Welcome back to the Pharmaceutical Alphabetacy! It’s still November, which means my Nano must be going well.

I’ve decided that each generation will start with introductions to the members of the household. So, this is Pharmacy Rx, our founder. Pharmacy’s an Athletic, Hot-headed, Schmoozing, Great Kissing Virtuoso. He’s completed his LTW to be an international super spy, but still has his job.

Pharmacy’s wife Blair is a Good, Hopeless Romantic, Genius, Childish Loner. She’s completed her LTW to be a Renaissance Sim, maxing logic, mechanical, and athletic. She works in the law enforcement career with Pharmacy.

Blair’s mother Susan Wainwright lives with them as well. I never wrote down her traits because her life bar was full when she moved in. That was 36 days ago; she’s 243 now (on Long lifespan). She’s completed her LTW to be a Chess Master, and now is retired and putters around the house and garden waiting to die.

The Gen A heir, Amoxicillin (Moxi), is reading a pregnancy book because she can’t indulge in her favorite pastime of breaking space rocks. Amoxicillin is an Athletic, Grumpy, Schmoozing, Easily Impressed Loner who’s completed her LTW to be a Martial Arts Master. Moxi doesn’t have a job, but she does earn money for the family by breaking space rocks on the board breaker and inventing.

Moxi’s husband Maximus is running off to his job at the science facility. Max is the only one in the house who hasn’t completed his LTW, which is to be a Creature-Robot Cross Breeder. Max is a Clumsy, Athletic, Lucky Angler with a Green Thumb.

Since Moxi couldn’t break space rocks due to pregnancy restrictions, she spent her time at the inventing workbench.

After work, Pharmacy headed downtown to make friends with Shelley, in order to fulfill a work opportunity.

Hey, look, it’s Albuterol, Pharm and Blair’s oldest! The family doesn’t know him anymore since moving neighborhoods destroyed their relationships.

When Pharmacy does meet him, though, it turns out they still recognize each other as father and son, even though Albie doesn’t show up on the family tree.

Susan got a skill opportunity to make friends with Elphaba Thropp (from Wicked), so I sent her over.

Susan: “I’m Susan, everyone in this town knows me, and if they don’t they should. I’m the bee’s knees, you see.”

Elphaba: “Uh-huh.”

Susan: “I was a Grandmaster on the chess circuit back home in Sunset Valley, you see. I applied my talents to that after my dear husband Boyd passed away. He was older than me, you know. Now, though, I bet I’m about the oldest person alive in this whole town.”

Elphaba: “Uh-huh.”

The next morning, Moxi woke up early to make pancakes – she’d been craving them. She counted herself lucky, since she didn’t have much cooking skill and didn’t know how to make too many different dishes.

Meanwhile, Blair enjoyed her favorite meal of fish and chips, and never mind that it was breakfast time.

Later in the day, Moxi had a terrible accident at the inventing table, being impaled through the face and the head by her invention. Miraculously, she survived, just like Phineas Gage.

Moxi promptly took her invention for a test drive, and was able to dig up some gems. It wasn’t as good as breaking rocks for expanding her gem collection, but it would do.

After a lifetime in the police force, Blair finally got her last promotion and became an International Super Spy.

Pharmacy, meanwhile, got two raises in one day and now makes over $900 an hour.

The garden produced its first life fruit! That was an exciting moment for Susan, Pharmacy, and Max, the family’s gardeners.

Blair decided she wanted to take up painting, and took up a position at the easel.

Feeling very odd, Moxi stepped down from her digger.

“Oh, Boolprop!” she cried when the pain hit. “Oh, it hurts!”

Her husband and grandmother were in the garden, so Moxi headed back that way, hoping they would know what to do.

“Oh, hey, Moxi,” called Max. “How’s it going?”

Max: “Oh no, oh boolprop, you’re in labor, what do I do?”

Susan: “Hello, Blair, dear. Lovely night, isn’t it?”

“Oh, hi, mom. Yeah, lovely weather we’re having.”

Since everyone was either ignoring her or panicking, Moxi decided she’d best at least get inside. She headed into the kitchen, where there was still a crib from when her niece Bianca had lived with them.

Pharmacy: “My baby’s in labor! Oh, boolprop, I don’t know what to do!”

After a little while, Amoxicillin gave birth to baby Botox. Botox is Excitable and Disciplined, which seems rather contradictory to me, but oh well. Botox loves Latin music, falafel, and the color spice brown.

Moxi was thrilled. She and Max had both wanted a girl.

Moxi: “Max, you have a daughter.”

Max: “Oh, really? That’s awesome.” *nomnomnom*

Botox was placed in the redecorated crib. Since she’d been conceived on her parents’ honeymoon in Egypt, it was only appropriate that her teddy bear was a mummy.

“Should we make another one?”

“Well, we kind of have to. The rules say we have to have three.”

“We should probably do it right away, before we realize the enormity of what we’ve already done.”


“Who’s Grandma’s little nooboo?”

As soon as Botox was born, Blair and Pharmacy both rolled up the wish to have 5 grandchildren. They’re up to 2 now – Bianca and Botox. Hopefully one of the spares will have another one.

Moxi’s only got a brief interlude when she can break her space rocks, so she gets down to it.

“Yay, falafel, my favorite!”

I’ve finally gotten Pharmacy to the point where he can make everybody’s favorite foods. So he just keeps the fridge stocked.

Max got a promotion! Still only level 2, but progress!

