Welcome back to the Pharmaceutical Alphabetacy! This is a long chapter, so hopefully it will tide you over as there probably won’t be any posts in the month of November.

Let’s start with a party! Albie’s invited, of course, along with all the Rx’ assorted friends. Annmarie, Min’s girlfriend, apparently grew up into a YA at some point.

It’s time for our dear founder to become an elder.

He makes a very handsome elder, as his family and friends all cheer him on.

Post-makeover and minus a little hair. He’s still cute, just now in a little old man kind of way.

Cyclone kind of put a damper on the party.

*sob, sob* “My heart…it’s broken…”

“Death, death, all around us!”

OK… I wasn’t getting SP pop-ups for a while, so I don’t know who died, but I didn’t think Cyclone was married or with anyone.

After the party, it was back to normal sim life. Blair beat the stove into submission.

“Make better quality meals, or I’ll bust out all your burners!”

Since she achieved her LTW, she mostly putters around upgrading things when she’s not working. I look forward to the day when the whole house is self-cleaning, because I refuse to hire one of those creepy maids.

Min had a wish to have 15 of his paintings hanging up around the house, which I was happy to indulge. A lot of them are kind of abstract and dull, but I like this one.

Moxi got electrocuted, used the moodlet manager to cure herself, and went right back to work.  Now that’s dedication.

Susan maxed her logic skill, completing her LTW!

“And I’m only 229!”

You’re never going to die, are you?

“Apparently not.”

With her Lifetime Happiness points, Susan bought us a teleporter. I think the Rxs have all the lifetime reward gadgets now, except for the body shaper. Right now, no one really needs their body reshaped, but I’ll pick it up eventually.

Pharmacy tries out the food replicator. Pretty cool. It’ll be handy for kids when the fridge runs out of leftovers.

On Monday, Min stays home from school, because it’s his birthday! Only Susan is there to celebrate it with him.

(Pay no attention to the dirty counter. If I could manage self-cleaning counters and self-mopping floors, I would be so happy.)

And he’s a very handsome YA. I think that’s his formal wear. No need for a makeover just yet.

Min rolled the Eco Friendly trait.

Min immediately makes a phone call.

Annmarie: “Oh, Min, I’m so glad you grew up. Just chatting at your dad’s birthday party was weird.”

I like how teens don’t automatically break up when one of them ages up, but it is weird how they’re “going steady” but don’t have any romantic interactions.

“So I found this rock, and I really like it, and I was wondering if you could wear it. Then you and I can be Minmarie forever.”

Annmarie: *pretends to be shocked*

They got married right there in front of the house, with Min still in his swim trunks.

Min: “These are my formal swim trunks.”

Annmarie: “Honey, I love you, but please don’t talk to the voices during our wedding.”

Then they went to France.

Annmarie is unlucky, good, clumsy, grumpy, and a green thumb, in case anyone was wondering. Her LTW is to have a bottomless nectar cellar. She won’t be around long enough to accomplish it, since Moxi’s still the heir, but there’s no reason they can’t pick up a nectar press in France anyway.

Naturally, their first stop was the double bed at base camp.

“Hey, this is pretty cool. Exploring a tomb together, on our honeymoon…

“‘Cool’? Are you kidding me? You’re in a TOMB. On your HONEYMOON. With your BRIDE. The forces of Evil and Darkness and Death could do horrible things to her!”

“No, it’s not like that! I mean, we’re really just in the basement of the museum! Daylight is right up those stairs!”

“Well, all right, I guess…that just makes the whole thing kind of stupid.”

They capped off their tomb exploration with a little sarcophagus woohoo, because hey, why not?

Back home, the nectar cellar was properly established.

Annmarie planted the fruit she had brought back from France, pretty much filling the garden plot. Since she has a green thumb, she quickly became the garden’s primary caretaker, although Pharmacy and Susan still helped out.

Moxi: “I don’t understand, Dad. I sent that Tiberium off in the mail days ago, and it hasn’t come back.”

Pharmacy: “Maybe it got lost.”

Moxi: “None of the other gems I sent off have come back, either.”

It was right around this time that I realized that the mail hadn’t come in days. Moxi has the “No More Bills” perk, so I wasn’t expecting those, but I did want those gems back.

Blair got a work opportunity to make friends with Molly French-Sekemoto, and spent the entire day stalking her before she finally came home. She even posed as a repairman coming to fix their leaky shower.

Minmarie stole Susan’s bed, forcing her into the single in Min’s old room.

Everybody is kung fu fighting.

 Ah, gardening in underwear, a proud legacy tradition.

What, it’s not? Well, it is now. Because fishsticks.

“His father, smelling of elderberries, wandered into the creek and built a boat out of seaweed and fairy dust.”

Min wrote what he thought was a deep, serious, literary novel, and was rather perturbed when his publisher insisted on marketing it as a “humor” novel.

While out in the garden, Annmarie discovered that she was pregnant with the first child of B generation.

“A sarcophagus baby! Min will be thrilled.”

Interlude: Where the Heck Are We?

So…remember how there was no mail? Well, it turned out there were no NPCs. Period. No mail, no pizza, no maids, no newspapers. I couldn’t summon one up, either. Things were ok otherwise, but after consulting Dr. Internet I concluded that my neighborhood was borked. So the Rxs have moved to Riverview. I moved their whole house, because I’m too lazy to build them another one and start a new garden and everything. I’m disappointed that I didn’t manage even one whole generation in one place. *sigh*

Apparently I did it wrong, though – I moved Albie, too, but the family doesn’t know him and they’re not related to him. Boo. Also all of Min’s paintings disappeared. All of the buy mode decorative objects, too. They still have the gems, other collectibles, and relics, at least. And I forgot to sell off all of their investments in Sunset Valley.

