It’s time for the Pederson family, in a brand new house!

Left to right: Makari, Liouba, Meadow holding Anzhelina

This is their lovely new house. Kind of my standard boxy, open plan house. Room to expand.

Meadow had the day off. She was happy to stay home with little Angie.

As he went to pay the taxes, Makari inherited money from Leo! It was about $10,000, but I’m not going to try to tax the inheritances. They’ll get taxed next season, and in the meantime they can use the money for move out funds, businesses, and such.

Whew! Makari’s carpool almost ran over Eddie!

Eddie grew up!

Anzhelina kept herself amused while Meadow fixed lunch in the new kitchen.

“Look at you, boy! You got big!”

“Daddy! Did you have a good day?”

“Pretty good, sweetheart.”

Makari had had a want nagging at him all day, so as soon as he got home he called up the neighborhood good witch, Asia. She brought Vanya along as her friend.

Liouba played chess and got to know her uncle while Makari made friends with the witch.

Finally, Makari had the relationship high enough.

“This is awesome!”

Makari headed out to the good witch’s palace and spent a while studying with the spell books there.

He made quite a bit of progress, but returned to his regular clothes before heading home. The witch’s robes and hat just weren’t for him.

Back home, Liouba and Meadow played some red hands before both heading to bed.

“Say ‘bottle’, Angie! Good girl.”

Meadow got up early, and she and Makari worked on repainting the portraits, as the old ones got wiped in the move.

Liouba spent the morning playing with her puppy dog before heading to school.

Makari headed off to work as Meadow went out to pay the bills. Meadow was taking another day of maternity leave, since she would be having the baby during the day.

The Clean Bot broke down, but fortunately Meadow was able to fix it.

Meadow went into labor just as Liouba arrived home from school with her cousin Nikifor.

Soon Meadow gave birth to baby girl Varya.

Anzhelina noticed that her mother was preoccupied, and seized the chance to enjoy some delicious dog food.

Makari came home with a big smile on his face, because he was just promoted to City Planner, achieving his LTW!

Meadow and Makari headed down to Galleria, their art gallery, where they needed to hire a cashier to keep up with everything. The place made it to level 7, and they finally finished decking out the place with paintings.

“Hi, you look like me.”

“Yeah, we probably have the same alien mother.”

“From the sky, you mean? My grandpa said I’m a sky child.”

“Sky child, sure.”

“Come here! Come here, boy!”

“That’s a good girl, Varya. Drink your milk.”

Makari spent the evening working on a special project.

Mhairi hung out playing the piano, long after everyone but Makari had gone to bed.

Makari’s project was completed! He now has his very own witch chair!

Davis brought over a vase, which was promptly sold. Now that the art gallery was fully stocked, it was time to begin establishing move out funds for the kids.

After he finished his chair, Makari spent the night doing chores around the house, like repairing the troublesome CleanBot. He could see why his dad had enjoyed being a plantsim so much.

Liouba got up early to get her homework done.

Then she scrubbed out Eddie’s bed – she didn’t want a stinky doggie.

In the morning, Makari made breakfast for the family. He was glad he didn’t have to give up eating.

 Meadow only made it a few bites into the meal before she was rushing for the bathroom. She was pretty sure she knew what this meant.

“So, honey, does this mean you’re having another baby?” Makari asked when she returned to the breakfast table.

“Another baby? Hooray!” Liouba said. “I hope it’s another girl.”

“Well, a boy might be nice, too,” Meadow replied.

 After breakfast, Meadow headed off for her first day of work in a very long time. She was excited to think she just might be climbing above level 2.

Makari was very happy to be able to stay home with his girls. Plus, now that he was at the top of the architecture career, he would earn $2300 per day for doing it!

 He even gave Eddie a bath!

Eddie was Liouba’s dog, of course, and she took great care of him, but he was a little too big for her to manage in the tub.

Wonder what Eddie’s barking at?

Why, it’s the Clean Bot! Silly dog.

Eddie got over his anger at the vacuum cleaner in time to greet Liouba as she got off the bus.

Meadow came home with a promotion! Level 3, hooray! At this rate, she’ll top the Business career around the time Varya’s ready to retire.

The redone portraits are finished!

Makari sat down with Angie to teach her a nursery rhyme.

