It’s a new season, which means back to the Pavlov family!

First, though, a status update. Three of the Pavlov quads were moved out, giving me 8 households. So, the big building with the fountains in the middle here is the Willow Valley Cultural Center! I’m counting it as a museum lot, and it does have plenty of artwork, but it will also serve as a wedding and banquet center.

Here are the remaining Pavlovs after move outs. Only 4 sims – the house feels so empty! Don’t worry, it won’t last long.

Standing: Vanya and Sofiya

Seated: Leo and Larisa

Vanya carpooled to work with Larisa, although I don’t know how to make his carpool not show up.

Sofiya headed off to school. That just left Leo, and he was working in the garden. That means…Reno Day!

Prior to renovations, we have Leo and Larisa in a tiny bedroom downstairs, and Vanya’s and Sofiya’s rooms upstairs.

The downstairs bedroom has been expanded and converted into a nursery, awaiting the arrival of Generation 3. I like to have the nursery on the first floor – more accessible to the family, and close to the fridge.

Upstairs, the room that belonged to Makari and Lyov has been expanded and converted into a proper master bedroom. The bedrooms also got new decor, except for the empty bedroom.

Finally, they got nice fancy new bathroom stuff, new beds for the adults, and nice living room furniture.

Leo came inside. The house felt so empty, almost all his children gone…he was just so lonely. He twitched.

He found himself holding a toddler child, a little boy. He decided to call the baby Stepan.

Stepan got smart milk and learned a nursery rhyme, was put into the new nursery, and then…disappeared. No one in the family seemed to notice.

(He was glitched, and kept having errors every few seconds, so I put him up for adoption via the Sim Blender. Don’t worry, you’ll be seeing his triumphant return soon.)

Sofiya did her homework as soon as she got home from school; it was going to be a busy evening, and she didn’t want to have to worry about it.

As soon as Vanya got home from work, he invited Noelle over and popped the question.

He then immediately called for a wedding party.

Noelle was pleased to be marrying such a wealthy sim.

Noelle is a Knowlege/Romance sim, with a LTW to top Entertainment. Being a hobby leader, she brought no money into the marriage herself – she’s pretty much just got her lovely recessive genes.

Leo was thrilled to be a third of the way to his LTW.

Everyone sat down at the dinner table for cake, just like old times!

The party was an easy Roof Raiser.

And then Vanya and Noelle went on Willow Valley’s very first honeymoon!

Since the Pavlovs have tons of money, they stayed in Twikii Island’s fanciest hotel, and spent a lot of time just lounging on the beach.

Vanya got a nice tan, but Noelle spent most of the vacation rather sunburnt.

They did find time to go out to the Mysterious Hut and get themselves a voodoo doll.

And, of course, they found time for the most important honeymoon activity of all.

(I went ahead and put Noelle on birth control for most of the honeymoon, since I didn’t want the needs drain of pregnancy. I turned it off the last day, though.)

They had a great time, but all too soon it was time to go home.

Back home…oh yeah, they still have a business.

Vanya’s back there in his work suit, having gotten another promotion on his first day back.

Sofiya managed to keep herself amused.

And Kylie brought loot in addition to the roses! It was placed into Sofiya’s inventory for her move-out fund.

Noelle soon realized that she had gotten pregnant on the honeymoon! Shocker, no?

Being a Knowledge sim, Noelle spent most of her time working on skills. Vanya was so in love with his new wife that sometimes he just sat and watched her read.

Sofiya developed an urge to work on her creativity skill, so she spent quite a lot of time at the easel.

Um, ok, social worker, sure. Just leave the baby in the snow. He’ll be fine. Sure.

Anyway, Stepan’s back! It took so long because I didn’t think have Leo call until after midnight the first day of the rotation, which means it’s now day 3. The good news is Stepan’s glitchiness seems to be fixed. Also, thanks to the adoption, now he’s Larisa’s son, too – not that she had any interest in a 7th child.

Leo’s just thrilled to have a toddler in the house again. And what an easy toddler! Stepan doesn’t need to be taught to walk, talk, or go potty – he was born knowing all that.

So, he gets on the bunny head, in case he ends up with the LTW to top Entertainment.

That night, it was Sofiya’s birthday! Kind of snuck up on me there.

She didn’t have a fear of growing up uneducated, fortunately, but she still burst into tears about not getting to go to college.

Meanwhile, Noelle was wondering who this woman was, and if they’d met.

And there was another birthday, as Larisa became an elder!

Sofiya promptly got online to buy some new clothes, although unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of her post makeover.

She also looked for a job. The only available position was in the Intelligence career. Being a spy sounded rather exciting, so she took the job.

I did get Larisa, though. She decided on a shorter hairdo now that she’s a senior citizen.

Larisa supposed she might as well get to know her surprise son, so the next morning she headed down to the nursery. She had to admit, he certainly was cute – and she hadn’t had to go through pregnancy, so that was a plus.

It wouldn’t be long until the baby arrived!