So…anybody know how to preserve relationships among households when moving towns? Is there any way to get Albie back on the family tree? (Dr. Internet says no, alas.) In the future, can I preserve the paintings by putting them in inventory?

Anyway, the show must go on.

Pharmacy’s new portrait will have to be of him as an elder, but Min started on Blair’s portrait right away.

Because it’s Blair’s birthday!

Her whole family was there to cheer her on.

Except for Albie, of course. 😦

Blair: “I don’t think I like this. Can I wear pigtails again and go back to being a YA in a lucky nightie?”

“Strong…I will be…super strong.”

Pharmacy completed the strength challenge! He’s now done all three of the Athletic challenges, and he’ll never be fatigued again!

Moxi was at the junkyard collecting scrap, when her attention was arrested. “That…that boy. I have to talk to him.”

Turned out his name was Maximus McDermott.

Moxi: “So, handsome, what’s your sign?”

Max: “Handsome? Me? Really?”

All right, I’ll be honest. I was feeling the desperation that comes when moving towns 3 days before your heiress’s birthday, and seized on the first available teenage boy.

The getting-to-know-you was going well, until Max’s little brother passed out in the parking lot. That seemed like a cue to send everyone home.

Annmarie spent her pregnancy working hard in the garden.

She has a part time job at the bookstore, but she’s never gone, and probably never will go while she’s living in the main household.

I caught Susan singing in the shower, which is weird since she’s not a virtuoso.

Annmarie: “Oh, boy. Wow, this is uncomfortable.”

“Ohmiboolprop! What’s happening? What do I do? Oh no, oh no.”

Annmarie: “Calm down, husband. I’ll drive us to the hospital, ok?”

Min’s apparently determined to make standing outside the hospital whining about HIS needs another Rx tradition.

It’s a girl! Since she’s B generation, but not in the main line, she gets a normal B name instead of a drug name. So Bianca it is. She’s Eccentric and Friendly, and likes the color violet.

Later that morning, Pharmacy stood watching his youngest eat her pancakes. Had it been the right decision, making Moxi heir? She was the youngest – what if he didn’t live to see his grandchildren grow up?

Susan took care of the garden that day, since Pharmacy had to work and Annmarie was sleeping in after the birth.

It was hard to believe she was a great-grandmother. She was 232 years old, and beginning to think Death was never going to come for her.

Annmarie played with Bianca. She loved her little daughter – and she was secretly glad that Min wasn’t the heir, that soon they would move to their own home and her little girl could grow up peacefully.

That evening, Moxi invited Max over and worked on getting to know him better. She only had a day before her birthday, so she didn’t have much time to find out if he was spouse material.

“So my favorite food is steak…it’s pretty awesome.”

“My dad could probably learn to make that. Maybe. I’ve never even tasted my favorite food.”

Poor Moxi – her favorite food is falafel, and no one in the family has ever been to Egypt.

“So, Max, I really like you.”

“Want to go steady?”

I think that’s a yes.

Meanwhile, Annmarie got a gardening skill point while getting to know the girl Moxi had brought home from school.

Wait…wait a sec…

Oh my. That poor girl. She’d be really pretty if it weren’t for…well…you know.

Pharmacy got all fancy and made ratatouille for dinner.

He’s level 9 in cooking, just from cooking for his family for years and occasionally watching the cooking channel.

I love having 5 adults and 1 teen all taking care of 1 baby. Makes things so much easier.

Also, is it just me, or is Susan looking younger?

It’s Moxi’s birthday, and the whole family is there to see her grow up!

(Albie? Albie who?)

“I’m an adult! Finally free to pursue my destiny!”

You’re a legacy heiress. Your destiny is to spawn and die. To the dresser with you!

Pharmacy promptly rolls the wish for Amoxicillin to get married. He understands how a legacy works.

All: “Somebody please quiet that baby!”

Blair: “Everybody eat your cake, I got this one.”

After choosing new outfits (and sticking a tent in her inventory so she doesn’t have to buy another one like Min did), Moxi calls up the travel agency. It’s time to go back to Chiny and achieve her LTW!

Moxi promptly called up her first tournament opponent. She puts on her “dumb girl” act.

“Oh, I’m so excited! *giggle* I’ve read so many books about martial arts, and now I get to play in a real tournament!”

Her opponent put on his “dumb Chinese guy” act right back.

“Oh, yes, martial arts tournament great fun! We spar now, yes?”

Moxi kicked his butt.

“Oof! Right in the solar plexus!”

Moxi had 8 days in China to work her way up the tournament ladder.

She needed the whole time.

The old lady was Moxi’s most formidable opponent – Moxi lost to her 3 times before she finally beat her.

Finally, it was time for the last match.

I’m a little surprised that the woman at the top of the tournament circuit is only a brown belt.

Apparently the lady had no problem bringing her kids to the match, and then letting them stand close enough that they could easily be hit by a stray kick.

Although she was a bit stinky by the end, Moxi was thrilled. She was a Martial Arts Grand Master, and had achieved her LTW!

That’s it for this chapter. Look for me in December with the (official) arrival of Generation B!