Welcome back to Willow Valley! (For those of you following the Apocalypse, don’t worry, I’m still working on that too.)

The Cooke Family

Standing, left to right: Madelina, Julien, Armando, James

Sitting, left to right: Davis, Kylie, Ashton

When we last left the Cookes, Kylie was repairing the computer. Unfortunately, she didn’t get electrocuted.

Neither did Julien, when the other computer broke down. *sigh*

Kylie really does love her family deep down.

As soon as all the kids went off to school, it was time for a renovation! I didn’t like their house, so I tore it down and built them a new one. I also replaced a lot of the furniture – all the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen stuff. All told, the renovation cost them about $30,000.

Since Club C reached level 10 last rotation, they spent the rest of their money on a brand new business!

Since Julien is a Celebrity Chef, a restaurant seemed like a logical endeavor. It’s called Cooked to Perfection, because puns are awesome.

Julien took over the chef station, of course.

Back home, they all sat down to a delicious dinner.

Armando decided he didn’t like being in the music business anymore, so he looked for a job. He was pleased to find a position in his dream career, Athletics.

(When Aglaya moved out from the Pavlovs’ house, she became the 4th household, so I placed a sports lot as my free community lot. It’s technically breaking the rules, since it’s not valued at $250,000, but I figure as long as no one buys it it doesn’t matter.)

Armando had pretty high mechanical and charisma already from his music job, but his body skills were sorely lacking. So, he turned to yoga.

The next day at the restaurant, Davis was surprised when their part tomato neighbor came in. “Uh, Mr. Pavlov, I thought you didn’t eat,” Davis said.

“Oh, everyone likes some variety now and then,” Leo replied.

“So, Ashton, why did you invite me in?” asked Vanya.

“I just wanted to talk to someone who’ll understand about how awesome grilled cheese is!” Ashton replied.

“Oh, yes, of course!”

Later, Kylie demonstrated her jump-kick move to the neighbor.

Julien taught James to study, and was relieved that this was the last time he would have to do this.

Yay, gifts!

The next day, Armando was pleased to find that all that yoga had made him fit.

“Oh, yeah, there’s definitely a wait for a table. We’re totally full right now,” Madelina said to the person requesting a reservation. “I can pencil you in around 7, though.”

Armando! This is a nice place! You’re waiting tables in your sweatsuit?

Vanya came in and went for the baked Alaska. Madelina gave him a discount – thanks to their automatic age-up breakup, there are no hard feelings.

 Later that night, Davis maxed his Music & Dance enthusiasm.

Armando had met Nadezda for the first time at the restaurant, and on coming home promptly rolled the want to make friends with her. So they enjoyed a very nice outing.

(I don’t like her outfit from this angle. I’ll have to change it next time she’s up.)

As a Knowledge sim, Madelina was quite happy to take care of the home repairs.

The daily march to the school bus commences!

Hee, Julien made it to the restaurant in his celebrity chef outfit.

Cake, Lyov? And it’s not even cheesecake!

Kylie decided to enter a cooking contest. She was very worried when she saw she was up against Makari Pavlov, since she was pretty sure he had maxed cooking.

But Makari and the chef must have split the vote with their Baked Alaskas, so Kylie’s turkey won the prize.

Davis often went out with his friends at night. Being a good son, though, he was careful to always ask permission first.

Julien sold his first masterpiece! It was the third or fourth masterpiece he’d painted, but the first one he got to sell.

“Thanks, paperboy! Meeting you got me platinum for work. Here, have a tip.”

“Wow, thanks, Mr. Cooke!”

Hooray! A gypsy lamp!

Julien was home alone during the day, so he spent the day tidying up the house  and occasionally answering the phone.

“Sofiya? No, Kylie’s not here! She’s in school! Why aren’t you in school?”

“It’s Saturday at my house, Mr. Cooke. Sorry.”

That afternoon, all three of the triplets got to wish on the genie.

They all wished for the same thing, of course.

(And all three of them only got the initial $10,000 bag drops, none of the additional drops. Sigh.)

Funny how Sofiya managed to come home on the bus even though it was supposedly Saturday.

“And we cannot allow this ‘red light district’ called Club C to maintain its foothold in our beautiful town!”

Madelina, you do realize you’re talking about your dad’s club, right?

Late that night…

“Help, police! There’s a burglar in my house! He stole my Bust of Tylopoda!”

“He stole your what?”

“Just come!”

“Ramin Centowski, future Captain Hero, to the rescue!”

“Ramin Centowski lost fight to burglar. Ramin Centowski is so embarrassed. At least burglar is running away now.”

And that’s it for fall!


Sims 19

Households 5

Owned lots 5

Unowned lots 1

Military lot? NO

Business districts 0

Universities 0

Downtown? 0

Sim multiplier 3

Population 57

Uni funds 104500

Total CAS sims 6

CAS sims available 2

Comm. Lots avail. 0

Fires 2

Burglaries 1

Electrocutions 2

Graves 0

Lvl 10 businesses 2


Architecture 0 of 1

Athletic 1 (unlocked)

Business 2 of 2

Culinary 1 (unlocked)

Entertainment 0 of 1

Music 0 (unlocked)

Oceanography 1 (special)


Larisa’s Fish Market, Pavlov, Rank 10

A Whole New You, Pavlov, Rank 5

Club C, Cooke, Rank 10

Cooked To Perfection, Cooke, Rank 3

Wired, Bruce, Rank 4