Last weekend I was on vacation. Next weekend will be November, and I’ll be hard at work on Nano. So I figured I’d better bust out a chapter or two this weekend.

Susan, age 220, is still working on her LTW. In a rare departure, her partner is not elderly.

Moxi: “Min, you’re standing in the door. Annmarie’s not going to like it if a certain part of your anatomy gets messed up.

Min: “I’m perfectly comfortable here, thanks.”

Pharm: “Stupid mother-in-law, still not dead.”

Susan: “I can hear you, but I’m going to go right on smiling, because guess what? I’m still not dead.”

Min finished Blair’s portrait! It’s not great, but it’ll do.

Pharmacy rolled a want to spar, and Moxi was available, so hey, why not?

She beat him pretty bad.

He got a new belt, though, so that’s cool.

Albie just finished his first day of work. Sadly, his job performance bar didn’t budge at all, even though he had green smiley faces and an up arrow all day.

Pharmacy’s taken up gardening, so he can be backup for the garden once Albie moves out, just in case Susan ever dies. I’m hoping maybe I can get her up to level 10 first, though, so she can plant the Special seeds the family’s collected.


Aww, Minmarie. These two are so adorable. They’re definitely getting married (and probably pregnant) before I throw them to Story Progression.

Min: “Math, stupid math. Moxi, can you do my homework for me?”

Moxi: “Don’t be silly. The only class I’m getting an A in is P.E.”

Liar. They’re both actually doing quite well in school, probably mostly because I make them do their homework every day, because I’m a nerd who always did mine.

But hey, what a nice view to have while doing homework, yeah?

I finally got rid of the nasty cheap couch and TV, and bought them some nice living room furniture!

On Saturday, Albie slept in just a little too long.

“Dad! I was going to do the garden today! Well, fine, I’ll just leave.”

“Hello? Sunset Valley Realty? Yeah, my dad’s buying me a house!”

Ok, so it took me about 3 days to get bored with Albie as a YA.

Being way too nice for my own good, I couldn’t bear to just kick Albie out. So I put down a cheap little house from the bin and bought it for him.

Moxi keeps trying to woo Calvin. He just kinda smiles and nods. I’m thinking maybe she should look for romance elsewhere.

Woot! Martial arts level 9!

Ethan: “So, Jamie, you’re here to play chess against Susan, too? That’s super hot.”

Holly: “Ethan. Stupid idiot. Remember me? Your wife? Standing right over here?”

Pharm: “Shush. I’m watching Top Chef.”

Burglar: “These guys look pretty rich. I think I’ll steal their stuff.”

They’re cops.

“Don’t be ridiculous. They’re speedboat salesmen.”

Suit yourself.

“Mwahahahaha! A dryer! I shall steal it.”

Pharmacy: “Oh, hey there, burglar. Don’t mind me. I’m just going to put you in the hospital.”

Burglar: “Uncle, uncle! I’m sorry! Please let me run away, I promise I won’t try to steal your dryer anymore.”

Pharm: “Well, all right, as long as you promise.”

Susan slept through the whole thing.

The rest of the family decided 3 am was a good time for breakfast.

Min: “So, dad, my latest book is about the tyranny of the corporate…”

Pharm: “Not right now, son. Got to finish my food and get back to bed.”

The next morning, Susan got up bright and early and headed out to the garden.

“The rest of them are still sleeping, those useless layabouts. What did they do, get up and have a party at 3 in the morning?”

That afternoon, Moxi kept getting distracted from her homework by the beautiful pink diamond she had found while breaking rocks.

Susan: “I can’t believe it! I’m actually interacting with someone in my family!”

Blair: “Don’t get excited, Mom. As soon as I max my logic, I’m outta here.”

This is Blair’s work outfit of the day. It would be much more hilarious if she were an elder.

Apparently somebody broke the sink before everyone left for work and school. Nice job, guys.

Moxi: “Grandma, I don’t think I’ll ever find true love.”

Susan: “No such thing, kiddo. Doesn’t exist.”


Um, Blair? You know you could just ring their doorbell and question them, right?

“These are the Landgraabs we’re talking about. Do you really think they’ll just tell me the truth about their nefarious activities?”

Min: “Hey, sis, let’s spar.”

Moxi: “Heh, really? Ok, you asked for it.”

Moxi was nice, and only kicked him in the head 3 or 4 times.

I try to let Pharmacy do pretty much whatever he wants, and he wanted to learn how to fish. So he went out and caught a couple of minnows.

Susan: “Books are wonderful, aren’t they, Jamie?”

Jamie: “Oh, yes.”

Susan: “By the way, your ass is toast.”

So, Susan, how does it feel to be a chess Grand Master?

“Out of my way, I need the bathroom.”

Susan only needs about half a logic point to fulfill her LTW. Not bad for somebody who moved in with her life bar already full.

I was tired of sims taking their books into the kitchen or living room, so I built them a nice little reading nook.

Moxi: “So, Calvin, do you like lifting weights? I love lifting weights. I bet I could lift more weight than you.”

Meanwhile, Calvin was wondering if maybe Moxi inviting him to her house so often might mean something.

The real reason Moxi invited him over was so her dad could question him.

Pharm: “So, on a scale of 1 to 10, how interested in my daughter are you?”

Calvin: “Um, can I plead the 5th or something?”

Calvin is a good, light-sleeping, over-emotional loner. Is it just me, or is that kind of a boring selection?

Meanwhile, Moxi reached level 10 of martial arts and earned her black belt! She also found some tiberium.  Apparently if I get it cut and then let it sit around for a few days, it’ll grow and end up being worth $40,000. That almost feels like cheating. On the other hand, it means Moxi won’t have to get a job when she’s a YA.

Blair got the last bit of her last logic skill point at work somehow, and has achieved her LTW!

She uses her points to buy a Food Replicator, which could be useful if Pharmacy wants a break from all the cooking.

That seems like a good place to end this chapter. Next time, there will be birthdays!