Ooh, this is a nice looking house. I wonder who it could belong to?

Why, it’s the Rx family’s new house! It’s still fairly unfurnished, and what furniture there is is mostly cheap crap since I spent all their money on the house. But there are rooms for everybody, and they have more bathrooms now – 5! Plus they don’t have to keep the martial arts stuff and the inventing station out on the lawn.

Yes, it’s still fairly boxy, as all my houses are, but I’m rather proud of this one. I actually planned it out ahead of time instead of just, “Hmm, think I’ll add a room here.” I’m hoping the extra space now means it will last a couple of generations, at least.

On his way home from work, Pharmacy stopped by the Alto mansion to ask Nick a few questions. Vita seemed rather upset that her husband is cooperating with the police. Something to hide, Vita?

“Wahoo, I’m playing in the sprinkler!”

Also take note of how the garden is now dirt, and nicely fenced in.

“Sprinkler! Yippee!”

Oh, go break some boards.

Min painted a portrait of his grandmother, which is good since she’s 211 and going to die any minute now.

“Blue belt! Score!”

I’m having Moxi focus on strength training when she does her catch-up workouts, because supposedly if she completes the strength challenge she won’t get fatigued from breaking boards – not that she’s ever gotten fatigued from breaking boards yet.

Pharmacy: “Ah, family. I, your patriarch, have cooked you a delicious dinner. So tell me, how was your day?”

Moxi: “Busy.” *scarfs down food*

Min: “If you really want to hear about our day, why are you standing up? You already scarfed down your own food.”

Man, you can just feel the love in this family.

Blair’s been working hard at work, and she’s stressed. So Friday night I let her have a little treat and go for a spa day.

Pharmacy jogged all the way home from work. He’s so close!

After another couple of hours on the treadmill, Pharmacy maxed his athletic skill – and then he completed the Marathon challenge!

Wait, this means he’s going to live forever, doesn’t it?

Speaking of living forever, yes, Susan’s still around. Aren’t little old people playing chess just so cute?

Well, maybe not if they’re scowling at the board the way these two are.

Susan’s LTW is to be a Chess Legend, so I figure I might as well work on that if she’s going to hang around.

“Maybe I should go take a shower…eh, just a few more boards.”

Min finished a very nice portrait of Pharmacy, which I hung in the front hall. Now there’s just Blair for him to do. I decided since this is an Alphabetacy, I’m only going to do portraits of heirs and spouses.

(Don’t tell Susan, but hers was just for practice.)

Moxi actually did get fatigued on the board breaker! Sure, I could cure her with the Moodlet Manager, but I figure she could use a break.

Don’t worry, that door behind her goes to a bathroom, for when she catches her butt on fire.

Old Guy: “La, la, la, going to play in the sprinkler.”

Blair: *sits down to write police report on Old Guy*

“Augh! Hot hot hot!”

Bathroom right behind you, remember?

Moxi: “So, Mom, I just caught my butt on fire.”

Blair: “That’s nice, dear. Mommy’s working.”

Moxi: “Also, I think there’s an old dude playing in our sprinkler.”

Dude, it’s 2 in the morning, and you’re clearly tired. Go home.

The next day, Susan calls over her next chess opponent, Geoffrey Landgraab. The chess circuit is apparently entirely populated by old people.

Meanwhile, it’s Saturday, so it’s Teen Romantic Interest Day.

Albie, she’s not your romantic interest, she’s Min’s. I see tomatoes that need harvesting.

This is Calvin Keaton. He’s not the baby the Keatons have right at the beginning of the game, he’s a younger brother. Moxi made friends with him at school, so I figured I’d have him over to see if there was chemistry.

Moxi: “You’re cute.”

Calvin: “You’ve got a great personality.”

Well, the boy’s honest, we’ll give him points for that.

Moxi: “I really like you, Calvin.”

Calvin: Hey, her grandmother’s kind of hot.

Geoffrey Landgraab: *leers creepily*

Meanwhile, things are going well for Min and Annemarie.

Min: “So, you want to go on a date? Except without going anywhere, you know, we can just stay here.”

Annemarie: “I’d like that.”

Min: “Score! First kiss!”

Then I get zoomed back to the front of the house for…

Geoffrey Landgraab, dying in the study. Of chess, apparently.

Susan: “Geoffrey, sit back down! You beat me three times, but I’m definitely going to win this one!”

Calvin: “It’s so horrible and tragic! A guy I don’t even know is dying of old age at the home of a girl I might possibly be romantically interested in!”


