It’s time for the Cooke family again! No birthdays last season, so I’m recycling the family photo again.

Standing, left to right: Madelina, Julien, Armando, James

Seated, left to right: Davis, Kylie, Ashton

 The family begins the season with a lovely breakfast of toaster pastries.

Everyone heads off to work or school except for Julien, who makes some phone calls and tidies up the house.

No Reno Day today – I built them a brand new house last season, and I still like it just fine.

Armando returned home from work with a promotion. He was sure it wouldn’t be long until he achieved his lifetime want to top the athletic career.

Davis brought his girlfriend Brittany home from school. I had thought they only had one bolt, but they have two! Hooray!

Julien had a rainbow trout in his inventory, purchased from the Pavlovs’ grocery store. He’d been saving it for a special occasion, and tonight seemed like a good night for it.

“Good evening, Headmaster Ryan. I’m Madelina Cooke.”

“Good evening, young lady. I believe it was your father who called?”

“Yes, he’s in the kitchen making dinner. He’s a celebrity chef, you know.”

(I decided that private school would be locked until there was a position open in Education, and the population just got over 250 last season. Too late for any of the Pavlov kids, but the Cookes can still get in, and Kylie and Madelina had the want.)

The headmaster was invited to dinner, to enjoy the sparkly fish. The triplets kept him entertained while he ate.

“And you, Miss? Are you also a Cooke?” the headmaster asked after the triplets had introduced himself. He was wondering if perhaps the Cookes had an adopted child, since this young lady’s appearance didn’t seem to fit.

“Oh, no, Mr. Ryan. I’m just a friend of Ashton’s,” Brittany replied.

(The headmaster only gave that gorgeous rainbow trout 44 points! Next time I’ll go back to the tried and true Lobster Thermidor.)

“This is the study,” Julien said, showing the headmaster around after dinner. “As you can see, there are plenty of choices for the children when they want to skill.”

Naturally they all got in, giving Madelina an aspiration boost. Shea appeared displeased by this for some reason.

As soon as the headmaster was out the door, it was time for a birthday!

 James grew into a handsome teenager. He became a Knowledge/Pleasure sim just like Madelina, and decided he wanted to be a Celebrity Chef just like his brother Ashton. I guess having a Celebrity Chef for a father must be influential.

 Knowledge sims unite! To sit on the couch and study!

 The next day was Saturday, so everyone hung out in their jammies for a little while.

 They did open the restaurant for a bit, and James got to be the host for the first time.

Restaurants are actually pretty easy to run, once you get things set up. The hard part is having enough people – you want a chef with 10 cooking points, and you need a host and ideally 2 servers, especially once the restaurant gets to level 5 or so. But once you have enough people, you just set everyone to their jobs and let it run. As long as you have enough waiters, the stars usually come pretty easily – especially if the host does sales.

Back home, everyone put their pajamas back on and enjoyed a delicious grilled cheese lunch.

Julien did get the kids to get dressed in the afternoon and pose for a picture for him.

Unfortunately, they again came out very small.

(I think I’m going to stop doing pictures of the kids before they grow up. They’ll get their own houses and their own portraits, anyway.)

Davis decided that night to sneak out with one of his friends. He almost certainly would have gotten permission if he’d asked, but the idea of going out illicitly was rather thrilling.

Armando had spent the season so far working and skilling. He was very pleased to get his body skill to maximum.

Silly sims. You’re supposed to be going to the restaurant, not wandering off to make beds.

Huh. Is this a date or something? I already had somebody picked out for you, Nadezda, and it’s certainly not Abhijeet.

Everybody wanted to skill cooking.

“Dear Diary, I saw Sofiya today at the restaurant. She looks so grown up and sophisticated. I hope she doesn’t decide I’m just a little kid and find someone else. I can’t wait until my birthday.”

While Ashton and Armando discussed the magic of grilled cheese, Melissa Fancey tried to pretend she had something relevant to say.

The next day, Monday, the kids got to wear their private school uniforms for the first time! The boys look so dapper.

