Welcome back to the Pharmaceutical Alphabetacy! Last time, the first two babies of Generation B, Botox and Betamethasone, were born, and a third baby was on the way.

And here he is, baby Beta, in his emo black crib.

I redid the kitchen in Max’s favorite color. It’s a little easier on the eyes now.

I also redid the living room in pink, and the exercise room in red.

And the work room is done in purple! Now all the adults have a room done in their favorite color.

(Susan’s favorite is red, so she can share the exercise room with Pharm.)

 Time for Beta’s birthday!

Susan: “Yay! Another pajama birthday party!”

Pharm, Blair, and Max are all at work. Poor Beta.

Aw, he’s just an adorable little dark emo soul, isn’t he?

He got Max’s hair again. Not sure where the dark blue eyes came from, but they’re gorgeous. And, note! Beta is the first sim to get custom hair, because I finally downloaded a few things!

Toddler training was begun promptly, although Beta didn’t put up with it for long before he got tired.

Botox has mastered walking, talking, pottying, the xylophone, and the peg box, and has moved on to the books.

Moxi went down to the hospital to see if she could find out the gender of baby #3, but it didn’t seem to work. But hey, it’s Min!

And look who came with him – Bianca, who’s grown up to child!

She looks thrilled to be here.

I gave her a makeover, because I can. She’s cute.

Moxi: “I need a massage.”

Old lady: “Whatever, chicka. It’s after 7 o’clock. I’m going to take my elderly ass home and go to bed.”


Why can’t you find sustenance in your hand, like your sister?

Obligatory toddler skilling photo.

Moxi had the moodlet manager always available, so she could mother the toddlers pretty much 24/7.



Nope, xylophone rage.

Is it…can it be?

Susan: “Hmm, feels tingly.”

Susan: “Death, is it? Here for me?”

“Well, it’s about time.”

“Grandma! No, Grandma!”


Pharm and Blair got home from work just after Grim left.


RIP Susan Wainwright. She lived to 247 days old. When I moved her in, I never dreamed she would live with the family for 40 days and see 3 great-grandchildren born. I got used to having her puttering around the house.

Poor Blair was the only one in the house who was actually friends with Susan. She called Albie and Min to let them know their grandmother had passed on.

Blair painted this right after Susan died. I found it rather poignant, even if it is clumsily rendered, so I hung it up.

Pharm: “Hey, Blair, do you want to…”

Blair: “My mother never got to see her dream of our net worth reaching $300,000! Do you know how awful that is?”

Pharm: “Woah, sweetie.”

Hey, it’s Max! Dancing stupidly.

Max: “Boy, am I glad Moxi deals with the kids during the day.”

“Why, Grandma, why?”

“Why must I go through labor a third time?”

Max: “Oh no! What do I do?!”

Moxi: “Hospital!”

“Another baby? Where? I’ll just hide in here.”

Max: “Come on, honey, let’s go. Let’s get you to the hospital!”

Blair: “Well, I’m tired. Guess I’ll go to bed now.”

Max: “Nana Susan! Waah! I just can’t face going into the hospital and welcoming new life right now.”

It’s a girl! Say hello to baby Bacitracin. She’s Athletic and Insane, and likes Indie music, Grilled Cheese, and the color Lime.

Susan’s old room is easily adjusted from green to lime, with a brand new crib.

Beta: “Why does the new baby get the slightly bigger room AND the new crib? I find this suspicious.”

Just how it worked out, buddy.

Moxi: “Say ‘promotion’, Beta!  Because you’ve been promoted – you’re not the littlest baby anymore!”

Beta: “‘Promotion’? Really, Mom?”

Moxi found a Soulpeace gem while busting rocks!

Botox: “I’m STINKY! And I have not had nearly enough facetime! I demand you send that little pink burrito baby back where it came from!”

“Who’s Grandpa’s littlest nooboo? Is it you? It’s little Tracy, isn’t it?”

Moxi: “Say ‘drugs’, Beta!”

Beta: “I’m drugs! Betamethasone is drugs!”

