All right, I lied. Doubly so. I said no updates until December, but my Nano’s doing well, so here I am. I also said that we’d meet Generation B this chapter, and that’s not quite true. Anyway, on with the show!

Last chapter, Min was working on new portraits of Pharmacy and Blair. He’s finished them, hooray! I’m not too fond of Pharmacy’s portrait, but Blair’s is great.

The mailbox is working! Moxi found more tiberium, so she sent it off to get cut. Hopefully we’ll get it back successfully this time.

Pharmacy’s working his way up on the boards. I’m hoping I can get him up to space blocks too. Kind of wishing I’d bought more than one board breaker.

Annmarie’s nectar isn’t great so far, alas. Maybe it’ll be worth something by the time Generation B takes over.

Moxi invited her still teen boyfriend Maximus over. Show us your guns, Max!

I don’t know how long Max was supposed to have as a teen, but my guess would be a while. So, it’s forced birthday time!

The guy in the hat is Max’s dad. Unfortunately, his mom and brother couldn’t make it.

Immediately after he grew up, SP got Max a job as a firefighter. He changed into his firefighter outfit right away and said he had to go soon, even though it’s about 9 o’clock at night, and he works 9 to 5 during the day.

Fortunately he accepted Moxi’s invite to stay the night.

They were able to woohoo, but sadly the option for Max to move in never came up. *sigh*

I forgot to send Max’s dad home, and he decided to listen to music at 3 in the morning. The house is wired for sound. When Max woke up, he immediately said he had to go and ran out, before Moxi could try to ask him to move in again. *double sigh*

It’s baby Bianca’s birthday! I guess she’s getting one last breastfeeding in before aging up.

“Woah, dude…woah.”

To the toddler potty! Toddlers let go as soon as the bar turns a little yellow, so when I saw Bianca’s bar was getting close to empty I figured I’d better get her there right away.

Moxi: “How did I get roped into this? I have to have three of my own. Shouldn’t Min or Annmarie be taking care of this?”

They had needs to take care of. You didn’t.

Post makeover, Bianca’s quite adorable. She got Min’s eye color and Grandma Blair’s hair color.

I kind of like the genetics system in Sims 3, even if it is a little less predictable. In Sims 2, all Min and Annmarie’s kids would have had brown hair.

Cute but entirely pointless toddler picspam!

Moxi broke a bunch of boards, then tried out the collection helper she invented. She only picked up three of the gems before she got dizzy. I don’t like it. *sells*

Moxi isn’t selling any gems at this point. I’m trying to make a massive gem collection. Because why not?

Susan wanted to learn the painting skill, so I got her an easel. She’s finished her lifetime want, so she might as well paint since she’s never going to die.

Max kept saying he couldn’t come over because he was busy, so finally Moxi went out looking for him. He wasn’t at home, but she found him at the fire station in terrible lighting. It was well after his work hours, so I’m not sure why he couldn’t come over.

“Hold on, Max, I brought you something.”

“Marry me?”

“If it’ll get me out of the fire station, heck yeah!”

He still wouldn’t come to the house, and I still didn’t have an option to move him in, so they got married in the fire station in the dark.

Here he is post-makeover. So everybody welcome Maximus (McDermott) Rx to the legacy! He’s a clumsy, athletic, lucky angler who also has a green thumb. His LTW is to be a Creature-Robot Cross Breeder.

I moved beds around and did some re-decorating. Moxi and Max now have the second master bedroom (the purple one), while Susan is in Moxi’s old room (now green).

Here’s a random picture of a sleeping toddler. Aww.

Max: “So, you eat a lot of birthday cake around here, huh?”

Min: “Sure do. The bunnies make it, you know.”

Inventing and gardening in underpants! Because it’s Saturday, and no one should have to get dressed on Saturday unless they want to.

(Susan’s a snob. She always wants to get dressed.)

