At the beginning of Fall, Aglaya grew to an adult and moved out. She was finally on her own for the first time in her life, and she was so glad to get away from her overlarge family.

 I built a couple of small, 2 bedroom 1 bathroom houses on 2×2 lots to be used as starter homes, so that sims could have a house big enough to hold them, a partner, and a kid or two if necessary, and still leave them with enough to start a business. So this is Aglaya’s lovely little home for fall, though she’ll be moving out first thing in winter.

 Aglaya had some spare cash after furnishing her little house, so she headed to the computer and bought herself a business.

 Games Ahoy was one day going to be a busy arcade, with tons of games to play. It was a little sparsely furnished now, but Aglaya was sure she would be able to fill it up quickly.

(I’m also going to count it as a club, opening a Slacker position.)

“You can’t even believe how incredibly awesome this is, Dand! You’ll have so much fun!”

Aglaya was so glad she’d learned to dazzle during her teen years.

(Dand, of course, gets free admission as a playable, but I like to dazzle them on the first visit because they usually give a star.)

Back home, Aglaya perused the job listings. The only available job was Entertainment, which she had no particular interest in. Having nothing else to do, though, and being pretty low on cash, she went ahead and took it.

Then, bored, Aglaya made a booty call, but walked outside to find that some neighbors had come by to welcome her. Seeing no help for it, she went ahead and greeted them.

 One of the neighbors offered to set Aglaya up on a blind date. She was looking for that one perfect sim, so she accepted. But Makoto, although nice, was gay. They had a fun, friendly time together before ending the date.

(Aglaya’s bi, in case you’re wondering. I’ve got my ACR odds set on 20% gay and 20% bi, but a disproportionately large number of my playables seem to randomize to bi. I think the only gay ones so far are Julien Cooke and Sofiya Pavlov, but there are at least half a dozen who are bi.)

 As soon as the date was over, Aglaya headed into the bedroom with Ivy. She didn’t think their relationship would amount to anything more than a fling, but she was still up for fun.

Shortly after her first woohoo, Aglaya headed off to her job in Entertainment.

She hadn’t enjoyed it any more than she thought she would, so as soon as midnight hit she was back at the computer. The job she was hoping for still wasn’t listed, but there was a position in Business. Aglaya figured that was the best second choice, so she changed.

As soon as she got home from work that day (with a promotion), Aglaya invited over Marylena Hamilton, who you might remember gave Aglaya her first kiss at the quads’ birthday party. Aglaya had been thinking about Marylena a lot lately, and she thought that she just might be that one special sim.

What else would they do first?

Unfortunately, Marylena rejected Aglaya’s first invitation to move in.

After a bit more relationship building, Marylena finally agreed to stay.

They returned to the couch to celebrate.

Marylena is a Family/Knowledge sim. Her original LTW was Golden Anniversary, so she got a re-roll and rolled Max 7 Skills. Hooray!

Marylena has a job as a Mad Scientist. Since she has 10 logic points, I’m going to count that as “transitioning to adulthood with max logic” and let her keep the job. That also means that a position in Intelligence is open.

Marylena also brought in $13,000 in cash and over $20,000 in inventory items! It was more than enough to get the arcade fully decked out. Their average ticket price is now $56! I think that’s the highest average ticket price I’ve ever had.

Marylena rolled up the want to get engaged, and Aglaya accepted!

I want as many different last names in my town as possible, so all non-heirs who marry townies will take the name of their townie spouse, if that name isn’t represented in town already.

 Yeesh, they’re horny little bunnies! All these woohoos have been autonomous ACR, in the space of probably about 12 sim hours.

I can’t imagine cheering on my sister’s photobooth woohoo. Crayon Matthew Smith (the only failed makeover Nadezda couldn’t fix) looks like he disapproves.

And…um…somehow they’re both pregnant. There was this weird double lullaby; looks like Marylena got pregnant via risky woohoo while Aglaya got pregnant via try for baby.

That’s the second time I’ve had a same sex couple with concurrent pregnancies. Lesson learned. From now on, only one half of a couple will be able to get pregnant at a time (though of course that may switch off among same sex couples).

They’re going to end up with octuplets, probably.

Aglaya likes hats, so I gave Marylena a makeover, but I don’t like it. Shelby Barrett seems neutral on the subject.

As soon as Aglaya returned home from work (with another promotion), she went inside to make a phone call.

Party supplies were rented and placed in the tiny backyard. Aglaya hoped none of her guests would fall into the ditch at the back of the property.

Soon, Aglaya’s whole family arrived in their best formal wear. As glad as she was to be out of the house, she loved her family and would never want them to miss her wedding.

(Nadezda’s dress is frumpy, and I’m not sure how Jessica Picaso made it on the wedding list. Her dress is also frumpy, but she seems like a frumpy kind of person, so it can ride.)

Some guy crashed the wedding. Can you spot him? Also, who’s missing? It’s the Pavlov version of Where’s Waldo!

“I promise to love and cherish you all of my days, and not go completely insane when we have 8 babies.”