She sat down for breakfast with her mother-in-law, to talk about babies. Noelle didn’t know anything about babies, and considered Larisa quite the expert.

“I’ve been wondering…well, Vanya thinks I might have twins.”

Larisa chuckled. “Twins? Twins would be easy. Just hope you don’t have more than two.” She considered for a moment. “Although I suppose that wouldn’t be so bad – there are plenty of adults in the house to take care of however many babies you do have.”

Noelle frowned. “What’s wrong with having babies one at a time?”

“Well, my dear, that’s just no how we do it here in Willow Valley.”

“Leo, does it bother you, that I’m old, now?”

“Don’t be ridiculous, darling. You’re as beautiful as ever.”

Oh! And I did get a picture of Sofiya’s new outfit!

Vanya came home with a promotion that day – to Business Tycoon! Willow Valley still needs 3 more player owned businesses for another business district.

With his parents, Vanya headed back to the grocery store. He became permaplat when he got married, so the three of them were able to run the store for quite awhile and sell all the fresh produce.

Sofiya, meanwhile, had spent the entire day at work – she’d come home with a promotion, then gone straight back and earned another one. She was able to add about $6000 to her bank account. Not bad for a day’s work.

Ah, elders, painting in their underwear.

Having maxed his charisma, Stepan moved on to logic. He was very low maintenance, only needing a sun lamp over his head, an occasional snuggle, and a bath once in a while.

Noelle decided to try out the voodoo doll she’d brought back, and became instant friends with Leo!

Late that night (or perhaps early in the morning), Noelle went into labor! Larisa and Vanya were very excited, and had been hanging around the living room waiting for the big event.

She gave birth to a girl with red hair and green eyes, named Anya.

“Wow, a little girl!” Vanya said, taking the baby. “And she’s got your eyes!”

“Oh, Leo, that’s our 4th grandchild! Isn’t it wonderful?”

“Um, I don’t think I’m done yet,” Noelle called.

A moment later, she held a baby boy in her arms. Feofil had a darker complexion, but otherwise the same coloring as his sister.

Sofiya was very excited about her new niece and nephew.

The babies were then put to bed in the nursery with their uncle.

I know I said I wasn’t going to do this, but I gave Leo a couple more sips of elixir. His life bar was full except for a sliver – and why the heck did they have 7 kids if he’s not going to live to see his LTW?

Vanya and Larisa both had the day off, so they went down to the grocery store, where Larisa passed on her wholesale perks.

Then, naturally, Vanya bought another business.

The Five & Dime sold magazines, video games, a small selection of groceries, and a variety of trinkets, knickknacks, and toys.

Leo came down to help them out, and in only 12 sim hours the business was level 3.

(Having a permaplat plantsim on sales is awesome, and having a total of 3 permaplat sims running a business makes it super easy.)

Back home, Vanya headed to the computer. The Five and Dime was Willow Valley’s 10th community lot, increasing the sim multiplier, and increasing the population to 270! Since Vanya’s LTW is to top Education, that 1st slot is reserved for him – but alas, there weren’t any Education positions available.

Sofiya needed a few more mechanical points for her job, while Noelle just liked learning about everything, so they had a bit of a study group while the others were at the store.

It was time for Stepan’s birthday! He’s a Popularity sim, and unfortunately didn’t have an extra point to choose a secondary aspiration (he had spend 4 on the needs perks). His LTW is to top Journalism; whether he’s able to do it just depends on how fast the town grows.

He looked on the computer to see what jobs were available, and found a position in the Business career!

Aw. I love having grandparents around to help with babies.

Stepan’s first wish after growing up was to get fit, so he headed to the exercise bike and accomplished his goal quite quickly.

He decided he didn’t want to spend his life wearing leaves like his dad, so he headed to the dresser. He found some old clothes belonging to Vanya, who was quite happy to pass them on to his youngest brother.

“Do you think the kids have enough toys, Vanya?” Noelle asked the next morning at breakfast. “Or should we buy them some more?”

“Noelle, the nursery is full of toys. Once they become toddlers, they can work on 4 different skills. I think we’re in pretty good shape.”

That’s it for winter!


Sims 30, Households 8, Owned lots 8, Unowned lots 2

Military lot? NO

Business districts 1, Universities 0, Downtown? 0

Sim multiplier 9

Population 270

Uni funds 132000


Adventure 0 of 1

Architecture 1 of 1

Athletic 2 (unlocked)

Business 3 (unlocked)

Criminal 1 of 1

Culinary 1 (unlocked)

Education 0 of 1

Entertainment 0 of 1

Intelligence 1 of 1

Music 0 (unlocked)

Oceanography 1 (special)

Science 1 (special)

Slacker 0 of 1


Larisa’s Fish Market, Pavlov, Rank 10

Five & Dime, Pavlov, Rank 3

Club C, Cooke, Rank 10

Cooked To Perfection, Cooke, Rank 3

Wired, Bruce, Rank 5

Games Ahoy, Hamilton, Rank 1

Hobby Horse, Picaso, Rank 2

A Whole New You, N. Pavlov, Rank 5