Welcome back to Willow Valley!

Makari Pavlov, the oldest of the Pavlov quadruplets, is the focus of today’s chapter.

You may notice that he looks a bit different. I got back the default eye replacements that I had on my old computer.

Makari moved into another starter home. It’s a nice big one, and unlike the other two potentially has room for some remodeling.

Makari immediately got on the computer to find a job. His LTW is to top Architecture, but silly me, I forgot until halfway through his season that unlocking a BD creates an architecture position.

Makari took a job in Science, open to him because he had maxed Logic as a child. He immediately went to work, and returned home with a promotion.

There was a strange sensation in his stomach as he walked toward the house, causing him to stop and look down. Must be some kind of weird indigestion, he figured.

Makari headed down to the cooking hobby lot, to compete in a Best Baked Alaska competition. Little Ivy Copur was pretty embarrassed that she’d misunderstood the rules.

Makari was happy to see Nadezda there, although he was a little worried, knowing that his sister had maxed cooking while he only had 9 points.

Makari was thrilled when he was declared the winner!

Makari then asked Nadezda to help him get that last half a cooking point. Soon, he too was a master chef. In addition, cooking was his last skill to master; he had now maxed all skills.

Back home, Makari spent the evening painting, before heading to bed early. He’d been tired a lot lately, and his stomach had been bothering him some; he must have some kind of bug.

When he woke the next day, he was terribly bloated and craving pork chops.

He was almost late for work – for some reason, the carpool never came.

He returned home with a promotion – turned out it didn’t really matter what he wore in to work, as long as he produced the science.

He decided, since his OTH was Tinkering, that he might as well get down to it, so he purchased a robot crafting station and spent a happy evening there.

He was quite excited when he successfully made a Clean Bot.

The next day, the car pool again didn’t come, even though Makari was dressed and ready to go. After some consideration, he decided maybe it was better to stay home, after all – he still wasn’t feeling well.

It was early afternoon when the pains started.

Makari had never felt such excruciating pain. He felt as though his plumbbob would burst.

And then it did, sort of, and Makari found himself holding a strange looking baby in his arms.

(I have a multi PT hack, but Makari and Dand got the same PT. So Mhairi Bruce is this one’s half sister.)

Makari gingerly dangled the baby, who giggled and reached out for him.

“You’re very cute, but I don’t quite know what to do with you,” he said.

A crib. A crib would be important, right? He bought a crib for the second bedroom, carefully placed the baby inside, and then went to make a phone call.

“I hope Makari’s all right. He sounded stressed on the phone, and he was insistent that we needed to come over right away.”

Larisa was shocked to find the tiny baby girl in Makari’s house, but she picked her up and cradled her expertly.

“I think it was the aliens, Mom,” Makari said. “I mean, that’s the only thing that makes any kind of sense.”

“So what do I do with her?”

“Well, babies are easy enough,” Larisa said, as she went to the fridge and got the baby a bottle. “Just feed her plenty of milk, keep her in clean diapers, and cuddle and play with her a lot.”

“That doesn’t sound too bad,” said Makari.

“Oh, it’ll get harder as she gets older. But you kind of figure it out as you go along.”

“So what’s her name?” Larisa asked as she finished feeding the baby.

“Name?” Makari asked blankly.

“Well, yes, she will need a name.”

Makari considered for a moment. “How about Liouba?” He spoke directly to the baby. “You look like a Liouba, don’t you? Yes you do!”

Larisa put Liouba back in her crib, then gave Makari a hug. “You’ll do just fine, son. Call us if you need anything, all right?”

“Thanks, Mom.”

After his parents were gone, though, Makari still felt uneasy. His parents had managed to raise 6 kids – well, 7, counting his half-plant brother, but Stepan hadn’t really needed to be “raised” so much. Still, they’d had each other to raise all those kids. He was all alone.

As he headed outside to recycle the newspaper, still thinking about Liouba, he caught sight of a gorgeous woman walking down the sidewalk. Her name was Meadow Pederson.

