It’s time for the second half of the Picaso saga.

Left to right: Agnes, Jessica, Lluis, Carme, Mireia

This is their cute little house. They don’t have much money for expansion, so I just made a few small changes.

Jessica was hard at work, getting skill points for her job in Business.

Carme made her 10th best friend!

Since it was Saturday, the kids were free to enjoy some time at the play table.

Carme never grew out of tub pirating.

While trimming the hedges, Carme discovered that her OTH was Nature.

Mireia must be spying on Stepan Pavlov’s plant shop; that’s the only place I can think of where there’s bamboo.

Carme and Lluis made some new friends.

Jessica would have preferred to make something other than grilled cheese for lunch – the sandwiches reminded her an awful lot of Matthew. But she didn’t have many cooking points, and the kids had to eat something.

Carme headed off to her part time job, also in the Business career, and returned with a promotion as well as a $100 bonus due to chance card. She promptly deposited the money in her savings account – she would have to save every penny if she ever wanted to get out of this zoo.

Jessica’s new LTW, after Matthew had spoiled her previous one forever, was to top the Oceanography career. She went out to fish whenever she got a chance.

As soon as it was dark, though, she switched over to the telescope, to get the logic points needed for work. She desperately needed to get a promotion when she went in on Monday.

With Jessica so busy skilling, most of the household repairs were left to Carme.

“Michael and Ramsay don’t have to do crap like this,” Carme grumbled. “They’re rich enough to hire someone to unplug their toilet. Why can’t we be rich? We would be, if Mom just hadn’t thrown Dad out.”


Late that night, Orlando dropped off a very nice outing gift!

As soon as she woke up in the morning, Carme sold the statue and deposited the earnings in her bank account – after taking some of it to buy a long desired cell phone. She’d made way more money with that one gift than she had at her dumb job.

Then she made toaster pastries, since her mother was too busy outside on the telescope.

Agnes made her bed as soon as she got up, as always. She didn’t understand how the others could stand unmade beds.

 “My friend Irina told me that her grandpa is a ghost.”

“Don’t be silly, Lluis. There’s no such thing.”

 Jessica spent much of the day fishing, but sadly didn’t catch anything.

Once again, the kids spent their free time making friends.

Since the fishing proved unproductive, Jessica spent some time digging for treasure. She wanted to purchase a business, to fit in with everyone else in Willow Valley, but she just didn’t have the money.

Carme had planted a few tomatoes, and spent an hour tending them before she had to go to work.


Carme got a promotion via chance card, reaching the top of the teen Business career!

“Hey there, hot stuff.”

That night, consumed by her thirst for knowledge, Jessica once again pointed the telescope up at the stars.

Carme chowed down on a leftover Pop Tart before heading to bed.

The next morning, Jessica headed off to work, glad that she didn’t have to worry about a nanny now that Carme was a teen.

“I can’t believe how filthy this sink is. I live with pigs.”

Carme successfully got all the kids on the school bus. She was relieved when that responsibility was done.

When she got home from school, though, Carme had a sinking realization. She left for work at 2, the kids got home at 3, and Jessica wouldn’t be home until 4.

She got on her cell phone and made a call.

THE NANNY RETURNS! *dun dun dun*

Lluis brought Liouba Pavlov home on the bus.

Jessica came home with a promotion and a $5000 chance card bonus! Sadly, she still didn’t have enough to purchase a business.

After work, Carme tended her tomato plants. They were growing nicely.

“I’m glad we learned to talk before Mom and Dad split up. Mom would never teach us now. She’s too busy skilling.”

Jessica stayed up late after the kids had gone to bed, getting a charisma point for work.

After getting her charisma point, Jessica moved over to the telescope, where she trained her eye on what looked like a planet.

It wasn’t a planet.

Sadly, all the kids woke up at 3 am and couldn’t go back to sleep.

Carme saw something at the bottom of a hole a stray dog had dug. She shoveled it out and found a map, worth $400! She sold it and deposited the money in her bank account.

Carme’s not the only one into tub pirating.

Carme broke the computer, but fixed it without difficulty.

That really hadn’t been fun…and why had the kids been cheering as she landed?

As Jessica headed into the house, the kids returned to their play with astonishing speed. Jessica realized what it was that was bothering her – the kids hadn’t missed her. They hadn’t been afraid when she was gone, hadn’t seemed to miss her at all. She’d been too busy skilling, and they’d learned to do without her.

She didn’t know where to start, how to apologize, so she decided to start by making breakfast for the kids.

The kids seemed happy enough – no one even complained that the pancakes were burnt.