Shortly after 6 pm, the family gathered for a double birthday!

We interrupt this birthday to bring you a pregnancy pop.

Sadly, the pregnancy pop made the cake glitch, so Anzhelina had to grow up on her own. Without cake. It’s a cruel world sometimes.

Next up was baby Varya!

She’s adorable, but desperately needs a new hairdo.

“Being grown up is great,” Liouba told her sister over birthday cake. “You get to do all kinds of great stuff that you can’t when you’re a baby, like sleep in a bed and go to school.”

The pigtails suit Varya much better.

“And soon I’m gonna grow up again and be a teenager, and then I’ll be able to drive, and get a job, and stuff.”

Hmm, Meadow seems a little bored.


 “All right, Varya. Daddy wants to teach you all your skills, so let’s get started.”

Angie stayed up for a little while playing chess, and quickly discovered that she loved games.

“Honey, the whole pregnancy thing has got me a little down. Want to go on a date?”

“I’m always up for a date.”

Anzhelina and Liouba were sharing a room, so naturally the first thing they did in the morning was play Cops & Robbers.

Anzhelina was a little nervous to get on the big yellow bus, but she didn’t really have a choice in the matter, so off to school she went.

Makari and Meadow both had the day off, so after their date they indulged in their hobbies.

Meadow missed her tomato plants at the old house, so she planted a nice little garden in their new backyard.

She earned a bronze badge in time to plant some cucumbers.

Anzhelina headed straight to the piano after school, while Liouba got on the phone to chat with friends.

Meadow invited the garden club lady over, but then I forgot about the second step to ask for membership.

The girls got their homework done early.

“It won’t be long now!”

Meadow and Makari kept getting interrupted in their attempts to have some bedroom time.

That evening, it was time for a birthday!

 Liouba chose the Family aspiration with a secondary of Fortune, just like Meadow. Her LTW is to be The Law.


Oh yeah, the Garden Club people. Somebody finally asked them to do an inspection. They reluctantly allowed Meadow to join the garden club. No wishing well or reward, because they’re stupid like that.

 “Just because I’m older now doesn’t mean you’re not my best puppy dog, Eddie. Now stay!”

Makari spent the night making reagents, so that maybe he could actually use his witchcraft for something other than sparkling.

“Now that you’re a teenager, maybe we could go on a cruise!”

“Sorry, Angie, I don’t think we have cruises.”

Liouba lingered a bit too long over her omelet, and found herself dashing for the bus.

Meadow headed off to work, leaving Makari home with Varya.

Liouba was feeling a little lonely when she got home from school, so she invited over her best friend Lluis.

They quickly discovered that they liked each other as more than friends.

Liouba had to interrupt her budding romance to go to the art gallery with her dad, where she earned bronze sales and restocking badges. They also got the place up to Level 8 and made some money.

Fortunately, Lluis was still there when Liouba got home, and was glad to agree to go steady.

Liouba was thrilled. She had a boyfriend!

“Mmm. I love jump roping in the sunshine.”

“Hi, Mommy. How was work?”

“It was great, sweetie! I got a promotion.”

Lluis got along well with Eddie, playing with him while Liouba made dinner.

Technically it was a late lunch, but Liouba didn’t care. She was excited that she could make a meal for the family.

Does anybody else get the impression that Angie really wants to go on vacation?

“Say Daddy, Varya!”

After dinner, Meadow headed out to tend her plants. She was looking forward to the delicious tomatoes and cucumbers she would harvest in the fall.


“Oh boolprop, I’m in labor!”

“Yikes! This freaks me out every time.”

Why is Liouba so shocked? Because it’s a boy! His name is Artur.

While everyone was busy with the new baby, Liouba put a sleepy Varya to bed.

(She got new glasses, by the way, because Lluis likes girls with glasses.)

As a boy with 3 older sisters, Artur gets a pink crib. And he’ll like it, gosh darn it.

Makari finally got to cast a spell!

He welcomed Liouba to the world of witchiness.

That’s it for the Pedersons’ summer! Next up is the Thayer family.


Family: Pederson

Business: Galleria (Level 8)

Taxes this season: $6300

Total taxes paid: $9800

Playable sims: 61

Sim multiplier: 20

Population: 1220