It’s a new season in Willow Valley, which means it’s time for the Pavlov family again! The Pavlovs had a busy season, so this is a long chapter.

Note 1: At the end of last season, I extracted all the born in game and CAS adult sims, plus Annika Richter. If anyone wants someone uploaded, let me know.

Note 2: Historically I’ve added a CAS family every other season, but I’ve decided now that the population is larger and I have an excess of CAS points, I’ll add one every season. You’ll meet them at the end if they don’t show up around town first.

Back row, left to right: Vanya holding Saveliy, Noelle, Larisa, Leo holding Nikifor.

Front row: Anya, Feofil

They have a nice big house that seemed to work pretty well last generation, so no renovations planned.

The grownups went off to do this straightaway.

“Mom and dad are up in their room! Maybe we’ll get a new family member!”

“Feofil, we have tons of family members already. Do you really think we need any more?”

These kids have 11 aunts and uncles and 14 cousins. I think Anya’s right.

Anya and Feofil’s conversation was interrupted when the school bus pulled up outside.

After the kids went to school, Leo, Larisa, and Vanya headed to the grocery store to sell the produce harvested during the spring.

Silly townies and their doomed romances.

Over to the convenience store, which got up to level 9. Larisa now has gold sales, cashier, and restocking badges!

Back home, Leo headed to the garden to tend his beloved plants.

Vanya headed off to work, but the grandparents were there to handle the diaper changes.

Noelle got fit from…eating grilled cheese?

Leo spent the afternoon on the phone catching up with his many relatives and friends.

The kids brought their cousin Dimitri home from school!

Lyov came by unexpectedly to hang out.

Vanya came home with a promotion to Education Minister, achieving his LTW!

Then he congratulated his daughter for  being a grandchild.

Sims are weird.

As 6 pm approached, Larisa felt the need to make out with Leo.

Surrounded by his family, in the house he had built, Leo felt supremely happy.

“Can’t I have a little more time?”

Everyone was devastated as Leo slipped away.

Leo lived a very long life – his official age was 70, but due to his use of elixir he may have been as old as 97.  He left behind his wife Larisa, 7 children (Aglaya, Makari, Lyov, Nadezda, Vanya, Sofiya, and Stepan), and 18 grandchildren (Dimitri, Venyamin, Marya, Pavel, Liouba, Anzhelina, Nastasia, Faina, Akilina, Irina, Semyon, Adam, Anya, Feofil, Nikifor, Saveliy, Denise, and Akim).

His grave was placed out back by the pond, in nature, just the way he would have wanted it.

Leo was well loved, and left money to a whopping 29 people. The top five were all family: Larisa got 20,000, Vanya and Stepan both got 10,000, Sofiya got 9900, and Lyov got 9200.

Larisa wasn’t sure what to do with herself after losing her husband. She’d never been much of a bubble blower, but at the moment they seemed surprisingly appealing.

Anya took it on herself to tend her grandpa’s garden.

Noelle returned from work with a promotion. She was saddened to hear of Leo’s death, but life went on, and she needed a skill point for work.

Early the next morning, Anya and Feofil found themselves drawn to the greenhouse to play.

All of the grown-ups were sleeping in this morning, so Anya got herself some leftovers for breakfast.

It was strange not having Grandpa around. He hadn’t slept, so he’d always been around to play with, to listen to jokes, or to applaud cartwheels. Anya knew he had been very old, and that was what happened to very old people, but she still missed him.

Noelle wanted a hot tub, and they’re filthy rich, so I figured why not? Vanya and Noelle enjoyed a soak before Vanya headed off to work.

Holding her son, waiting for the changing table, Noelle realized she hadn’t spent nearly enough time with her children. Leo had always been so eager to take care of everything they needed, and she had been absorbed with her studies and glad of the help. She resolved to spend more time with them from now on.

Larisa had a hard time that first day after losing Leo, and never did make it out of her pajamas. But Armando Cooke’s visit helped to cheer her up a little.

Noelle’s promise to spend more time with the kids was tested right away, as they returned home from school just as her carpool showed up.

Both kids got A pluses!

Dimitri came home with the twins again, and spent the afternoon playing chess with his grandmother.

Feofil was on the phone for a couple of hours with his friends, most of whom are girls.

Anya spent the afternoon in the garden with Daddy, helping him harvest the plants.

That evening, it was time for the younger twins to grow to toddlers! Sadly, Noelle had to miss it, as she had to work until 11.



After everyone had gone to bed, Noelle returned home with another promotion.

Armando dropped off a piano! They don’t have one, so I let them keep it.

It only just fits into the living room, though. Maybe the house is due for some renovation next season.

The next morning, the boys were up early to play with their bunny heads.

The older twins had leftover birthday cake for breakfast while Vanya made smartmilk for the younger set.

Anya earned a bronze gardening badge!

(I haven’t picked an heir yet, so I’ll be making all the kids garden for now. Feofil just doesn’t get out there as often as Anya.)

While he should have been out helping in the garden, Feofil was trying out the new piano.

As soon as it was light out, Feofil headed to the phone and started making calls.

For Saturday, the Pavlovs threw a super duper kid party!

I got almost all the playable kids in the neighborhood; the only kids Feofil wasn’t able to invite were Akilina and Irina Carr and Nastasia Thayer.

Most of the guests promptly started smustling on the lawn.

Anya didn’t have as many friends as Feofil, but she was glad his invites had included Malvina Bruce. The two girls were just about ready to swear Best Friends Forever.

