It’s time for the Carr family! Will they become the 1st household in Willow Valley to own 3 businesses?


Left to right: Bolts holding Adam, Irina, Nadezda holding Semyon, Akilina, Joe

This is their house as the season begins. At the moment it’s a little cramped, mostly because I really didn’t expect them to have 4 kids in one season last time.

Even after paying $14,600 in taxes, they were doing pretty well money wise, so I built them a nice big upstairs, complete with a loft playroom and individual rooms for each kid.

(Barring alien abduction, the Carrs are done having kids. Now that there’s a medical position open, I’m allowing birth control for sims who have completed their families, unless one is a Family sim.)

Joe and Nadezda were working hard on getting skill points for their jobs. Joe’s in his LTW career of Architecture, while Nadezda is in Law Enforcement.

Bolts was left with diaper duty. Poor Bolts.

Nadezda headed down to her venue business, Miss Nadezda’s Dance Studio, where she gained stars by dazzling and going on outings with the customers. With a ticket price of $500 per hour, the money rolled in.

Mmm. Must get Dand in his swim trunks more often.

After 24 hours, it was time to go home, although it took a little while for the lazers in the hot tub to get the hint.

Back home, the girls got up promptly at 6 am. They were glad this was the last time they would have to be squeezed into the nursery with their brothers.

The best days start out with jumping rope.

Chili for breakfast is another good way to get the day going.

Nadezda headed off to work. She hoped everyone else would enjoy their Saturday while she was gone.

Akilina wanted to make friends with her cousin Anya, so I figured, why not invite the whole brood over?

“I have 3 best friends. Maybe if you’re nice to me you can be the fourth.”

Faina Thayer walked by, and naturally was invited to stay and play.

“So, we’re cousins, and obviously we both have awesome taste in hairstyles.”

“You’re right. We should be friends.”

Nadezda had made a lot of money at the dance studio, so they built a playground in the backyard for the kids.

The kids tired out quickly, and settled down to talk about their favorite topic: whether Grandpa Leo would come back as a ghost.

Nadezda came home with a promotion to Captain Hero! This opens positions in Journalism and Law.

(One of my rule changes is that a Law position is opened by a sim topping Law Enforcement or Journalism.)

I forgot about Joe on the easel all day, and he maxed his creativity.

After the kids went home , it was time for the younger set of twins’ birthday!



The boys got cute complementary outfits and haircuts, and of course Smart Milk.

I don’t know what it is about toddler birthdays that makes the Clean Bot malfunction.

The next morning…

“I’m so glad we have Bolts to help out around the house! Mommy and Daddy are super busy, and without Bolts the babies would be smelly all the time.”

Nadezda headed back to the dance studio and dazzled some more suckers out of their money. Only $100 per hour this time, but she was there for about 2 and a half days, so she ended up making some serious dough.

The Old Farts Club decided to hold their quarterly meeting in the hot tub. The usual discussions of children getting married and grandchildren ensued.

Nadezda had a horrible smustling accident and had to be rushed to the hospital, along with Joe Graham. Fortunately, both made a full recovery.

Where did you guys learn the Slap Dance? No one in this town has ever been to Three Lakes.

After hours on the dance sphere, Lyov finally got off…and was horrified when his grilled cheese belly melted away.

“Whatever you do, Vanya, don’t get on that dance sphere. It zapped away all my stored grilled cheese!”

After several days, Marie Rauscher gave the dance studio its 125th star! That’s two top businesses down, three to go.

Back home, Nadezda got on the computer and bought her 3rd business, while Irina made friends on the phone.

After buying the business, Nadezda tried to invite Makari over for family Sunday, but he was working, and then she had to go to work. So, sadly, family Sunday was cancelled for this week.

Joe spent the day working on skills with the boys.


Akilina stayed out on the playground as long as she could, but had to go inside when it started to rain.

While waiting out the summer storm, the girls bonded with their brothers on the block table.

“Faina said yesterday that her family has a TV! I wish we could get a TV.”

“What do we need a TV for? We’ve got plenty of stuff to do.”

“Yay, you’re home!”

“Yes, but now I have to go to the new store.”

So Nadezda headed down to her newest business, The Kitchen Stop.

The store sells…kitchen stuff. (Surprise!) Fridges, stoves, grills, dishwashers, and small appliances.

Look, it’s a sim spongebathing in a tiny bathroom, impaled by a door! Brings back memories.

Nadezda made 3 of these, and then I decided that it takes too long to keep making them for massive sales. So I’ll sell two, and the Carrs can keep one, since I think I foolishly sold the one they used to have.

