It’s a new season in Willow Valley!  My, how the neighborhood has grown from the 3 households that were here a year ago. This picture was taken after the Pavlov move-outs. When I get to the Cookes I’ll add 2 more houses for their move-outs.

 Here is the town’s Main Street, with the businesses on it. The two big ones are the NPC community lots, and all the others are owned businesses.

And this is the Pavlov family! Normally I take the family photo after move-outs, but I need to do something with one of the move-outs first.

Left to right:

Back, standing: Vanya holding Feofil, Noelle holding Anya.

Seated on couch: Larisa, Leo

Seated on floor: Stepan, Sofiya

First thing, Stepan moved out.

 Noelle found a job in her LTW career of Entertainment!

 Sofiya invited long time girlfriend Kylie Cooke over.

 They quickly got engaged.

OMG you guys, it’s the last wedding!

I didn’t have a party. I’m kind of tired of wedding parties.

Leo achieved his LTW of seeing 6 children married off! Not bad for a guy who moved in as an elder.

I’ve never done that LTW before. I’ll probably never do it again.

Sofiya and Kylie moved out to their own place.

After much deliberation, I decided to go ahead and install Pets again. No pets for the Pavlov family at the moment, though. Maybe later.

Noelle headed off for her first day of work as a mime.

I love having grandparents around to take care of crying babies.

Despite his confused look here, Vanya’s actually a pretty good dancer.

Everyone waited eagerly for Noelle to get home from work that night.

Because it was time for the twins’ birthday!

I’m kind of partied out with all the wedding and birthday parties last rotation, so you probably won’t see so many this rotation unless sims roll up the want.

Feofil looks like a nice blend of both parents.

Anya’s pretty much the spitting image of her mother.

The twins are both Geminis. That’s kind of cool.

Leo was so happy to have toddlers in the house again. He gladly helped Vanya with potty training.

Then he taught little Anya to walk.

“I wuv Mistah Bunny Head!”

All too soon, though, the twins were tuckered out after such an exciting day.

Leo, Larisa, and Vanya headed down to the 5 & Dime, where customer stars came quickly thanks to Leo’s dazzling.

I couldn’t figure out at first why Stepan was there, until I remembered he had a money order in his inventory from moving out. Leo sent him home.

The Pavlov family received their second genie lamp!

In a BACC, of course, there’s only one thing to wish for.

Noelle, being a knowledge sim, spent pretty much all her time skilling. Larisa spent her time at the easel.

“I’m kind of sad that I had to move out, so I came back to visit!”

“Me hungwy!”

Sofiya: “Hey, Vanya, your daughter’s hungry….OMG! Naked people!”

Vanya: “Well, maybe next time you’ll knock before barging into our bedroom.”

Noelle: “Yeah, would you get out? We’re trying to make another baby here!”

Then Makari stopped by! Always good to have family come to visit.

Vanya used the second genie wish, for money, of course.

Then he played some pool with his brother and sister.

“Say ‘teddy’, Anya!”

Vanya and Leo did all the toddler training. Makes sense, I suppose, having the family sims do it.

“All right, Feofil, say, ‘I’ll never get big and leave my grandpa!'”

Sofiya: “So, Noelle, have you studied painting yet?”

Noelle: “I was the Music & Dance Hobby Leader. I had maxed creativity.”

“Hey, everybody, I finally found a job in Education!”

Back to the store, where Leo’s continuous dazzling gets them up to Level 8.

I’m impressed – Level 3 to Level 8 in 2 visits.

Vanya: “Are you all right, honey?”

Noelle: “Feeling a little uncomfortable. I think I might be pregnant.”

Vanya: “That’s great!”

Nursery rhyme time!

Anya got a new hairdo, and she and Feofil made best friends at the block table.

“Ooh, we still have the genie lamp! I think I’ll make a wish. I wish for…money!”

The garden club came by to do an evaluation. I was hoping for the wishing well, but apparently they don’t like elephants.

“Yes, definitely pregnant. It’s twins again, I just know it.”

Pregnancy scanner agrees. Vanya’s got the twin perk, so it’s not surprising.

Noelle worked on her charisma anyway.

I’ve never seen this version of “Paint Grilled Cheese” before. I like it.

“Noelle is so beautiful when she’s sleeping. I’ll just sit here and watch her for a while.”

