Winter continues in Willow Valley with Household #4, the Hamiltons. Warning: This update has lots and lots of baby and toddler pictures.

Last time, Marylena (left) and Aglaya (right) had simultaneous pregnancies resulting in three babies: Dimitri, Venyamin, and Marya. No, I have no idea which baby is which.

Technically, the babies were born early in winter, and immediately after they moved out of their two bedroom starter home into a new house.

Their new house has 3 bedrooms + nursery and 3 bathrooms, and a lot more room than the old house. Much better for raising a big family.

Aglaya headed to work in her job in the Criminal career (because her LTW is to be Captain Hero, makes perfect sense, right?) and got demoted due to a bad chance card. Alas.

Bottle time for the babies! Fortunately they’re all on the same schedule.

Once the babies were all fed, Aglaya headed down to the arcade. It was still level 1, so she definitely needed to put in some time.

Aglaya: “You really want to buy a ticket. It’s the most awesome thing ever. EVER!”

Jan: “YesyesyesyesYES!”

Aglaya: “My dad, can you believe it? He got ELECTROCUTED!”

Brittany: “Ohmigod, really?”

Marylena: “So, I really needed to talk to you about something.”

Aglaya: “What’s that, Marylena?”

Marylena: *deep breath* “Iwantanotherbaby.”

Aglaya: “Um, we already have 3 babies.” *sigh* “Well, I did know you were a family sim when I married you.”

Oh no, it’s a burglar!

Wait, it’s just Aglaya. She got re-promoted.

“Who’s Mommy’s sweet little baby? Who’s my little sweetie?”

“Oh yeah, I rock. Level 9, baby!”

Aglaya goes to work about every 6 hours, it seems like, thanks to her constantly changing schedule.

Party time!

Sadly, Aglaya has never met Stepan, so he wasn’t invited. And there wasn’t enough room on the list for Noelle.

Yes, it’s time for the “triplets to grow up.



Marylena had to go to work before the third birthday. It didn’t occur to me until after she left that I could have just had her use a vacation day.

And finally, Marya!

They’re all super adorable.

The kids met some of their relatives.

And then everyone left.

Aglaya: “My bed’s up there. Can I go?”

No! You have three toddlers to make Smart Milk for!

Toys were bought for the nursery, and Dimitri discovered that his passion lay with tinkering.

The babies got their smart milk and went to sleep on their blankets.

“You got home just in time. They’re all asleep.”


Once the toddlers woke up, it was time for training in the most important skill.

Venyamin was the first to learn a skill!

*yawn* *stretch* “Well, that was a good day’s work.”

“Yay! You can walk now! Who’s Mommy’s big girl?”

Marylena has a clear favorite. Probably because Marya has a similar name and looks just like her.

Aglaya headed down to her sister’s store to buy some new clothes for the toddlers.

Then it was off to the arcade, where Aglaya made friends with Dand.

Toddlers post-makeover. Top to bottom: Dimitri, Marya, Venyamin. Don’t you love their adorable little winter outfits?

Yeah. They do this a lot.

Marylena managed to carve out some yoga time.

Marylena’s yoga interval, alas, was brief, because Marya still had to finish potty training.

“And the little brown bear realized that he was real, and he lived happily every after.”

Look who’s a Criminal Mastermind! Aglaya has unlocked an additional Criminal position, as well as positions in Law Enforcement and Intelligence. And a second position in Journalism will be open once the population reaches 1,000.

Aglaya promptly sent an anonymous tip to the Sim City police commissioner about the sharp upswing in crime and appearance of a criminal mastermind in the previously sleepy little town of Willow Valley. She waited eagerly for a response, but alas, didn’t hear back from him during the winter.

Synchronized bottle drinking!

“Yeah! I’m fit! Now it’s time for…”

“A nap. Mmmm, so good.”


Joe Carr came by for no good reason and hung out with Venyamin on the bunny head.

“Say high chair! Mommy keeps rolling the want for a high chair. Maybe one day we’ll get one!”


Aglaya got a chance card, and brought home a $60,000 bonus!

What is it about omelets in pregnancy?

“Go Ben Go!”

There is another controller, you know, ladies.

Ooh, Nadezda doing autonomous backrubbing! I have someone in mind for her, but I could be persuaded to change my mind for the right alternative. Ben Long is a fun one – and in case you were wondering, I happen to like his nose.

Also, the arcade got up to level 5 this visit.

Toddlers! They have THE CUTE!

Life is a little more hectic than it was during the first pregnancy.

“Oh my boolprop, I’m so big! Maybe there are four babies in there!”

Um, yeah. That would be… great.

Another party, and I got Noelle and Stepan over through the glory of Invite Household! Unfortunately, Sofiya couldn’t make it because she had to work.


¬†“Man, cake is AWESOME!”

Marya happened to be in the living room, so she was next even though technically she’s the youngest (by 30 seconds or so).


“I’m so adorable, aren’t I?”


“Growing up was awesome, Uncle Lyov!”

I liked Venyamin and Marya’s outfits, and everybody’s hair is staying the same, but Dimitri got new clothes.

And that’s it for the Hamiltons. Next up is the Picaso family. Let’s see if they’ll remain the only family in town without multiples.


Sims 31

Households 8

Owned lots 8

Unowned lots 2

Military lot? NO

Business districts 1

Universities 0

Downtown? 0

Sim multiplier 9

Population 279

Uni funds 169200


Adventure 0 of 1

Architecture 1 of 1

Athletic 2 (unlocked)

Business 5 (unlocked)

Criminal 1 of 2

Culinary 1 (unlocked)

Education 0 of 1

Entertainment 0 of 1

Intelligence 1 of 2

Law Enforcement 0 of 1

Music 0 (unlocked)

Oceanography 1 (special)

Science 2 (special)

Slacker 0 of 1