A massive water balloon fight ensued.

Feofil spent much of the day talking to Mireia Picaso.

They even shared a dance. I didn’t even know kids could do that.

 Noelle spent the party working on her charisma. If she could just reach the max level, she would be up for a promotion when she returned to work.

Friendships bloomed outside the Pavlov family as well.

Even though the teens were kind of embarrassed to be attending a kids’ party, they found ways to amuse themselves.

Larisa made a platter of grilled cheese, which turned out to be a big hit.

Vanya came home with the pregnant Ottomas lady, and promptly sent her back to the Sim Bin.

Noelle headed off to work in a very fancy dress.


Alas, all too soon it was 6 pm, and time for all the kids to head home.

Noelle came home with a promotion, reaching the pinnacle of Entertainment and achieving her LTW!

I’ve decided that every born in game sim will get exactly two sips of elixir, to keep everybody’s ages in line with each other. So now Vanya’s had his.

The next morning, Anya and Feofil headed out to the garden, where Anya’s apparently capable of clinging to the tree by her knees.

I haven’t shown much of the toddler training. Larisa’s handling most of it since Vanya and Noelle have been working. (Larisa still officially has a job, but she’s pretty much just using up her vacation days prior to retiring). Anyway, the most important toddler training is now completed.

Since it was Sunday, once the chores were done, everyone got to play.

Sunday also means family time! I decided to have the Carrs over, since they didn’t make it to the party yesterday.

Anya and Irina hit it off right away.

Hmm. I don’t know what want Bolts fulfilled to get him +12,000. Weird.

Noelle made a platter of grilled cheese for lunch. The sandwiches were always a hit.

Poor Vanya had to spend the whole day in the garden, talking to the plants until they were ready to harvest.

Noelle was a bit sad when she had to head off to work, but at least she’d been able to enjoy part of the family gathering.

All too soon, it was time for everyone to head home.

The next morning, Larisa completed teaching both boys to walk, talk, and potty.

The kids had a little time to amuse themselves before heading off to school.

 Larisa discovered a love of sewing, and spent much of the day making curtains for the front room. She looked forward to getting her silver badge, so she could make nice outfits for her grandchildren.

Noelle was thrilled to have the day off to spend with her two youngest. She still wanted to learn, of course, but there would be time for that once they boys were in school.

 After school it was chore time in the garden.

“So you broke the computer. Goofing off on it while you were supposed to be doing your chores. For shame, Feofil. I thought we raised you better than that.”

 Fortunately, Larisa was able to repair the computer without difficulty.

 That night, everyone gathered in the living room.

Birthday time for the younger twins!

Nikifor reminds me a lot of Vanya.

Saveliy’s also very cute.

The nursery was redecorated, and Larisa moved back downstairs. Given her age, the family thought it was better for her not to be climbing the stairs all the time.

The boys moved upstairs. They didn’t get their own rooms, but their shared room would be quite big enough for both of them.

Most of the family sat down to a dinner of delicious leftover grilled cheese…

Except for Vanya, who decided he had to be special and make some Lobster Thermidor.

Nikifor got to keep his look, but Saveliy’s outfit was too warm, so he got a makeover and some hand-me-downs out of the dresser.

Vanya set the kitchen on fire with his stupid Lobster Thermidor. *sigh*

*panic panic panic*

This is the point I realized that I never installed a fire alarm for them.

*panic panic panic*

“Help! My house is on fire!”

Fortunately, the fire department was there by the time Saveliy hung up the phone.

No, I don’t know why James Cooke is there doing the fire dance.

“That was quick thinking calling the fire department, son.”

“Just don’t light the kitchen on fire again, Dad. Nobody likes lobster anyway.”

Apparently James Cooke does.

“Hah, now that the plant sim is gone, they’re all sleeping and I can take what I like!”

Hah, I just installed a burglar alarm.

Of course, the alarm woke everybody up.

At least they got to cheer on the cop in the ensuing fight.

The burglar didn’t get anything, but by the time I shooed everyone back to bed, the season was over.

Next up is the Cooke family, and an alien baby!


Sims 57
Households 15
Owned lots 15
Unowned lots 2
Military lot? YES
Business districts 3
Universities 0
Downtown? 0
Sim multiplier 20
Population 1140
Uni funds 288900


Adventure 1 of 1
Architecture 3 of 6
Athletic 2 (unlocked)
Business 6 (unlocked)
Criminal 1 of 2
Culinary 3 (unlocked)
Dance 1 of 1
Education 1 of 4
Entertainment 1 of 1
Intelligence 2 of 2
Journalism 0 of 2
Law Enforcement 2 of 3
Medicine 0 of 1
Military 1 (unlocked)
Music 0 (unlocked)
Oceanography 0 (1 special)
Politics 0 (unlocked)
Science 0 of 1 (2 special)
Slacker 1 of 1


Larisa’s Fish Market Pavlov Rank 10
Five & Dime Pavlov Rank 9
Club C Cooke Rank 10
Cooked To Perfection Cooke Rank 6
Wired Bruce Rank 7
Games Ahoy Hamilton Rank 6
Hobby Horse Picaso Rank 8
Galleria Pederson Rank 6
Cakewich Thayer Rank 6
A Whole New You Carr Rank 10
Miss Nadezda’s Dance Studio Carr Rank 7
Paws Cooke-Pavlov Rank 4
Sunshine Floral St. Pavlov Rank 3
Sleep Soft Fairchild Rank 4
Tots Best Toys Bendett Rank 1