Noelle didn’t want to stay home sitting around and feeling like a whale, so she headed off to work, leaving Leo alone with the twins.

Leo didn’t mind. Staying home with the toddlers was just the way he liked it.

“Here’s your milk, Anya. Drink up.”

Leo thought he would be rather sad when Anya and Feofil grew up and headed off to school. He was getting to be very old, and he probably wouldn’t live to see the new baby become a toddler.

“Family, dear family! I’m home with a promotion!”

Larisa: “Aglaya! Were you stealing our newspaper?”

Aglaya: “Yeah, mom.”

Larisa: “Well, why don’t you stay for dinner.”

Unfortunately, Aglaya had the invisible newspaper stuck in her right hand her entire visit.

“Oh goodness, I’m enormous. It’s definitely twins, at least.”

Random adorable toddler picture.

It was time for the twins to become children.

The twins grew up very cute.

I didn’t do a Reno Day at the beginning of the season, but I decided decorating bedrooms after birthdays  is ok. Feofil and Anya get their own rooms for now, although it won’t be long before they have to share.

Feofil got a haircut.

The family has plenty of money for new clothes, but I like their outfits just fine, so they can keep them.

Even though she was bigger now, Anya still liked to play with blocks.

“You’re a nice doggy, aren’t you?”

“Let’s dance, Grandpa!”

Leo loved kids just as much as toddlers; he just wished they didn’t have to leave and go to school all day.

Feofil wanted to make a friend, and Grandma was glad to help him out.

“Got to have squeaky clean teeth for my first day of school!”

Since I’m charging fees for private school, and since the Headmaster dinner is an annoying waste of time, I’m just going to use a hack to put the rich kids in private school. Since the Pavlovs are by far the wealthiest family in town, even after $20k move out funds for 6 kids, naturally Anya and Feofil were promptly enrolled in private school.

As they headed out the door, Vanya logged on to pay their tuition. I’m charging $250 per child per school day, to be added to the university fund.

Noelle went invisible, except for her wedding ring. After trying several different things, I moved her out.

Fortunately, she seemed to be ok after moving back in.

Since he didn’t have any toddlers to play with, Leo returned to his old hobby of writing novels to while away the days.

When the computer broke, he tried to fix it, so he could get back to his novel writing as quickly as possible.

“Oh, boolprop, Leo, are you all right?”

“Oh, I’m fine. This has happened before, you know.”

“Why don’t you let me fix the computer? I’ve got max mechanical.”

Noelle soon had the computer in working order.

That was the third electrocution, opening up a position in Science for anyone to take.

 Noelle returned to her studying. She had decided to stay home, since the babies were due to arrive before her work shift was over. She didn’t want to end up giving birth on the sidewalk.

Leo decided he should stay away from the computer for a bit.

Feofil brought Michael Bruce home from school. He’s in private school, too, even though he’s not wearing the uniform.

Noelle served grilled cheese autonomously. I think she’s been hanging around Vanya and Larisa too much.

“Daddy! You’re home! Grandma just taught me to study!”

By 6 pm, Michael and Feofil were good friends.

“Gosh, Mommy, you’re scaring me!”

“No! What’s happening?”

The first baby was a boy, named Nikifor. He had his parents’ blond hair.

“Here, you hold him. I don’t know how many babies we’re going to end up with here.”

Soon a second boy was born, named Saveliy. He had Vanya’s brown eyes, and red hair like the twins.

“Are there more?” Vanya asked hopefully, cradling Nikifor close.

“No, that’s it.” Noelle was relieved that there were only two.

Silly kids wanted to go to bed at 6 pm, so they were sent to play chess for a bit.

That’s it for this chapter! Sorry it got a little long, but I do love this family.

Next up is the Cooke family.


Sims 43

Households 11

Owned lots 10

Unowned lots 2

Military lot? NO

Business districts 2

Universities 0

Downtown? 0

Sim multiplier 14

Population 602

Uni funds 187900


Adventure 1 of 1

Architecture 3 of 4

Athletic 2 (unlocked)

Business 7 (unlocked)

Criminal 1 of 2

Culinary 1 (unlocked)

Education 1 of 2

Entertainment 1 of 1

Intelligence 1 of 2

Law Enforcement 1 of 2

Music 0 (unlocked)

Oceanography 0 (1 special)

Science 0 of 1 (2 special)

Slacker 0 of 1