It’s time for the last household of Winter 2!

Nadezda Pavlov, you might remember, is a Popularity sim with a LTW to have 5 top businesses. She’s very lucky she’s in the right challenge for that.

If her house looks familiar, it’s because her older sister Aglaya lived here for a season. Nadezda will hopefully be moving out at the end of the season, too.

Nadezda got a little chubby from all the sparkly food in her parents’ house, so first up is a little yoga.

“Yeah, I’m not fat anymore!”

I wish it were so easy in real life.

Nadezda headed to the computer, where she found a job in Law Enforcement.

She went immediately to work, returning with a promotion.

After work, she headed to the robot bench. Shop type businesses run best with three people working them, so Nadezda has a plan to get the help she needs.

After a while, feeling a little lonely, Nadezda called up someone she’d been thinking about a lot lately. She didn’t know Joe Carr too well, but they had two bolts even though he didn’t match any of her turn-ons.

Autonomous flirting with the relationship in the 20s. It’s a good sign.

After some relationship building, Joe agreed to move in.

Joe brought $3,000 cash, as well as another $10,000 in inventory items. They don’t need the money at the moment, as Nadezda’s father gave her her first business last season, but they can save it to buy a new house.

Joe is a Fortune sim with a LTW to top the Architecture career. Luckily for him, 2 slots just opened up.

So, after a makeover, Joe sat down to look for a job. Unfortunately, there were no Architecture jobs available. He moved in with a mid level job in Athletic, so he decided he’d keep that one while waiting for Architecture to come along.

Joe needed body points for his athletic career, and being a Fortune sim he naturally rolled up the want for a body point. Lucky for him there was an exercise bike in his inventory when he moved in.

If you wonder where Nadezda is this chapter, she’s probably making robots.

“Awesome, I’m fit!”

Joe and Nadezda headed off to the clothing store, where Joe took up a position at the cash register.

Nadezda hasn’t gotten into charging for makeovers yet, and quite frankly probably never will, but she does pretty well with the free ones.

“You want that shirt! It’s the most awesome shirt ever!”

“It’s the most awesome shirt ever! I want it!”

“The Pavlov Women Club will come to order.”

The store is filled with playables. Playables who have no money. I think I might have to crack and install No Playable Shoppers.

After the store was closed, Joe and Nadezda went on a date.

“Nadezda, with you, I feel like my life can finally start.”

“Yes, Joe, yes!”

The next day, it was time for a party! I got the kids to come this time, but Larisa and the Pedersons couldn’t make it.

Nadezda couldn’t get married in that frumpy black dress, so she’s the first to actually get a proper wedding dress – as well as a new hairstyle.

You guys could, y’know, spread out a little bit.

And Lyov! Stop heartfarting Noelle!

“Nadezda, I love you so much.”

“With this ring, I thee wed.”

So Nadezda became Mrs. Joe Carr.

Naturally, Nadezda is a cake shover.

Everyone stood around eating cake on the lawn, because my weddings are classy like that.

Kids pillow fighting at a wedding – slightly less inappropriate than adults doing it.

Always there is kicky ball at Pavlov weddings. And apparently it’s serious business.

After the wedding, Joe and Nadezda engaged in appropriate wedding night activities.

This might just be cheating.

See? MunchieBot brought pizza.

“This stuff…is…DELICIOUS!”

Back to the store. See? People with money, actually buying stuff as I installed No Playable Shoppers. I’ll miss having sims all get to know each other at the community lots, but it was really making it hard to level up the businesses when most of the customers were playables who weren’t shopping.

Nadezda and Joe got the store up to Level 7.

Then they had a lullaby, so they probably won’t be coming back to the store this season.

 Nadezda finished her great project.

Say hello to Bolts!

Bolts has Nadezda’s personality, naturally, but I changed his aspiration to Pleasure/Popularity. His LTW is to have 50 first dates. Never actually did that one successfully. Good thing he’s a Servo and thus immortal.

Hooray, Joe found a job in Architecture!

There wasn’t anything good for Bolts, though.

Sims love the exercise bike, to the point of ridiculousness.

Since Nadezda’s pregnant, that means she must eat omelets.

Yes, it’s official.

Nadezda had to go to work anyway, because I’m mean like that.

Bolts found a job. In Business – never mind that I have way too many people in the Business career for my number of businesses.



No promotion.  😦

Ah well, can’t win ’em all.

Joe worked on catching his friendships up, while Nadezda made another Servo – solely so she could sell it for money. Eventually she’ll open up a store and sell robots, but that’ll be at least business #3.

Bolts brought a putter home from work, and so he spent the night working on his charisma in the snow.

The portraits were almost finished.

“Bye, Nadezda. Taking your maternity leave today?”

“I’ll go in later, after I pop.”

After a couple of hours, Nadezda had her pop and headed into work. She was 4 hours late, but she was sure they wouldn’t mind.

What’s the matter, Nadezda?

“Everybody got promotions!”

Yeah. Isn’t that a good thing?

“Yeah, it’s great!”

So why is your face like that?

“I have to pee.”

The guys painted.

Nadezda made robots.

Yeah, life is pretty boring at the Carr house at the moment.

The paintings are done! Nadezda’s turned out great.

And that’s it for winter! You’ll have to wait for spring to see Nadezda and Joe’s baby.

Next up: it’s back to the main Pavlov house!


Sims 40

Households 8

Owned lots 10

Unowned lots 2

Military lot? NO

Business districts 2

Universities 0

Downtown? 0

Sim multiplier 14

Population 560

Uni funds 171600


Adventure 1 of 1

Architecture 3 of 4

Athletic 2 (unlocked)

Business 8 (unlocked)

Criminal 1 of 2

Culinary 1 (unlocked)

Education 0 of 2

Entertainment 0 of 1

Intelligence 1 of 2

Law Enforcement 1 of 2

Music 0 (unlocked)

Oceanography 1 (special)

Science 2 (special)

Slacker 0 of 1