet.

After Cainneach was packed off to bed, Torgny received one last bath before being tossed into toddlerhood.

I like to leave a baby’s last diaper dirty and give them a bath right before they grow up. That way, you can potty train them and let them use the potty, and have a diaper change in reserve for when the hygiene drops down to the bottom. They can usually get through their toddlerhood that way.

Torgny got his one bottle of Smart Milk.

(The elixir glitched and refilled at some point. Chryseis drank it back down, and then I used the Sim Blender to put her back where she should be.)

Cainneach adored playing peek-a-boo with his little brother, and often had to be called away so that Torgny could spend time with his bunny head.

Cainneach skilled as much as he could, when he wasn’t tending his Fun and Hygiene demons.

I was happy to see that his school clothes were quite decent.


Mama’s busy paying the bills and getting frostbite on her toes, Torgny.


“Brudder in belly?”

I certainly hope not.

More toddler picspam. What can I say? The kid’s cute.

“What? I got a C? Aw, nertz.”

Just be glad you can learn to study, kid. I want to see that grade going up, not down – no social worker for you!

Ben finds a job in Criminal! He takes it to suppress the increase in weekly payments.

After a stint of handwashing, Cainneach learned to study. So happy I’m not using pet restrictions.

“So Dad, are you the Hamburglar now?”

“Don’t be silly, Cainneach. Eat your dinner.”

Stop! Baby time!

Yeah, Ben’s still studying. Pfft, Knowledge sims.

But it’s a girl, hooray! Ladies and gentlemen, meet Rina, the Random family’s 2nd generation heiress!

And that seems like a good place to end this chapter, a nice happy note. Tune in next time for more Random adventures!