Welcome back to the Random Family!

 At the end of the last chapter, 2nd generation heiress Rina had just been born.

“Say ‘bottle’, Torgny!”

“No! Don’ wanna!”

Once Torgny learns all his toddler skills, Chryseis turns her attention to her elder son. She has 9 neat points, but Ben only has 2, so naturally both boys only ended up with 2 neat points. 2 neat points + handwashing at a 5 hygiene sink = absolutely nothing. Cainneach is encouraged up to 4 – still not much better than useless, but it’ll leave him able to take sponge baths when he’s older.

“Wow. Maybe, just maybe, this is actually doing something.”

If you can keep kids platinum, you only have to get a sliver of hygiene on the bar for them to be able to do other things. If they’re not platinum, though, they’re pretty much useless.

“Daddy, Daddy, you’re home! Mommy’s making me wash my hands over and over!”

“Well, son, maybe you’d best get back to that. You stink.”

Cainneach gets a little skilling in, but only a little.

“So, Mommy, when are you going to have another baby?”

“Rina’s the last baby, Cainneach. If I have any more, there might not be enough food for us all.”

Ben had gone to work that day with his hunger bar in orange. No problem, he thought, it wasn’t that low, and he’d get fed at work. But then he got a chance card. Although he successfully came out of it with a promotion, he was sent home early, before the dinner break.

He tried to hurry inside to the hamburgers on the counter, but he was just so hungry. He fell to his knees.

RIP, Benjamin Long. You produced 3 lovely kids, lifted the Military restriction, and endured all the hardships of being the founder’s spouse without a complaint. You will be missed.

 Chryseis pushed aside her own grief and did her best to comfort her sons.

Little Rina was too young to be affected by Ben’s death, but it hurt to know she would grow up not even remembering her father.

But life had to go on. The next day, after much snuggling and tickling to get his aspiration back up, it was time for Torgny’s birthday.

“Hooray, I’m big!” Torgny cried, checking out his larger hands and then clapping them in excitement.

“Oh, boy! You got the best pajamas too!”

It was also Rina’s birthday! She grew into an adorable toddler, although Chryseis was a bit disappointed that she couldn’t see whether Rina had inherited the elf ears.

Rina got her dose of Smart Milk and was promptly sent off to play with the bunny head.

“I love snow, don’t you, Cainneach?”

“Yeah! I hope it snows every single day, our whole lives.”

For 2nd gen apocalypse kids, Cainneach and Torgny have a pretty cheerful outlook.

Chryseis had offered to buy Torgny his own bed, but he said he preferred to share. Chryseis decided she didn’t mind – the poor boy had lost his father, after all, and it wasn’t as if Chryseis had anyone else she wanted in the bed.

The next day, Cainneach came down with food poisoning! Chryseis was beside herself with worry. In a normal world with proper medical care, this would be nothing, but here…she could lose her son, too.

Of course, in a normal world, Cainneach would have never needed to eat the rotten hamburger that got him sick.

Torgny, meanwhile, loved playing peek-a-boo with his little sister, just as Cainneach had played peek-a-boo with him.

Then he headed off for his first day of school, pleased that he had an acceptable outfit.

That afternoon, Chryseis taught Torgny to study. Cainneach rested on the couch. Stupid food poisoning.

That night, Ben’s ghost haunted for the first time.

(I’m not really sure why I felt the need to get them a table and chairs. It cluttered up space in the living room, and was moved out of the way within a couple of days.)

Ben scared Torgny and Chryseis, but fortunately left Cainneach alone.

The next morning, Chryseis worked on encouraging Torgny up to 4 neat points as well.

“Dad! Dad! I got an A! Isn’t that great?”

This is so sad.

 Cainneach had stayed home from school – he had never gotten his homework done the night before. Kids lose a grade level whether they go with undone homework or don’t go at all, so if a kid doesn’t get their homework done, it’s better to keep them home and have them do it. They get a grade drop either way, and if they go to school they get another homework assignment they have to do.

At least he finally recovered from his food poisoning while he was home.

 “Now, Torgny, being neat is very important.”

“I can’t learn about being neat! Can’t you see I’m filthy?”

I get some weird graphical glitches in my game. This one actually works quite well – looks like a bunny head they found in the remains of a burnt out building.

Ah, Red Hands, the sport of filthy apocalypse children everywhere.

Birthday time! Cainneach grew up into a very interesting outfit. He’s a Pleasure sim with a secondary aspiration of Popularity, and wants to be a Professional Party Guest.

*sigh* He’s going to be so miserable.

And it’s Rina’s birthday! No more toddlers!

Guess what’s for dinner, kids? Hamburgers!

Still haven’t gotten rid of that stupid table.

Now that there’s a teenager in the house, Chryseis decides she needs another job – she’s been unemployed since she got pregnant with Cainneach, and she needs to get out of the house. There’s a position in Show Business, so she snatches it up.

Meanwhile, Cainneach enjoys his very first sponge bath. Ah, the sweet relief of finally being free from hygiene desperation!

Chryseis begins the hard work of encouraging neatness in Rina, who also has only 2 neatness points, of course. Rina will be encouraged up to 6 neatness points, so she can encourage her own children someday.

Rina also gets a decent school outfit! They’ve all been very lucky with their clothing choices – even Cainneach’s teen outfit seems oddly appropriate for the apocalypse.

Hey, it’s Athena Fine, stealing the newspaper! Hi, Athena!

(I’ve got a few reconstructed Fines hanging out in the neighborhood. And that’s the teenage version of Larisa Pavlov back there, from my BACC.)

Poor Torgny. He clearly wants a daddy so bad. But the rules prohibit it.

Cainneach starts working on his body points. Getting 10 body points will be the top priority for all the kids once they get to teen, since I want to send them to college.

Fortunately, Larisa was friends with Cainneach by the time she got cold, so he was able to let her inside to warm up.

The next morning, Chryseis heads off to work in the infamous french fry costume. Rina clearly disapproves.

Snow day! The kids were left to their own devices while Chryseis was at work. Torgny and Rina got to know each other better, while Cainneach…

Cainneach! I see you just standing there! Go take a sponge bath so you can get back to working on your body points!

“Guys! Guys! Did you know there’s a magic lamp on the roof?”

“That’s stupid, Torgny,” Rina said, scowling. “Everybody knows there’s no magic until Paranormal is lifted.”

When Chryseis gets home, I have mercy on her and tell her to do a little yoga.

Meanwhile, Cainneach can also do yoga! He doesn’t need the stereo anymore, yay! The stereo makes sims stinky so fast; yoga is much better.

“And so that’s how you study. Do you understand everything, sweetheart?”

“Yeah, mom, I got it, ok?” Rina said, walking away.

Birthday time for Torgny! He rolls knowledge, with a secondary aspiration of popularity, and wants to top journalism.

He’s immediately sent to the stereo. Poor thing, he’s got to work out in a leotard.

“It’s a unitard! It’s very manly.”


Anyway, that seems like a good place to end this chapter. Tune in next time!