Jessica had the day off work. She was tired after the abduction, so once the kids were off to school she lay down for a nap.

When Carme got home from school, she called up her boss and quit her job. Why should she work 4 hours a day for only $98 when she could dig up expensive stuff in a few minutes?

The kids got home exhausted, and went straight off to take naps.

Lluis woke up in need of some fun, and everyone was busy. He was a little nervous about approaching Mommy – he knew how seriously she took her skilling. But she gladly agreed to play red hands with him.

“Hopefully I’ll get a promotion at work tomorrow.”

“Does that mean we get new clothes for our birthday?”

“We’ll see.” Jessica was still hoping to purchase a business this season; all non-essential purchases would have to wait until afterward.

“Mom, can I go out tonight? My friend Mhairi will come pick me up.”

“I suppose that’s all right. Just don’t be out too late.”

Carme had known the Bruces were rich – certainly they had a lot more money than her lousy family. But a limo? That was beyond cool.

While Carme was gone, Jessica made friends with an adorable puppy dog.

Late that night, after everyone had gone to bed…

Fortunately, they have a burglar alarm.

Demi to the rescue!

Sadly, Demi lost the fight, and the burglar got away. But she didn’t take anything, and that’s the 3rd burglary, opening a spot in Law Enforcement! I’ll call it a success.

Everyone went back to bed except Mireia, who wasn’t tired enough. She enjoyed the unsupervised couch jumping time.

In the morning, Carme searched for a Law Enforcement position – Business had been boring, but Law Enforcement was the career she had always wanted. Unfortunately, the job didn’t come up.

This family eats a lot of burned food. Probably because neither Jessica nor Carme has any cooking points to speak of.

Agnes and Mireia barely even noticed. They just scarfed it down before heading to school.

Jessica was stepping out of the shower when the pop happened.

Could it be Matthew’s? No, that ill advised fling on Carme’s birthday had been days ago.

It was still just her with four kids, the place was a mess…how was she going to handle another baby?

Jessica was so lost in thought that she almost didn’t make it to work. As it was, she got a reprimand for being late.

Carme brought Michael Bruce home.

They were in the middle of a date when the kids got home from school.

Jessica didn’t get a promotion, probably due to being late to work. Still, she was earning a decent sum now, and hopefully would soon be able to buy a business.

“Daddy! Guess what? It’s my birthday today!”

“That’s why I’m here, Champ.”

Matthew gave Jessica a smile, but it turned to a frown when he saw the baby bump. So she had moved on, then. Matthew was glad Jessica’s new guy wasn’t around; he would have had a hard time being civil.

 Agnes grew up first, becoming a Knowledge/Popularity sim with a LTW to top the Entertainment career.

Next up was Lluis. He chose Fortune/Romance, with a LTW to top the Business career.

Mireia went last, and became Family/Fortune with a LTW to top the Adventure career.

 Lluis wished he hadn’t left his homework until after his birthday – but his new glasses did help him see it better.

Mireia decided to try out a new hairdo.

She discovered quite a connection with Michael – 2 bolts!

“I’m glad you could come, Dad. I miss you.”

“I miss you kids, too.”

“Do you think…could I come live with you? It’s crazy here, and it’s only going to get worse when the baby comes.”

“I…well…you should talk to your mother about that.”

Agnes headed out to the Execuputter – she’d need 10 Charisma to guarantee herself an Entertainment spot, and she only had 2.

 Mireia decided to try the digging that Carme was so fond of. On only her second dig, she found a treasure chest!

She could have put the money straight into her bank account, like Carme always did. But Mireia knew her mom really wanted to buy a business. She kept enough to buy a cell phone for herself and new clothes for her and her siblings, and gave Jessica the rest.

Mireia liked pink just as much as ever.

Carme liked her top just fine, but had always wanted a miniskirt.

Lluis thought his new outfit would impress potential employers much more than a track suit.

Agnes chose a more summery outfit, in more subdued colors.

As soon as she woke up, Jessica hurried to the computer and bought a business. She was thrilled to finally be able to fit in in Willow Valley and own a business like everyone else.

Sadly, she’ll have to wait until next season to get the business going, because the season’s over. (I’m still counting it in the stats, though.)

Next is the Pederson family!

New policy: Since I keep the stats updated on the boolprop page, I’m only going to post brief stats for the family chapters.

Family: Jessica Picaso

Business: Picaso Park (rank 0)

Taxes this season: $1500

Total taxes paid: $7300

Playable sims: 59

Sim multiplier: 20

Population: 1180