Alas, the house is full, and there’s no room for Moxi and Max to have babies. So Min, Annmarie, and Bianca have to leave. 😦

I bought them a house. I wished I could have bought them a big mansion, because I love them so much, but I had to settle for a little two bedroom that cost about $15k. It’s just a couple of blocks away, though.

The tiberium came back in the mail! I put it on the ground. Now let’s see if it’s worth $40k in a few days.

Max got a job in Science, for his LTW. I’m kind of glad he got a job related one, because now Moxi can just stay home and bust rocks.

“Hmm, look at that big pile of trash. I wonder…you know what would be really fun?”


“Wow, that was awesome. I’ll try it at home with this useless scavenged stuff.”

And…yeah. It’s a big old fire. I guess that’s why they say, “Don’t try this at home”.

Naturally, every sim on the lot, and at least one who doesn’t even live there, came running to stand right by the flames.

Max: “Moxi, I love you. So much.”

Moxi: “Weren’t you a firefighter for a day? Grab an extinguisher!”

“No, don’t spray it at me! Point it at the fire!”

At last the fire was out. Moxi’s grand total from the whole business: 1 scrap.

Aw, the fireman looks so sad that he’s too late.

They were running out of room to keep things nice and organized in the garden, so, expansion time! Blair was so eager to upgrade the new sprinkler to auto water that she ran out in her new lucky nightie.

Since Max is the only Green Thumb left in the house, he’s Gardener #1.

Susan decided to go visiting.

What an adorable little house!

Hi, Annmarie! I miss you already!

Aw, their little house is adorable, even if it is tiny and cheap.

“Ohmigosh! I’m married!”

The tiberium grew! Yippee! It’s worth $38,000.


Moxi and Pharm promptly went out to spent their new influx of riches on buying businesses in town.

The rest of the money was earmarked for a honeymoon.

Moxi and Max went to Egypt, since I’ve never sent sims there before.

Their first honeymoon activity was as it should be.

Then it was adventure time!

“Flame fruit! I’m so excited! I can plant these in the garden back home!”

Ladies and gentlemen, Amoxicillin Rx! Four time winner of the “Most Likely to Catch Butt on Fire” award!

Unfortunately, Max was the one to find a mummy, and almost got knocked out. I was hoping to see Moxi kick its butt, but she couldn’t interact with it.

She could, however, woohoo with Max in the mummy’s sarcophagus.

“Umm, you guys? What’s taking you so long? I want my sarcophagus back.” *taps foot*

I don’t use the moodlet manager too often at home, but it is so handy on vacations. Moxi and Max pretty much went nonstop the whole trip – I think they only slept once in six days.

Yikes! Moxi’s first attempts at snake charming sound like me when I was learning to play the clarinet in fifth grade.

“Hmm, is anybody watching? Nope, just Max.”

When you start digging through people’s trash, I think it’s time to go home.

Back home, they displayed the Egyptian relics they’d found.

“Yeah, mom, the honeymoon was great! I picked up the Photography skill! You should come over – you can see the awesome pictures I took of the Sphinx and the pyramids.”

Pharmacy learned the recipe for Dim Sum, which is Susan’s favorite food, and made it perfectly! Hooray for the first perfect dish of the legacy!

Since it’s Family Sunday, Annmarie and Min came over. They headed directly for the computers. They must be electronics starved in their little house.

Max planted flame fruit…

Then invited his parents over. His brother, too, but the kid was apparently busy on a Sunday afternoon.

Susan finally painted a picture worthy of being hung on the wall!  Min didn’t paint anything other than Pharm and Blair’s portraits after the move, so the walls are rather bare.

Still, Moxi’s gem collection helps keep that “Nicely Decorated” moodlet around. This is only a small part of her collection – there are gems in all the rooms except the bathrooms.

Generation B is definitely on the way! For real this time!

Spare update: Finally, some dating activity from Albie! I moved in a bunch of new young adults when Moxi grew up, and Albie’s dating one of them – Glinda, from Wicked. Maybe he’ll actually get around to reproducing one of these days.