As promised, here’s another update on the Random family!

Chryseis comes home with a promotion every day. I don’t really care – they have tons of money that they can’t spend on anything. The only reason she has a job is to keep her fed and out of the house.

Work out, sponge bathe, work out, sponge bathe…I do hate those first three body points.

Hooray! Cainneach has reserved his spot on the college bus – assuming the three of them get enough scholarships between them to build a house.

“I’m doing my best, Ben. I think the kids are doing okay. Sometimes I think it would be better to stay home with them – but then they wouldn’t have that extra hamburger on the dinner platter.”

Rina’s been encouraged up to 6 neat points, which means she’s a little better with the hygiene bar than the boys – she only spends 90% of her waking hours handwashing, rather than 95%.

It occurs to me that all early apocalypse sims would appear to have severe OCD to an outside observer.

Snow Day! Congratulations, Torgny, that means you get to hold that position for the next 8 hours while your brother and sister play chess.

It’s also Tuesday, so Chryseis invites over some potential future spouses.

“I’m going to marry one of you someday. Then you can use our grill to make hamburgers!”

“Um, great, kid.”

Jan and Shaun have the exact same job, and yes, Rina will be marrying one of them. Any guesses what the job is?

“Guys, guys, when we get to use the genie lamp, we should wish for unlimited wishes.”

“Torgny, would you shut up about the darn genie lamp already? We keep telling you it doesn’t exist!”

“It’s snowing? That’s so weird! I can’t believe it would be snowing in the middle of eternal winter! Also, I was just voted the world’s most beautiful woman, or something.”

My kids are lucky – they get to skill out of books – but they still spend a lot of time at the chess board.

Now that Cainneach has max body, he can get a job. He was very lucky – Education was the first job in the paper, which means he won’t be locked out of a liftable career later.

The next day is another snow day – 2nd in a row! Torgny uses the opportunity to max his body. He can’t get a job quite yet, though – has to wait until Rina is a teenager.

Even though school’s closed, there are still playgrounds to be monitored, so Cainneach heads off for his first day of work.

Chryseis got old. 😦 I can see by the dopey expression where Pinstar got the idea of senile elders. Still, I think she makes a pretty good looking elder, although I’m not a fan of the orange pajamas.

Finally, school, hooray! Only for 1 day, as it’s Friday.

I love Rina’s outdoor outfit, even though it would probably not be warm enough for nuclear winter.

I like Chryseis’s outdoor outfit, too. We’ll probably never see her everyday outfit; judging by her thumbnail, that’s probably for the best.

Chryseis heads off to work. She’s still the most beautiful woman in the world.

“Dad! Dad! We got A’s, Dad!”


His 2nd day of work, Cainneach gets a promotion!

Because of his Pleasure aspiration, Cainneach is never, ever platinum. He stays in low to mid green pretty much on the strength of “talk about hobby” alone. He may not even manage to top his career by Tuesday, and he has to go to college on Tuesday if he’s going to go at all.

Usually all the kids do their own homework, but tonight only, Torgny does 96% of Rina’s homework.

Unfortunately, finishing that last 4% is not quite enough to get her platinum. Oh, well, it’s birthday time anyway!

Outfit: Bland but acceptable

Aspiration: Knowledge/Family, not bad at all for the heir.

LTW: Top Dance, probably achievable after she’s done with her lift.

Best thing about this birthday: No more smelly kids!


Wait…wait…where’s he going?

Hooray! Best burglar ever!

Oh noes! The chess set! *shrugs* *replaces*

Bye Mr. Burglar! Thanks for shopping!

“We were robbed! Robbed!”

Two thirds of the stuff he took was just sitting out on the lawn. I mean, if you leave a big screen tv on your lawn, aren’t you kind of asking for it?

Rina went to bed right after her birthday, so when she got up in the morning she spent about 4 hours washing her hands. The downside of not being able to sponge bathe.

By some extremely bizarre luck, Torgny also scores a job in Education. Either that, or my game is glitched.

(I miss acne cream.)

That afternoon, the Knowledge sims sit down directly and work on their homework, even though it’s Friday.

While the boys are at work, Rina gets those first 3 body points and moves on to yoga.

The kids spend their weekend skilling away. Scholarships! *whip crack*

And Cainneach has earned all the skilling scholarships he can get! Hooray!

What shall he do with the rest of his teen years? How about more skilling?

Rina maxes her body Saturday afternoon, less than 48 hours after becoming a teen. Yay stuck Smart Milk effect!

Only job in the paper is Entertainment. It requires creativity, which Rina has no way to earn, so no dice.

Why can’t teens write novels, anyway? I wrote stuff when I was a teen. It was mostly crap full of Mary Sues, yes (my writing hasn’t changed that much), but still.

“So, mom, are you going to miss us when we all go off to college?”

“Oh, I’m sure it will only seem like a moment to me before you’re back.”

Handwashing, red hands, hamburgers, sleep, skilling. I hope at least one of these kids uses their lift to unlock something fun. (Although showers would be better. Showers…)

Torgny’s got his scholarships! Fortunately, unlike Cainneach, he wants to do some more skilling.

Snow day? Seriously?

Cainneach, shut up, you don’t even know what a violin is.

At least Chryseis gets to go to work. Although apparently she’s not the most beautiful woman in the world anymore. *sad*

Skill, my minions! Skill! *whip crack*

Good job, Rina. I take my attention off you for one second…I was going to have you make a nice plate of hamburgers.

“Tired of hamburgers. Rather have cookies.”

Well, I can’t say that I blame you.

And Rina’s got all her scholarships! Except the job scholarship – she tried one more time, and it was Culinary, which also requires creativity. So she gets to wallow in laziness.

“Wallow in laziness? I have 50 skill points, and I just grew up to teen 4 days ago!”

Cainneach got a chance card, and did poorly. He was supposed to get fired, but he just got demoted. Doesn’t matter, though – today’s his last day of work. No Young Entrepreneur scholarship for him, either.

Chryseis brought home another promotion!

Also, the flu.


She’s immediately sent up to the 3rd floor, which is turned into a lovely little isolation room…

But Cainneach is sick, too, probably from sharing the carpool. Stupid chance card.

Frammit, he’s supposed to go to college tomorrow!

He’s sent promptly to bed so he can’t interact with anyone.

Hey, look who actually managed to top a teen career! Go Torgny!

Chryseis is cured! Hooray!

As soon as he wakes up, Cainneach is moved into the quarantine room. Don’t worry, I slide a rotten hamburger under the door now and then.

Tuesday is another snow day, so the kids spend the morning getting some last minute skilling in.

As soon as the clock hits noon, Torgny’s on the phone applying for scholarships. He earns $6250 – grades, job, and 6 skill scholarships.

Rina’s up next. $5500 for her – same scholarships as Torgny, minus the job.

After they’re both safely in the uni bin, it’s Cainneach’s turn. I was so hoping he would be cured before it was time to leave, but no luck. He gets $5500, same as Rina.

Poor Chryseis gets locked in the bathroom while her last child goes off to college – I do not want to have to deal with the flu when they all get back.

Don’t worry, Chryseis, they’ll be back in about 5 minutes by your clock.

And that’s it for this chapter! Next up: the most boring uni chapter in history.