That afternoon, Noelle made her first appearance at a business.

“So you’re the new Mrs. Pavlov! Congratulations on your wedding. I believe that calls for a discount.”

Later that day, when walking past the Cooke house on her way home, Noelle suddenly found herself being made friends with. Even after it was over, she still didn’t quite understand just how it had happened.

(Popularity sims and their walk-by friendings. Hee.)

Davis went out again that night, although this time he asked for permission – and went out with a different friend.

Where do all these teenagers get limos, anyway?

Yay for popularity sims and their walk-by friendings!

First thing in the morning, Madelina finished maxing all her skills. I believe that makes her the first sim in Willow Valley with maxed skills.

The teens headed off to school. Today was the last day of the Cooke family march to the school bus.

Armando had the day off, so he and Julien celebrated their alone time.

That afternoon, Kylie invited Sofiya over.

Everybody had some fun smustling.

(This wasn’t a scored party, just a couple of invited guests and a random walk in off the street. Hardly an uncommon occurrence around here.)

Kylie, why must you grow up in the corner?

Well, maybe it’s for the best. What an outfit!

Clearly, Sofiya didn’t care about the horrible, ugly, mismatched clothes her girlfriend had grown into. She was just happy that they were age appropriate for each other again.

Next up was Davis.

Finally Ashton, who was lucky enough to grow up in his outerwear.

Ashton grew up Brittany as well. Poor thing – I tried to make her selectable and send her to the dresser to change, but I guess she can’t access the family’s clothes. She’s stuck in that until she moves in with someone or shows up at the clothing store.

I was going to send Kylie out for new clothes, but she was busy.

So Ashton went instead – and yes, he needs new clothes, too.

He bought over $3000 worth of clothes.

 Ashton felt much more like himself once he was dressed more appropriately.

Meanwhile, Davis looked for jobs, but there wasn’t anything good.

 “That was great. I can’t wait until we can move in together,” Sofiya said.

Kylie frowned. “Um, Sofiya, did you use protection? I didn’t.”

“Don’t be silly, Kylie. Two women can’t get each other pregnant.”

“My dads thought two men couldn’t get each other pregnant, and they’ve got 5 kids.”

Kylie decided to put those worries out of her mind, and went to the dresser and the mirror. She liked her new look – she felt adult, and like someone who should be taken seriously.

Now she just needed to get out of this house.

Julien made a big platter of pork chops, and they all enjoyed a late dinner.

After midnight, Kylie checked the computer again and found a career in Business. That would do quite nicely until she could make some contacts in the mob.

Meanwhile, Davis took a position in Science.

(I don’t expect either of them to top these careers. I’ll play Aglaya’s house twice before I get back to Kylie in her new place, so I anticipate there’ll be a Criminal spot for Kylie. And Ashton will be taking a job in Culinary as soon as it shows up.)

Armando became permaplat, by sleeping, apparently. Hooray.

“Ha, ha, I don’t have to go to work. Those silly schmucks, taking the first job openings. I’m holding out for Slacker!”

It wasn’t long before Davis got bored, though, so he headed down to Club C. It hadn’t been opened in a while, but everything was just as Julien had left it.

Davis had come to the club with the express purpose of meeting chicks, so he was thrilled when a really hot number named Sandy showed up.

They hit it off quite nicely.

Having made over a thousand dollars in just a few hours, Davis headed home and stowed the money in his bank account. Then he started getting ready to move out, as spring had begun.

Next up is the Bruce family! Alien baby, hooray!






Owned lots


Unowned lots


Military lot? NO
Business districts






Sim multiplier












































Larisa’s Fish Market, Pavlov, Rank 10
Five & Dime, Pavlov, Rank 3
Club C, Cooke, Rank 10
Cooked To Perfection, Cooke, Rank 5
Wired, Bruce, Rank 5
Games Ahoy, Hamilton, Rank 1
Hobby Horse, Picaso, Rank 2
A Whole New You, Pavlov 5, Rank 5