The next to last household of the rotation is Lyov Pavlov, Willow Valley’s resident Grilled Cheese sim.

Lyov moved into a largish house, 3 bedrooms 2 baths, with an open first floor ready for customization. It’s also on a larger lot, 3×3 instead of 2×2. Hopefully Lyov will be able to stay here instead of having to move after a season or two, but the downside is that he spent nearly all of his money on the house.

He had an easy enough fix for that, though: he immediately invited Meadow over.

Meadow agreed to move in.

Meadow is a Family sim, and is assigned the secondary aspiration of Fortune. Her LTW is to celebrate her Golden Anniversary.  😦   I hate that one.

But – she’s a Business Tycoon! She’s the neighborhood’s third Business Tycoon.

She came with $6000, and had all this in her inventory, as well as a computer and two big telescopes. Selling it all netted another $35,000.

The house was redecorated and nicely furnished, although I’ll wait on the extra bedrooms and bathroom until there are kids to use them.

The family was left with about $9000 after furnishing the house. The business I pre-built for them costs $28,000, so they’ve got some work to do.

A quick proposal ensued.

As a reminder, moved out sims will generally take the surnames of their spouses, so I don’t have too many families with the same last name.

 I played around with different makeover options for Meadow, but ended up just adding a little makeup.

While waiting for all the wedding guests to arrive, Lyov got a job in Adventure. Yay Jumbok!

Nobody wanted to come inside, so I decided to have the wedding outside.

No Nadezda. I think I forgot to invite her.  😦

*lovey-dovey sighs*

“We shall be together forever, and have lots of recessive haired babies!”


I have to confess, I’m getting just a bit tired of Pavlov weddings. Only two more, though. (I’m having parties for all of them just to make sure, although I think it still counts for Leo’s LTW even if there’s not a party.)

I rather like their cozy kitchen, although it’ll probably end up being too small if they have a lot of kids. Their randomly selected “ideal family size” for ACR is two kids, but they’ll probably go over – everyone else has.

 Totally appropriate wedding party behavior, you guys.

Meadow had some champagne in her inventory, so I figured what the heck. Everyone ignored it.

Meanwhile, Lyov heart-farted his sister in law (Noelle, although her face is glitched out there). Classy, Lyov.

All too soon, the guests were gone. Meadow settled down to work on her cooking.

Meanwhile, Lyov conjured grilled cheese. I’m determined to get him his LTW ASAP so I don’t have to worry about it anymore. Although he’ll probably be permaplat before he gets his 200 grilled cheese – his lifetime aspiration bar’s just a sliver away.

The next morning, Lyov returned to his conjuring, while Meadow started a self portrait. I’m hoping to do better on getting the portraits done in a timely manner.

I want a Business Tycoon job like Meadow’s, where I work 4 6 hour days per week and make $8400.

Lyov had the day off, so he spent the day conjuring grilled cheese, working on his own self portrait, and going on outings – I’m hoping for outing gifts to help the Thayers buy their business.

Look who came home with Meadow! Yay, Lyov can meet Stepan!

Could Meadow be…pregnant? *gasp*

“So, you’re my brother, huh? We should be friends.”

Later that night, Stepan came by and left an outing gift. Thanks, Stepan!

“Oh my! I’m having a baby!”

Meadow: “Thanks for making breakfast, Leo.”

Leo: “No problem, Sweet Cheese. I’ll make lots of cheesy grilled cheese. We’ve got to keep you well cheesed so the baby will be good and cheesy.”

Meadow worked on her self portrait a little before work. It looks a little dark, but I’ll have to see how it looks on the wall before I make a final decision.

Lyov conjured some more grilled cheese, then hit the energizer as Meadow headed off to work. He had another day off. I kind of hate it when sims take a new job and then have a bunch of days off.

“Man, Lyov, you’re HOT!”

Lyov turns out to have 3 bolts with Clarence. (He also has 3 bolts with Noelle, but everybody seems to have 3 bolts with Noelle.) He only has 2 bolts with Meadow. Did I have him settle down too early?


Meadow got a chance card, and got a $40,000 bonus! Hooray for Meadow!

So Lyov sat down and bought himself a business.

