It’s time for the Thayer family!

Left to right: Meadow holding Faina, Nastasia, Lyov

“You should have cheesy grilled cheese for breakfast. It’s cheesy.”

“My omelet has cheese in it, too, Daddy.”

After breakfast, Meadow and Lyov headed down to their shop, Cakewich, to open it up for a few hours.

After closing the business and going on a date, Meadow and Lyov sat down to chat.

“Lyov, I really want another child.”

“Well, we’ve been trying, haven’t we, Sweet Cheese?”

“We’ve tried at least half a dozen times, with no luck. Maybe we should adopt a baby.”

“I’ll cheese as many cheesy babies as you want, Sweet Cheese, whether you cheese them in your belly or we cheese them from the orphanage.”

“That’s great, Lyov.”

Back home, it was time for the day to begin.

“Bye, Mom.”

“Bye, sweetie. Have a good day at school.”

The cats seemed to finally be getting along, after spending last season in the negative.

Lyov had the day off, so Meadow headed off to work.

What is up with these kids and their love of dog food? I swear, if the parents and I let our attention lapse for one minute…

She’s not even hungry.

“Say ‘milk’, Faina. Milk is delicious, and gets turned into cheesy cheese. Dog food is yucky and not cheesy at all.”

Nastasia got home from school and called up her cousin Pavel to chat. Poor kid only has two friends outside the family, both cousins.

“Hi. I need more friends. Will you be my friend?”

“Well, I have to go home in an hour, but we can play until then.”

I originally wasn’t going to do any renovations, but I have until the end of the first day, and at this point I decided I wanted a change. So, there’s now a separate nursery, instead of just having the toddler blanket in the living room. I built a little TV room nook with the half walls, and bought them a TV and chess set. It was a fairly inexpensive reno, with total cost of about $5,000.

Faina went to sleep on her blanket, rather happy to have a nice quiet room of her own.

“This is the last cheesy leftover grilled cheese. I’ll have to cheese up some more cheesy sandwiches after work.”

Success! *maniacal laughter*

Back to the bakery, where Lyov maxed his cuisine enthusiasm!

As sad as he was to stop selling grilled cheese, his customers were asking for desserts. So, desserts it would be.

No cheesecake, though. After growing up as a quadruplet, Lyov refused to stock cheesecake.

The customers clearly loved the change; they were constantly sniffing the air appreciatively.

Meadow and Lyov got the shop up to Level 8.

Back home, it was time for Faina to have a bath. Lyov made sure to use the cheese scented shampoo.

After the bath, Meadow took over to teach Faina a nursery rhyme.

Meadow had the day off, but soon enough it was time for Lyov and Nastasia to head off.

Mid morning, a car pulled up outside.

Meadow hurried out to meet the Thayer’s newest addition.

Little Anthony was adorable in his cute little tuxedo. With his blond hair and brown eyes, he also looked like he could have been Meadow and Lyov’s biological child.

Anthony had a busy day ahead. First up was a delicious bottle of smart milk.

Next was a new, even more adorable haircut.

Anthony learned to walk.

Finally, he settled down at the brand new block table with his sister.

Nastasia and Lyov got home at the same time, Lyov with a promotion.

Lyov needed some body points, so he went straight to the ballet bar.

“Biscuit, Moonshine? Good kitty!”

 “Hmm, this is not very cheesy, but I suppose it’s worth a try.”

After getting his 9th body point at the bar, Lyov still needed his 10th. Since he’s only got body and 1 other skill that aren’t maxed, I figured eggplant juice was worth a try – and it worked! He got his last body point and headed off to work.

“Stay, Kobe. Good kitty.”

I think I’m going to try to get all Kobe’s skills maxed so she can get a job in Pet Show Business.

6 o’clock is birthday time!

Faina grew up adorable, and I love her outfit. The pigtails are still working pretty well for her, too.

Nastasia was happy to help out her little sister with her “make a friend” want, so off to the backyard they went for water balloon fun.

Meadow had a want to make friends with Julien Cooke, so she went on an outing with him.

The empty upstairs bedroom, squeezed in under the eaves, was redecorated and furnished for Faina. They would have to move things around again when Anthony grew up, of course.

Lyov came home with a promotion, topping the Adventure career. The career is now unlocked.

Lyov finally had a chance to bond with Anthony.