I’m kind of disappointed that the first time the Grim Reaper shows up is for a guy that just came over for a chess game.

Pharm: “Doo bee doo bee doo wah, washin’ the dishes.”

Minmarie: *are going steady*

 Calvin: “Yo, Moxi, I gotta go. Catch ya later.”

Moxi: “He’s so cute.”

Pharm: “Who is this boy, and what does he want with my daughter?”


 “You, young lady! What are your intentions toward my son?”

Wow, Pharm’s in full on overprotective dad mode right now.

 “You’re just a little gold digger, aren’t you?” *slapslapslap*

What the… I have no idea where that came from.

 Annemarie: “Dude. Not cool. And I’m pretty sure it’s illegal, too.”

“You jerk! You should be so ashamed of yourself you wear a paper bag over your head!”

Pharmacy: “Whatever. I’m going to watch TV now.”

Min: “Oh, hey, Annie-pie. How’s it going? Did you meet my dad?”


Anyway, I like the wallpaper in here. It’s completely ridiculous. We used to have wallpaper just like it in the living room when I was a kid.

Well, looks like we can’t count on Blair to come be the responsible adult in this situation.

“Rocket blast off! Yay, so glad the kids are big and I get to play with all the toys.”

Annemarie wanders into the next room to watch Moxi break some boards. “Oh no, oh no. Can she do it?”


Moxi’s hard at work on the board breaker challenge. Since the family’s not doing super great on funds right now, I’ve decided she’s got to get up to breaking space rocks so she can find gems and earn enough to pay for her trip back to China.

After witnessing death for the first time, Albie fled back to his childhood, fishing in the pond across the street from the house.

 Gwen: “So, I heard you killed your last chess opponent.”

Susan: “You bet your sweet bippy I did. You better think real carefully about how you want to play this one.”

Susan won that one.

“Argh! Must…be…Superwoman!”

On Sunday, the Rxs threw their usual Sunday party, attended mostly by teenagers. For some reason, no one wanted to come inside, even though Pharmacy made delicious key lime pie for the occasion.

Mmm, pie.

The next day, Mortimer Goth came by for no good reason.

He chatted with Moxi a bit.

Then he broke the TV on his way out.

Blair: “This key lime pie is delicious, but I wish we could have fortune cookies.”

Albie: “You’re totally right, mom. Person person plus.”

Moxi finished the board breaker challenge! Now she’s just got to work her way up to space rocks, and then hopefully she’ll bring in a little money.

She really is the most useless one in the house right now. Pharmacy and Blair have jobs, Susan has a pension, Min makes money from his books and paintings, and Albie and Susan together keep the family fed. Moxi’s the only one not bringing in the cash.

Blair wore this cool black outfit when she got called into work in the middle of the night. Second night in a row for getting called in, but at least she got a promotion out of it. She’s level 9 of the spy career now.

Min: “Pie for breakfast?”

Moxi: “Dad got called into work last night, too. You know he’s the only one who cooks.”

Min: “Right.”

Pharmacy got 3 raises in 24 hours and now makes over $700 an hour, so I figured it was time for a treat. The family can finally have laundry!

Moxi gives the space rock a try, but after she spends two hours not quite hitting the rock, I bump her back to thin stone boards. Maybe next level.

Min’s working on a children’s book. He’s pretty boring when Annemarie’s not around – just paints and writes.

Blair got an opportunity to train elderly Jamie Jolina, and she’s going off on her like Jillian Michaels. Poor old woman.

“Again? I don’t want to go again.”

Poor Blair just got called into work for the 3rd night in a row.

Then the next morning, as she and Pharmacy were about to have some snuggle times, he got called in.

I’m beginning to really dislike the Law Enforcement career.

While he was gone, Blair maxed her mechanical while upgrading her laptop. One skill down, two to go for her Renaissance Sim LTW.

(I used the moodlet manager on her, otherwise she’d be asleep right now. Stupid job.)

Is it…could it be…a birthday?

That’s right, folks, Albi’s becoming a young adult!

(He’s 18 days older than Moxi, so don’t get too excited – it’ll still be a while before Generation B is on the horizon.)

Min and Moxi are at school, but his parents and grandparents are there to cheer him on.

They just look thrilled.

Albie, where’d your hair go?

Pharm, Blair, and Susan enjoy Albie’s birthday cake while he goes off for a makeover.

Back in teal, and with hair again, Albie heads off to join the Science career. I’m not kicking him out just yet, so you’ll see him around for a bit.

And that seems like a good place to end this chapter. Until next time!