Cakewich is a little shop selling birthday cakes, wedding cakes…

And of course, grilled cheese.

Cakewich’s purchase is significant for two reasons:

1) It’s the 20th building in town, opening up a spot in the Architecture career.

2) It’s the 10th player-owned community lot. Since I’ve already got 3 Business Tycoons, that opens up a second Business District! That also opens up another Architecture position, as well as increasing the SM by 5, to 14. That bumps the population up to…*drumroll*…518!  Services are now unlocked – maids and gardeners, hooray! Also, additional positions in Education and Law Enforcement are unlocked.

Lyov spent a little while conjuring grilled cheese before the grand opening.

 Makari was Lyov’s first customer! He bought some grilled cheese and a birthday cake, presumably for Liouba’s birthday.

“You really, really want to buy some of this delicious grilled cheese! Then you can eat it all up and have an empty plate!”

Dazzling is awesome – although in a store like this, selling low value items, it’s really not necessary except to drive the star count up faster.

“I’m in ur store, eatin ur chips.”

The Cookes must have run out of money, since after buying a single grilled cheese sandwich, Davis just hangs around the store.

(At the end of each rotation, I put excess money in a bank account to get available family funds in each family down to about $1,000. Otherwise they’d spend all their money in the shops.)

Meadow got home and, after a quick outing with Lyov, spent some time on the phone. She moved in with about 8 friends, most in the 60s to 70s range, so she spent the season working on getting relationships up.

Lyov worked on his portrait, then conjured up a little grilled cheese before bed.

 “Oh boy, my nooboo will be here soon!”

They finished their portraits!

Meadow’s is just a bit dark, but it’s ok. I’ll keep it.

Lyov finally got to go to work!

“Have a great day, Sweet Cheese.”

Meadow wanted a car, so I bought them this fancy van. So she drove that to work.

Lyov came home early, with a promotion via chance card.

He worked on his body for an hour before heading back to work.

Lyov’s OTH is Music & Dance, so that’s why he gets the ballet bar instead of building body another way. Plus he doesn’t want to lose his grilled cheese belly.

“Family, I’m home!”

No one’s here, Meadow dear.

Lyov got home with another promotion.

Then he conjured grilled cheese, what else?

Meadow worked on a painting while waiting for the big moment.

“Oh boolprop, this hurts. Just get through it, and then you’ll have a beautiful baby,” Meadow told herself.

“Oh boy, this is scary.”

It was all worth it when Meadow held her little girl in her arms. She had Meadow’s coloring, and they named her Nastasia.

Meadow and Lyov decided they didn’t want Nastasia isolated in the upstairs bedroom, so they put her crib and changing table right in the living room.

As soon as it was light, Lyov headed down to Cakewich, where he spent a little time conjuring up grilled cheese.

Finally, he did it! He had consumed 200 little packages of delicious cheesy goodness.

Lyov then called Meadow to come and handle the cashiering.

“Vanya, don’t you want some grilled cheese just like Mom used to make?”

“Lyov, I live with Mom, remember?”

Meadow and Lyov got Cakewich up to Level 4.

Then they had a date before heading back home to Nastasia.

“Arr, matey. I be a dread pirate today. I be wantin’ all yer grilled cheese.”

Meadow had the day off. She wasn’t feeling well, so she took a nap on the couch to be close to Nastasia. She hoped her illness meant that she was pregnant again.

Lyov came home without a promotion, because I didn’t realize he needed a body point.

I have this occasional problem with babies where they glitch up and sims can’t change their diapers. It happened to Nastasia, so she got a bath instead.

That’s it for the Thayer family! Only one more household to go this rotation.


Sims 38

Households 8

Owned lots 10

Unowned lots 2

Military lot? NO

Business districts 2

Universities 0

Downtown? 0

Sim multiplier 14

Population 532

Uni funds 171600


Adventure 1 of 1

Architecture 2 of 4

Athletic 2 (unlocked)

Business 7 (unlocked)

Criminal 1 of 2

Culinary 1 (unlocked)

Education 0 of 2

Entertainment 0 of 1

Intelligence 1 of 2

Law Enforcement 0 of 2

Music 0 (unlocked)

Oceanography 1 (special)

Science 2 (special)

Slacker 0 of 1