Meadow watched out of the corner of her eye from across the room. She had wanted 4 kids, but with the addition of Anthony, the family seemed to have a completeness it hadn’t had before.

Or…maybe not. Was it possible? Could she have finally gotten pregnant again?

As adorable as Anthony’s coming home tuxedo had been, Meadow thought he might be more comfortable in a more casual outfit.

The next morning, even though it was Saturday, Nastasia sat down to get her homework out of the way.

(I wish real kids would want to do their homework the way sim kids do. Faina even wanted to do Nastasia’s homework!)

Faina got a new hairdo, and discovered the joys of the piano.

It was definite: another baby was on the way. Meadow was so glad they had built the nursery.

 “After the baby’s grown up, our family will be the perfect size to eat up a platter of grilled cheese!” Lyov said, as the family breakfasted on grilled cheese.

Nastasia’s OTH is Sports, so she got a basketball hoop.

Lyov taught Anthony to talk under the watchful eye of Jumbok, because I finally remembered that he had one.

In the afternoon, Lyov headed off to work, even though the carpool driver was decidedly not attractive.

Noodle will not go to the food bowl until he’s practically starving, so he mostly survives on treats.

Faina turned out to be a studious child, rolling a lot of skill wants. Nastasia, on the other hand, needed a nap after a hard afternoon of basketball playing.

“Mommy, after you have the baby, are we going to get another baby from the orphanage again?”

“No, sweetie, I think this is going to be the last baby.”

Shortly after most of the family had gone to bed…

Kobe had two kittens, a girl and a boy. I named them Alexandra and Ian.

“My kitty!”

It seems Ian has been claimed.

It’s family Sunday! The die roll initially was for Stepan, but since he’s just one person (since baby Akim can’t come yet), Lyov invited the Hamiltons, too!

“Just one more day! I’m so excited!”

Everybody was hungry for breakfast, it seems. Meadow made omelettes AND pancakes.

“Did your brother really come from the orphanage?”


“Does that mean he’s not really your brother?”

“Huh? Of course he’s really my brother.”

Aw, Faina’s got the pretty ballerina costume! Yay!

“Bye, kids, I’m off to work,” Lyov called as he headed toward the car pool. “Have fun.”

Pavel was, surprisingly, the only one to hang out with Anthony and the bunny head.

The kittens were a big hit.

At 6 pm, everyone gathered for Anthony’s birthday!

“Yay! I’m still cute!”

Meadow sent all the visitors home, and Anthony and Nastasia became friends by chatting about robots.

“Hi, kids, did you have a good family Sunday?”

“It was great, Dad!”

The next morning, Meadow was just sitting down to a plate of pancakes when Lyov came in to make grilled cheese. “Too bad you’re going to miss out on my delicious cheesy cheese, Sweet Cheese.”

“Oh, don’t worry, Lyov. I’ll still have room for grilled cheese.”

“Pretty soon I’ll be a teenager, and I can wear makeup!” Nastasia said.

“There’s no rush, Nastasia,” said Meadow. “That won’t be until fall.”

“Are you excited about your first day of school, Anthony?”

“It’s gonna be awesome!”

The kids were hardly out the door when the labor pains hit.

Meadow gave birth to a baby girl, named Rufina.

“Oh, she’s beautiful. Our youngest child.”

“Not quite, Lyov.”

A few minutes later, Meadow was holding a baby boy, Sevastian.

The babies were established in the nursery, under the watchful eye of Jumbok.

Meadow smiled as she headed off to work. She had 5 beautiful children.

She wondered if she could talk Lyov into another 5?

Faina brought home her cousin Feofil! They spent the afternoon making friends.

Meadow made sure Anthony learned to study.

Lucky Lyov got diaper duty for the twins.

After homework, Anthony headed for the piano. There he discovered that he was destined to be a Music & Dance lover, just like his dad.

After Feofil went home, Lyov made sure that Faina learned to study, too.

Faina stayed up late, determined to make friends with all four cats. Finally, after becoming friends with Noodle, she headed to bed.

That’s it for the Thayers! Next up is the Carr family.


Family: Thayer

Business: Cakewich (level 8)

Taxes this season: $8100 total ($6800 in required taxes, $1300 in private school fees)

Total taxes: $14,100

Playable sims: 64

Sim multiplier: 20

Population: 1280