Welcome back to the Pharmaceutical Alphabetacy! After a long hiatus, the Rx family is finally going on vacation.

I’ve made a couple of changes. First, I’ll be posting here on WordPress instead of on Slideshare. One of these days I may even convert the old chapters over. I like WordPress better because there’s more flexibility to use longer captions if I want, while still having nice big pictures.

The second change is that I’ll be playing on Long lifespan instead of normal, with some adjustments (primarily shortening the infant and toddler stages). I don’t know yet whether it will affect the story, but I do know I really enjoy having more time with the sims.

 Now that all the kids are teenagers, I figured it’s time for a family vacation. Be nice if they could all pose for a picture, but no.

Anyway, the adults are Pharmacy (in leather jacket) and Blair (in pink and pigtails). The kids are Albuterol (Albie, partially hidden, in teal), Acetaminophen (Min, front and center in his PJs), and Amoxicillin (Moxi, in purple). Moxi was recently voted heir (given a generous definition of ‘recently’, that is).

 Pharmacy brought his police cruiser. Yet another charge of misuse of public property – not to mention he must have gone over the weight limit for his luggage on the plane.

 Albie and Min spend their first day in China playing chess. Because what better to do while on vacation in a foreign country, than what you can do at home?

Meanwhile, the rest of the family learn the martial arts skill.

Moxi decides that martial arts are the best thing ever. Her goal in life is now to become a martial arts master.

Pharm takes the boys out to see the sites.

They collect some fruit and fish.

Meanwhile, Moxi smashes stuff.

 Blair was apparently back at base camp cooking some delicious foreign food.

Albie: “Can’t I please sit with you guys? I’m so hungry!”

Blair: “Only if you’re a dragon.”

Moxi decides she wants some adventure, so she checks out the board. She’ll need to come back to China for her new LTW, so she can use some visa points.

She gets her athletic clothes on and goes off exploring!

What kind of parents let their 12 year old go off exploring dangerous tombs by herself? Blair and Pharmacy, apparently.

(I have about a thousand pictures of Moxi exploring tombs, but I won’t subject you to them. It was my first time vacationing with World Adventures – I’m sure you understand.)

Don’t worry, the rest of the family stayed busy, too.

Moxi made quite a bit of progress learning martial arts, and of course got all the items she needed to continue training at home.

All too soon, it was time to return to the little house at the top of the hill. Everyone was tired, so I sent them to bed.

Min: “Hey, look, did we get a new fridge?”

Albie: “All I know is, the pancakes Dad made before we went to China are still good.”

Albie’s garden had done well while they were gone, too.

Moxi: “Mom, what’s the deal with all the guys being virtuosos? I want to be a virtuoso!”

Blair: “You and I have lucky nighties to wear. That’s enough, isn’t it?”

“Well, at least I’m Athletic. That’s pretty cool.”

Moxi needs to put in a little treadmill time to get her athletic skill up to where her martial arts skill is.

“Oh, yeah. This will help me meet girls.”

4 hours later and still no girls in sight, Albie headed home.

“I shall write a glorious new novel about the exigencies of antidisestablishmentarianism. It shall be called ‘The Little Fluffy Bunny’.”

Moxi got a haircut and a new, more sporty outfit. No point trying to make her be a girly girl when she wants to be a top martial artist.

“My brain feels lighter! I think the haircut makes the homework easier.”

Moxi: “Maybe I’ll roll Virtuoso when I become an adult.”

Pharm: “Really? This is really what you’re worrying about? Min and I never use our Virtuoso traits.”

Since it was Sunday, Blair threw a party. She invited over everyone who was friends with the family, as well as all the teens the kids knew.

Min: “Go ahead, make fun of my wicked martial arts pose! One of these days I’ll just kick you in the face!”

Blair used the opportunity to have a serious conversation with her mother. “Mom, I’m worried about you. You’re living all alone since Dad died, and you’re really getting up there in years. What if something happens?”

It’s true, she is looking pretty old and haggard.

Blair: “So Pharmacy and I have talked about it, and we think you should come live with us.”

Susan: “Oh, Blair, are you sure you want an old lady pottering around? Well, all right.”

So Susan joined the family. She sold her house, somehow netting only 5000 simoleons. But hey, that’s totally okay, it’s not like I was moving her in for her money, right?

She’s also 207 days old, which I think translates to about 103 on the Regular lifespan. Since she’s probably going to die tomorrow, I won’t bore you with her stats.

Meanwhile, Moxi chatted up this boy while Min stared creepily. She’s got to start looking for a spouse, after all.

After the party, it was time for new clothes for Susan, and a new hairstyle for Blair. That hair just screams “Mom” to me – which is good for Blair. She was getting too old for pigtails.

Susan had 2 laptops in her inventory! She doesn’t need one for anything, so I gave them to Blair and Min.

“First day in my new home, and they’re already trying to kill me off! Hmph. No worries, Death will come for me soon enough.”

Must be Monday morning! Pharmacy and Blair take separate carpools to work, even though they’re going to the same place at the same time. I think that kind of defeats the point of carpooling.

Meanwhile, Susan tends the garden in her nightie. It’ll free up Albie to do teenager things.

I had Susan retire from her job, although I wouldn’t have if I’d realized how small her pension was. She was making something like $400 an hour, but her pension’s only $120 per day.

Moxi: “Albie, what did you get for number 4?”

Albie: “How come we have the same homework? I’m a junior, and you’re in 7th grade!”

That night, everybody needed their fun raised, so they all stood around listening to Albie play (except for Min, who was painting).

In the middle of the night, the Sunset Valley police busted a huge crime ring! Unfortunately, that meant that both Blair and Pharm were called in to examine evidence.

That afternoon, Blair came home so exhausted that all she could do was fall straight into bed.

Moxi: “That dweeb who wore his swim trunks to school? I have no idea. No, we’re not related, why would you think that?”

Moxi: “Thanks for coming home from school with me.”

Classmate: “I’m so glad I could come. It’s been fun, but I have to go now.”

You’ve been here for about 5 minutes, but whatever.

“Whatever. I’ll just go out back and break boards.”

Albie: “So, Grandma, how does it feel to be in the twilight of your life?”

Susan: “Rotten, just rotten. You know what’s worse? Being dragged into a legacy at the last minute and then ignored while you wait to die.”

Susan: “Shoo, boy! Old lady has to make water.”

Albie: “Hold on a sec…there. We never have to clean this bathroom again!”

That’s right, through the combined efforts of Susan and Albie, the entire bathroom is self-cleaning!

The next day, I got a pop-up that Moxi was bringing a friend home, but then she didn’t get off the bus. I found her sitting by the hospital doing her homework, for some reason.

“I’ll just jog home.”

Her friend, Susie Morris, did make it to the Rx house. She and Albie seemed to hit it off well.

Quite well, in fact.

Meanwhile, Min was making  a lady friend of his own.

Min: “Wouldn’t it be a great comedy if you rejected my flirt right now? On the other hand, it would be a tragedy if you accepted.”

Annemarie: “Oh, Min, you’re such a nut.”

Min: “Tragedy!”

Moxi: “You seem stressed, brother. Let me cheer you up before school.”

Min: “Um, thanks? No, don’t try to ‘help’ me again. I’ll just go to school…like…” *passes out*

Fortunately, Moxi’s second use of the mood improver thingy worked.

And that’s it for this chapter! Next time, will Moxi find love, or will it be reserved for the spares? Also, remodeling!