The final household of the season is the Picasos, Jessica and Matthew, who have just gained their freedom from the bin. Having just secured honorable discharges from the military, they’ve come to Willow Valley to make a new life for themselves.

Jessica is a Family/Knowledge sim with a LTW to reach her Golden Anniversary.

Matthew is a Popularity/Cheese sim with a LTW to be a top athlete.

The Picasos moved into another starter home, 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom on a small lot, right next door to the Hamiltons.

Matthew headed to the computer to look for a job, but there were no positions available. He did find some real estate available for purchase, though.

 Their new business was called Hobby Horse. For now it was sparsely stocked, but eventually it would sell all kinds of hobby items and skill building items.

 Their first customer was a man named Brandon Lillard.

 Jessica pricked her finger while making spaghetti, and vowed that she would study to become a better cook.

Matthew discovered that his favorite hobby was painting, and could often be found at the easel.

It wasn’t long before Matthew encountered Armando Cox, the other Popularity/Cheese sim in the neighborhood. The two became good friends.

Jessica was tired, so she decided to take a nap in the afternoon.

Then she got up in the evening and had a plate of leftover spaghetti. She wondered if she was coming down with something, since all she seemed to want to do was sleep and eat.

Matthew, instead of eating some of the perfectly good spaghetti in the fridge, made himself a big plate of grilled cheese.

(I didn’t know sims could serve grilled cheese autonomously. You learn something new every day.)

That night, the only position open in the computer was in the Entertainment career. The family was low on cash, and Matthew would have done anything, so he snatched up the job.

Jessica was definitely ill. She headed back to bed to rest some more.

Matthew tended to make a lot of messes, and the bathroom floor was usually covered with water after he showered.

(Darn messy sims.)

“Matthew? Honey, my eyes are up here!”

“But Jessica, I think they’re bigger!”

“You’re imagining things.”

The next day, Matthew went out to greet a woman named Christy walking by the house. She must have taken a liking to him, because she offered him a job!

He accepted, and headed off to work for his first day in the Business career. He suspected it would be more lucrative than Entertainment.

A little while later, Jessica was shocked to realize that there was a baby on the way! She was thrilled.

Matthew came home that afternoon with a promotion, and promptly started working on his skills so he could earn another.

That night, while Matthew was working on his logic skill, Christy made two trips to the house and left them two gifts! Selling them brought the family funds up to quite a respectable level.

(They both had outings with her, but I didn’t expect two gifts!)

That night, Matthew was idly surfing the job listings when he found an Athletic position! It would mean taking a pay cut, but he couldn’t turn down his dream career. So he changed jobs again.

There was also a position in the Business Career, so Jessica took that. She was bored around the house, and they could definitely use the money.

The next day, Matthew headed off for his first day of the new job. He thought the outfit was quite ridiculous, but he put up with it, hoping he could rise through the ranks quickly.

 A little while later, Jessica came home with a promotion – and promptly entered her third trimester.

They were both tired after their days at work, so they spent a quiet evening in.

Matthew had the next day off, and spent most of the day painting.

Jessica arrived home with a promotion…

And immediately started her contractions.

“Oh, man, why did I carpool with a woman who’s extremely heavily pregnant?” Vanya asked himself.

Matthew heard Jessica’s cries and came running out of the house, and a random guy also stopped to see if he could help. Apparently sidewalk birth is a very popular spectator event.

Jessica spun and gave birth to a beautiful little girl, with Matthew’s brown hair and eyes and Jessica’s fair skin. She was named Carme.

(Yay, single baby! She’s also the first brown haired baby born in Willow Valley.)

 Everyone was very excited, including another fellow who happened to be walking by the house.

Carme was cuddled and placed in her crib.

Now that Jessica wasn’t pregnant anymore, she and Matthew headed back to the store.

They were able to purchase a few musical instruments to sell, to help with every sim’s dream of having a full band setup at home.

A lovely date got their moods up nicely before heading home.

 Gah, I hate these stupid lightning fires that don’t count.

 Woah, Matthew! Careful with that baby’s neck!

 Fortunately, Carme survived to have her bottle.

When the carpool arrived the next morning, Jessica spun into her work clothes before remembering that she was taking a vacation day to care for Carme.

(I’m not allowing nannies until services are unlocked at population 500. It isn’t a huge hardship, as I don’t like nannies anyway.)

Jessica didn’t mind at all staying home with her little nooboo.

That night at the store, a reviewer approached Matthew. Although Matthew found him a bit creepy, he was pleased to get a good review!

Not only that, but they received a Best of the Best Award!

Jessica and Matthew celebrated with a date before heading home.

It was time for Carme’s birthday!

(Only 26 hours, hooray. I love short infancies.)

Naturally, a random townie was there to enjoy the celebration.

Carme grew up cute, though with rather an unusual personality. She’s a Sagittarius, 1/10/9/10/1. Looking at her personality, you would think she’s an alien.

Carme received her smart milk and began working on her skills as winter began.


Sims 26, Households 5, Owned lots 7, Unowned lots 1, Military lot? NO

Business districts 1, Universities 0, Downtown? 0

Sim multiplier 8

Population 208

Uni funds 110500

CAS sims available 9

Fires 2, Burglaries 1, Electrocutions 2, Graves 0

Lvl 10 businesses 2, Business Tycoons 1


Architecture 1 of 1

Athletic 2 (unlocked)

Business 2 (unlocked)

Criminal 1 of 1

Culinary 1 (unlocked)

Entertainment 0 of 1

Intelligence 0 of 1

Music 0 (unlocked)

Oceanography 1 (special)

Science 1 (special)

Slacker 0 of 1


Larisa’s Fish Market, Pavlov, Rank 10

A Whole New You, Pavlov, Rank 5

Club C, Cooke, Rank 10

Cooked To Perfection, Cooke, Rank 3

Wired, Bruce, Rank 5

Games Ahoy, Hamilton, Rank 1

Hobby Horse, Picaso, Rank 2

(As you can see, I may be slacking off a bit on leveling the businesses now that the business career is unlocked.)