There was no lullaby with the previous night’s woohoo, so as soon as Max got home he and Moxi tried again. 4 times. Still no lullaby.

“Aww, my little nooboo. You’re going to grow up to do great things, little Botox.”

Random neighbors like to come over and yell at Moxi about the miner.

Guy: “It’s so loud! SO LOUD!”

Moxi: “Whatever, I’m done now.”

“And then we’ll hit the bookstore, and rob them blind too.”

Uninvited neighbors having a discussion on the lawn at 3 am? I figure they must be discussing crime.

Moxi woke up in the middle of the night and ran for the bathroom, feeling sick. Maybe one of those tries for another baby had worked after all!

It was just as well that she was up, because Botox needed her bottle.

Blair decided she wanted to increase her Martial Arts skill, so first thing in the morning she headed to the board breaker before work.

Susan: “Now who are you, young man? Why are you here so early in the morning?”

Max: “Uh, I live here, remember, Nana Susan? I’m Moxi’s husband.”

Susan: “Who’s Moxi? Oh, right, the purple girl.”

Happy Birthday Botox!

Even though I have the lifespan on Long, the baby stage is only 2 days, because babies are boring. That’s also why I couldn’t wait a few more hours for everyone to be home from work.

Botox has Max’s coloring, and maybe his mouth. Looks like Moxi’s eyes and nose.

Moxi promptly got started on teaching her to walk.

“Ah, the fresh air, a pole, and the water!”

I don’t like fishing in Riverview nearly as well as in Sunset Valley, but oh well.

“Oh! Guess what, Botox, you’re going to have a little brother or sister!”

“All the more important, then, to get you potty trained.”

Susan: “How nice of you to help me with the gardening, young man.”

Max: “Uh, sure, Nana Susan.”

Blair: “Pharmacy! You kicked me!”

Pharm: “Well, you did ask me to spar, didn’t you?”

Blair: “Does that mean you kick me?”

“Gwappa, I sweepy.”

Everyone pitched in to help teach Botox to walk.

“Dis is wight?”

No. No, it’s not.

“Who would’ve thought that digging would make holes? Hmph.”

Moxi: “All right, how do the little horsies move again?”

“Say ‘paintbrush’, Botox!”


Max wasn’t sure he quite felt comfortable working in the garden in his underwear, but Moxi assured him it was family tradition.

Susan was getting a little stir crazy, so she went out collecting. She found several nice space rocks, but alas, no gems.

Moxi invented a time machine! She wished she could use it to travel to the past or the future, but she couldn’t risk it while she was pregnant.

She’d been wise to stay here, she realized a few minutes later. The baby was coming.

Max: “Oh no! Oh no! What do we do?”

Moxi: “Not this again.”

Moxi: “Come on, Max, we’re going to the hospital.”

Max: “Oh. Good. I like that idea.”

Townie: “Ohmiboolprop! That lady’s having a baby! At the HOSPITAL!”

Moxi: “I hope they have some good drugs in here.”

Max broke with many generations of Rx tradition (two) to actually go in the hospital with Moxi.

Blair: “Botox, Mommy and Daddy are at the hospital, getting a baby brother or sister for you!”

Botox: “Wan brudder. No sisser.”

Blair: “Well, your Daddy wants a girl. We’ll see!”

“Silly Daddy. No wan sisser.”

It’s a boy! Botox got her wish.

Betamethasone is Eccentric and Artistic. He likes kids’ music, stir fry, and the color black.

Well, he’s just an itsy bitsy adorable dark tortured soul, isn’t he?

“Wow, the past is awesome! I’ll have to go again sometime!”

Moxi brought back a fireman’s axe.

After returning from the past, it was time for some space rock smashing. Moxi would be glad when she was done with pregnancy forever and could smash space rocks every day.

Max: “One more, huh?”

Moxi: “I do like the baby making, even if I’m not quite as fond of the baby having.”

“Who’s Mommy’s itsy bitsy artist? Is it you? It’s you!”

Yay! It’s Min and Bianca! Hi Min and Bianca!

Min: “Hmph.”

Albie and Max’s parents, too! Must be family Sunday.

Albie’s wife Glinda couldn’t make it, but his housemate Elphaba came.

Susan: “And this beautiful garden, why I’ve cultivated it myself, with my bare hands!”

Elphaba: “Uh-huh.”

Annmarie: Don’t say anything, just don’t say anything. She’s an old lady. You don’t need to bring up how hard you worked on this garden while you lived here.

Meanwhile, Moxi was interrogated by Max’s parents and brother. They wanted to know more about this woman who had taken their son from them.

Pharm: “Come on, little girl! Pump that iron!”

Annmarie: Why did I agree to come over here, anyway?

Ginny: “Oh, my, I am too young to be a grandmother. But you are a cute little thing, aren’t you?”

Albie: “So, Mom…you are my mom, right? I mean, that’s what my relationship panel says, even though you’re not in my family tree.”

Blair: “Quiet, son. I’m trying to concentrate on my move here.”

After the party, Moxi finished teaching Botox to talk.

Moxi: “Say ‘seeds’, Botox!”

Botox: “‘Seeds’. See, Mom, I’ve got this talking thing down now. Let’s do something else.”

“And they all lived happily ever after. The end. Ok, Botox, bedtime!”

After putting Botox to bed, Moxi headed to bed herself. Halfway there, she paused. Another baby was on the way.

See you next time!