“You really need a new fridge…”

“But I already have a fridge.”

“This is a special fridge. It keeps your plaid shorts and Western shirts nice and crisp.”

“Ooh….All right, I’ll take five.”

In 24 hours, the store reached level 6 and earned a Best of the Best Award.

Back home, Bolts went on a date. Sometimes I think, “Oh, no, I have to get him more dates, he’s only had six,” but then I remember he doesn’t age, so I could do one date a rotation and he’d still get there eventually.


“Honey, that’s a baseball, not a volleyball. You don’t serve it.”

Joe spent another night trying to max his logic.

The girls spent a couple of hours studying before bed. They wanted to be prepared for their first day of school tomorrow.

“Say ‘milk’, Semyon. Good job.”

Bolts maxed his tinkering enthusiasm!

Go away, hobby guy.

Random Adam picture.

“With the money I inherited from your grandpa, we can send all of you to private school! Isn’t that wonderful?”

Kind of morbid, actually, but okay.

Soon enough, the bus pulled off. Akilina and Irina eagerly headed off for their first day.

All the Pavlov kids moved out with tons of fresh produce in their inventories, and I keep trying to remember to have sims drink juice to use it up. So, after his night on the telescope, Joe downed a glass of Pepper Punch rather than heading for the energizer.

Joe headed off for work. Nadezda was going to go to work, too, but at the last minute decided to stay home with the boys. Bolts was a great help with the businesses, but he wasn’t the most paternal, and the twins’ needs might be more than he could handle.

It turned out that the boys were just fine, so Nadezda spent most of the day reading about controlling her anger.

Joe got a demotion from one of those stupid hobby chance cards. 😦 Fortunately, he was able to go right back to work.

Akilina brought her cousin Anthony home from school! He looks just thrilled about it, doesn’t he?

Joe came home with a promotion back to his previous level.

Nadezda spent the evening teaching the boys their nursery rhyme.

“Daddy’s out on the telescope again. Maybe he’ll get to visit another planet!”

Bolts went on a date with another hot chick.

Success! At 5:30 am, Joe finally succeeded in getting his last Logic point.

First thing in the morning, the girls learned to study with help from Nadezda and Bolts.

As soon as it was light out, the adults headed off to the kitchen store.

I’m glad I got rid of No Playable Shoppers, and replaced it with a hack that lets playables just not spend their money. It’s nice to see all the residents of Willow Valley out at the shops.

Oh, no! A witch’s lightning caught the tree on fire, which caused Abhijeet to catch on fire!

Fortunately, Nadezda was able to put him out in time.

Despite Abhijeet docking us a star for letting him catch on fire, The Kitchen Stop reached level 8.

Back home, it was still Tuesday. The girls headed off for another day of school.

Joe went to work, while Nadezda stayed home with the toddlers.

The chance card went the right way this time, and Joe came home with a promotion to City Planner, achieving his LTW!

Irina and Akilina both brought home A plus grades.

Now that he wasn’t skilling like mad, Joe finally had the chance to catch up with his friends.

Nadezda was enjoying being at the top of her career, too – it gave her plenty of time to spend with the kids.

At 6 o’clock, it was time for Semyon and Adam to grow into children!

Semyon is super cute, and it looks like he knows it.

Adam is also adorable.

Bolts came home with a promotion, sadly too late for the birthdays.

Since Fall is coming, the boys got matching hoodies to wear. They kept their hair the same.

It’s a double outing gift night! *sells*

“We’re all going to be best friends, right?” asked Adam as he ate his yummy pancakes in the morning.

All too soon, it was time for school. The boys joined the girls in private school.

Nadezda had the day off. With Joe at work and no kids to take care of, she returned to the robot bench.

“Hi, Uncle Bolts. Hi, Uncle Bolts’ date.”

Akilina brought home Malvina Bruce. By 6 pm, the two were good friends.

Semyon brought home his cousin Nastasia, and they played a game of chess. Nastasia ended up winning, probably because of all the cheating she was doing.

Adam was a little more studious, wanting to learn to study right away. Irina spent her time making phone calls to her friends.

“Whee! Faster, Daddy, faster!”

Irina went out to look through the telescope, and decided that she really liked Science a lot.

Munchie Bot brought Chinese for dinner.

Bolts came home with a promotion, and Sofiya with the proper hairstyle!

That’s it for the Carrs! Next up is Annika Richter.


Family: Carr


A Whole New You, level 10

Miss Nadezda’s Dance Studio, level 10

The Kitchen Stop, level 8

Taxes this season: $16,600 total ($14,600 in regular taxes, $2000 in school fees)

Total taxes paid: $23,700