Moxi: “That’s right! Good job, Beta!”

“Mommy…” *sob*

“Look at me, I’m so adorable!”

“Go in, peg! Go in!”


*deep breath* “Ahh. I’m good now.”

Botox: “How dare you take toddler picspam of him? I’m the prettiest! Everyone knows that!”

Not quite a TSAL … I don’t like having the books strewn all over the place, so I keep them in the toddlers’ inventories.

“Daddy got a promotion today, Tracy!”

Blair: “Grandbabies. I want more grandbabies.”

Aww. They’re still in love.

Moxi: “All right, big girl. Time to get up.”

Botox: “Yay, face time for me!”

Botox finished the last toddler book!

“That’s because I’m the bestest one.”

Susan’s first haunting!

Susan: “Ha! You’d never let me play on the computer when I was alive – always assigning me tasks. You can’t control me now!”

“Yippee!” *zoom zoom*

“Hello, Chief? It’s Pharmacy Rx. Yeah, seeing as how I’m 170 now, I’d like to retire.”

Pharmacy was making over $900 per hour, and it was sad to give that up, but Pharmacy deserves to have a nice retirement. His pension is $330 per day.


And apparently Pharmacy gets a party.

Moxi: “Yay, Dad! Hooray, yetis!”

Susan: “Yay!”

Moxi: *sigh* “Another crying baby.”

“That’s it! I’m tired of babies! I’m going to China!”

“Hello, sir. I read your advertisement about smashing giant boulders. I happen to be very fond of smashing things.”

“Hey, mister. Wake up. I have to talk to you about smashing giant boulders.”

So Moxi gets the keystone and heads off in search of a giant axe.

After running upstairs and downstairs and overstairs and understairs…

Moxi: “Ah, here it is.”


Also, Moxi found a Chinese gnome! Hooray!



If you’re a girl who grew up in America in the 80s, you probably understand.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a vacation without Moxi catching her butt on fire.

She got to Visa level 3, but alas, there wasn’t enough money to buy a proper house. And I’m too lazy to build one, so I’ll wait.

Back home, Blair was finally starting to find solace after her mother’s death, by taking care of her grandchildren.

Moxi’s souvenirs: the axe and a Chinese gnome. She also brought home two more board breakers so she and her parents don’t have to fight over them.

Moxi also collected quite a few gems in between quests, so she sent those off to be cut.

Botox: “Enough of my mother. Now you will all pay attention to ME.”


Time for a double birthday! Since it’s a double, the whole family is invited for a birthday party.

Moxi: “Woah. Really?”

Pharm and Botox: “Yay!”

Albie: “Mom, I am just so in love with Glinda.”

Max and Annmarie: “Gardens rock.”

Min and Bianca: *are somewhere else*

Botox grows up and gains the Snob trait.

Botox: “Bored now.”

A word on traits: Last gen, traits were completely randomized. This gen each child has a trait based on their name, that will be assigned at childhood. So Botox’s Snob trait was deliberately chosen.

Next, it’s Bacitracin’s birthday!

Botox: “Do you have to grow HER up? Really?” *sigh* “I need a makeover.”

I finally got myself a girly girl.


She has interesting coloring. Pharmacy’s eye color (OMG somebody inherited something from Pharmacy!), and a mixed hair color – it’s not one of the standard colors, but a mix of blondes.

Sadly, it looks like little Tracy isn’t getting much love from the older kids.

Botox: “Maybe if I drop cake on her she’ll run away.”

Bianca: “I hope my dad doesn’t love her more than me.”

Max: “So, Botox, now that you’re older, you’ll have to help out around the house and take the trash out.”

Botox: “Dad, don’t be silly. I’m far too awesome to deal with trash.”

Everybody: “ZOMG, crying baby!”

Beta: *reads his book*

Botox: “So, cousin Bianca, you know our family has piles of cash, right? It’s too bad your parents are poor.”

Tracy: “Look how cute I am!”

So it looks like a fierce battle for the readers’ attention, and eventually heirship, has begun. Tune in next time!