With the exchange of rings, Aglaya Pavlov became Aglaya Hamilton.

Of all the cheering guests, Leo was the loudest. His fondest dream had been to live to see all his children married, and now he was 1/6 of the way there.

Nadezda was the maid of honor, of course, as Aglaya’s closest sister, so she got to give the first toast. “To my wonderful older sister and her new wife. May you have years of happiness together and achieve all your dreams.”

Next it was time to cut the cake. Aglaya decided this was no time to be dainty, and shoved a mouthful of cake into her bride’s face.

So sweet.

Makari put a bit of a damper on the party when he had to head out early. “Sorry, sis, but I’ve been so tired lately for some reason. Also, Shelby won’t get out of your bathroom, and I really need to go.”

There was even more of a damper put on the party when the carpool pulled up for one of the brides.

(There was only about half an hour left of the party, and Marylena didn’t have any vacation days, so I figured I’d let her go to work.)

 Still ,there was time for Aglaya’s family to give her one last toast. The party ended a Roof Raiser.

As the guests headed out, Aglaya realized that she might just be happy forever.

(Sometimes I miss the pre-Freetime days when you actually had to achieve a LTW to get a sim permaplat. I don’t think I’ve ever had a born-in-game sim get farther than having their first child without getting it.)

Aglaya decided to carry on the family tradition of portrait painting, so she went ahead and got her self-portrait started.

As soon as midnight hit, Aglaya headed to the computer, where she found a response to an e-mail she’d sent to the Sim City Police Authority, asking why there were no law enforcement positions open in Willow Valley. She was told that the town was just too small and low crime to justify stationing an officer there.

Sighing, Aglaya turned to the job postings, and found one that made her think.

A few minutes later, she headed out the door to her newest job. Who did that Police Commissioner think he was, denying her a position in her dream career? She’d show him that there was plenty of crime in Willow Valley – even if she had to commit it herself!

Although Marylena and Aglaya were excited at the prospect of babies, they wished they were getting them one at a time.

The next day, Armando came over to yell at Aglaya for daring to look at his house through their telescope for a minute or two.

Aglaya didn’t care, though; it was time for a nice afternoon nap with Marylena.

Later that evening, Aglaya headed to work, preferring a promotion to sitting around on some stupid “maternity leave”.

The criminals were so intimidated that she had the guts to show up in her pajamas that she easily rose through the ranks.

The ladies spent most of their time sleeping and eating omelettes, with a little time for studying.

(Marylena got her old hair back! Yay! Also, while Aglaya’s quite well skilled, she’s a bit deficient in mechanical points, so she’s working on those while she still has fall on her side.)

Exciting, ain’t it? Really, these two are the most boring pregnant sims ever. They spend all their time taking care of their needs, but since they don’t have much else to do, they don’t entertain by passing out or peeing on the floor.

 OMG not an omelet!

 Aglaya continued to rise through the ranks, happily assassinating anyone who thought a pregnant Sim couldn’t hack it.


Finally, it’s time!

(Technically it’s winter now, but they’re moving first thing in winter, and I didn’t want to mess things up by moving them when they were imminently ready to deliver. Also, you may notice disappearing furniture; they’re all packed up and waiting to go, just awaiting babies.)

“Oh no! What do I do?”

“You have 5 younger siblings! Didn’t they give you any ideas?”

“I was sleeping when they were born!”

Marylena finally managed to twirl, and gave birth to a baby boy with her coloring. He was named Dimitri.

“Oh, boolprop! Here comes the other one!” Aglaya screamed.

Marylena quickly set Dimitri on the floor. “What do I do?”

Aglaya spun, and found herself holding a baby boy as well. He had Aglaya’s brown eyes, and was named Venyamin.

She handed Venyamin to Marylena and spun again. The last baby was a girl, named Marya.

(Cheating alert! The first time they had more babies – I’m not going to say how many more – so I exited without saving and tried again. Aglaya was originally going to have twins, so I figured this was the best I could hope for.)

Next time, look for this family as the Hamiltons!


Sims 25

Households 5

Owned lots 6

Unowned lots 1

Military lot? NO

Business districts 1

Universities 0

Downtown? 0

Sim multiplier 8

Population 200

Uni funds 110500

CAS sims available 8

Fires 2

Burglaries 1

Electrocutions 2

Graves 0

Lvl 10 businesses 2

Business Tycoons 1


Architecture 1 of 1

Athletic 1 (unlocked)

Business 1 (unlocked)

Criminal 1 of 1

Culinary 1 (unlocked)

Entertainment 0 of 1

Intelligence 0 of 1

Music 0 (unlocked)

Oceanography 1 (special)

Science 1 (special)

Slacker 0 of 1


Larisa’s Fish Market, Pavlov, Rank 10

A Whole New You, Pavlov, Rank 5

Club C, Cooke, Rank 10

Cooked To Perfection, Cooke, Rank 3

Wired, Bruce, Rank 5

Games Ahoy, Hamilton, Rank 1