She came inside, where they chatted for a good couple of hours before she had to go. They talked about all kinds of things, and she thought Liouba was just the cutest little thing. She wanted to have a big family, she told him.

After she left, Makari changed Liouba’s diaper for the first time – definitely an adventure, but she seemed happy enough afterward, so he supposed he’d done it right.

“You need a mother, don’t you, little one?” Makari said as he fed her some milk. He was thinking about Meadow.

Makari was off work the next day – a good thing, since he would have had to take a vacation day otherwise. He decided to invite Meadow over, to see if his feelings were reciprocated.

It wasn’t all about finding a mother for Liouba, either; he really was taken with Meadow, and thought she just might be The One.

As it turned out, Meadow fully reciprocated his feelings.

When he asked her, she was quite willing to move in.

“Aren’t you adorable? Oh yes you are?”

Meadow gleefully played with the baby while Makari repaired the malfunctioning robot toy.

Then, she shocked Makari when she got down on one knee. “I know we’ve just met,” Meadow said, “but I feel so complete, here with you and Liouba. Will you marry me?”

Makari, of course, said yes.

They decided to have the wedding right away, so Makari promptly invited his family over.

(The Pavlov family is big enough now that I have to invite them in groups to get them all over.)

It was a beautiful ceremony, agreed the only guests who were actually paying attention.

The rest of the family was outside playing kicky bag, of course.

Makari rather enjoyed shoving cake into his bride’s face.

It was also Liouba’s birthday!

“Well, timer’s up.”

“Great party.”

“Yeah, see you next time.”


So Liouba grew up with just her parents watching.

After some smart milk, Liouba got a new outfit and hairstyle. Makari thought she was quite adorable.

Meadow got a makeover, too. She’s lovely.


“Come on, Liouba, you can do it. See, there. Good job!”

Meadow’s primary goal was to have a big family – her lifelong goal was to see 3 of her children graduate from college. But she also wanted to be affluent. So she decided that her job in the Culinary career wouldn’t cut it, and got a job in Business instead. She also thought it would be good for the family to own their own business.

With the money she’d brought to the marriage, Meadow purchased Galleria, an art gallery.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot of art to start out with. Still, the customers seemed to be interested.

“You really want this painting, you know you do! It would look perfect above your fireplace.”

“But I don’t have a fireplace.”

“Well, then, you’ll have to get one, won’t you?”

While at the Galleria, Meadow learned to dazzle, and with a little help from Makari got the business up to Level 3.

Back home, Makari got another promotion at work.

“So Meadow, I know you want a big family. Should we get that started?”

“That sounds wonderful, Makari.”

“As long as you’re the one getting pregnant this time.”

“Say ‘bottle’, Liouba!”

Liouba broke the robot toy. I’m not so sure that a toy that spits out fire and sparks when broken is such a great choice for a toddler.

“Oh gosh, this salmon is really delicious. I wonder where it came from.”

Makari had it in his inventory when he moved in.

“Um…how old is it, then?”

Makari decided he didn’t want to be a scientist anymore. This decision was mostly spurred by the news that an architectural firm was hiring.

And that’s it for this chapter! Next up is Lyov Pavlov, who will be marrying another Family sim. I don’t know what’s up with the glut of family sims, but they’re certainly the ones the Pavlov kids seem to go for.


Sims 36

Households 8

Owned lots 9

Unowned lots 2

Military lot? NO

Business districts 1

Universities 0

Downtown? 0

Sim multiplier 9

Population 324

Uni funds 171600

(Makari had no contribution this season because he was a new move-out. New move-outs’ taxes are paid by their families before they go.)


Adventure 0 of 1

Architecture 2 of 2

Athletic 2 (unlocked)

Business 6 (unlocked)

Criminal 1 of 2

Culinary 1 (unlocked)

Education 0 of 1

Entertainment 0 of 1

Intelligence 1 of 2

Law Enforcement 0 of 1

Music 0 (unlocked)

Oceanography 1 (special)

Science 2 (special)

Slacker 0 of 1