It’s time for the Richter household!

Annika is a teen living on her own…

With a pack of dogs.

Not pictured is Sarah, the momma dog.

The house was a disaster, so Annika spent most of her Saturday cleaning.

Sarah needed a bath pretty much every day.

At 2 o’clock, Annika headed off to work.

She brought home Tosha Go as her friend.

Annika and Tosha had a very nice outing before Tosha headed home.

Annika finally got around to paying her taxes. She’d heard taxes were high here, and her tax bill was $1000. She was sorry to see the money leave her buy-a-business fund, but what could she do?

When she had some free time, Annika dug for buried treasure. She didn’t find anything huge, but she did find some old treasure maps that she was able to earn some cash for.

Annika’s secondary aspiration is Knowledge, so I was glad when she finally rolled some skilling wants.

It was hard to find times when both Annika and one of the dogs were in a good mood, but she occasionally managed it. That Saturday night, she taught Danny to Come Here.

Sunday morning, Annika invited her good friend Madelina over. Madelina was the very first friend Annika had made in Willow Valley, back when Madelina was still a teen.

“So your little girl is going to be a child soon. Do you think she might like a puppy?”

“Oh, you’re such a cutie. Sharlene’s going to love you.”

So Madelina bought Brownie. I was considering having Annika keep him and breed him, but that would mean getting a mate, and 4 adult dogs plus puppies would just be too much.

Shortly after Madelina left with Brownie, the remaining puppy, Blondie, grew to an adult dog!

Annika invited over Ramsay Bruce. She thought he was about the hottest guy she had ever seen, and it was easy enough to fall in love with him.

“Maybe someday we could live in a big house, with lots of double beds and hot tubs, and romance the whole neighborhood.”

“Yeah, that would be awesome.”

That evening, Liouba Pavlov was walking by when she caught sight of Blondie. “You are the most gorgeous doggie, yes you are.”

“Can I buy Blondie from you? I have a dog named Eddie. He would love a friend, and my little sister Anzhelina would love a dog of her own. I’ll give you $1000.”

Annika had been thinking about finding a new home for Blondie, and just keeping Sarah and Danny – the dogs were so much work! She’d wanted to give all the dogs to friends, but Liouba seemed nice enough. She was even a Good Witch. And it would be good for Blondie to have another dog around.

“You’re going to come home with me. You and Eddie will be such good friends, and Anzhelina will be so excited to have a dog of her very own.”

As Annika gave Danny a bath, she wondered if she’d done the right thing, selling the puppies. Wouldn’t Danny and Sarah miss them?

But she really hadn’t had a choice. She couldn’t have kept 5 adult dogs here, in this little house. Maybe someday she could move to a big lot in the country, with plenty of room for the dogs to play. But not now.

Sarah was always exhausted when she got home from work, and generally went to sleep right there by the side of the road.

Ramsay brought over an awesome date gift! After selling it, Annika had enough cash to buy herself a community lot.

The business was just an empty building, so Annika needed to earn some money to furnish it. So, Monday morning, Danny went off to work and Annika to school as usual.

Poor Sarah, by herself all day, got very lonely. So Annika spent the hour between school and her work carpool playing.

Danny came home with a promotion! With his bonus, he made over $1000!

(Why do pet jobs pay so much better than teen jobs? Or perhaps that should be, why do teen jobs pay so horribly? At the top of her teen career, Annika only makes $100 per work day.)

Annika brought home her measly $100, and Orlando Bertino as her work friend.

Orlando wasn’t nearly as hot as Ramsay, but he was still worth a date.

Annika spent some time digging for treasure so she could furnish the business, while Sarah headed out for her night shift job.

Woot, thanks, Orlando!

The TV gave Annika enough money to at least buy a little something fun for the business.

Annika decided not to go to the business lot in the middle of the night, though. Instead, she worked on teaching Danny to Roll Over for his next promotion. She didn’t quite finish before it was time to get ready for the day.

Danny got a nicer car to go to work in.

Annika spent the remaining time before school teaching Sarah to Shake. This time, she was able to completely teach her the skill.

School and work passed uneventfully. Annika arrived home from work to find both dogs snoozing by the sidewalk. She sighed. They had beds, but they never used them.

Finally, Annika had a chance to head down to her new business! It was called Spa Bliss. Annika planned to eventually have hot tubs and hot springs for soaking, but for now, all she could afford was a sauna. Since the lot was so empty, she had to start with a miserably low ticket price of only $3 per hour.

Marylena was the first to try out the sauna. Sadly, it wasn’t as popular with the customers as Annika had hoped.

She spent quite a bit of time digging, to augment the meager earnings from the ticket machine. Again, she didn’t find anything spectacular, but she did dig up some trinkets she could sell.

Finally, she had enough to purchase a Mahjong table and a small boombox, which brought the ticket price up substantially, to $10 per hour.

The Mahjong table was much more popular with the customers, and Annika enjoyed a game with James Cooke and Bolts Carr.

“And then you had 4 babies? At the same time? How did you find enough toys for them?”

Annika found that she got along quite well with Larisa Pavlov. Larisa had once been a teenager on her own, too, and had started out in Willow Valley with almost nothing. Annika loved to hear her stories.

Finally, Annika headed back home, very satisfied with herself. She’d gotten the business up to Level 2, and gotten the ticket price up to $15 per hour. Spa Bliss would still need a lot of work to reach its full potential, but she would get there.

The next day, Annika invited Michael Bruce over after school for a date. She’d missed him after not seeing him all week.

Annika finally finished teaching Danny to Roll Over! Hopefully he would reach the top of the Pet Service career soon.

Annika’s friends and romances had done a really terrific job of bringing her expensive gifts over the course of the season.

Sarah finally got a promotion! Yay, level 2.

We end the season with a shot of the dogs, contentedly chewing on their bones.

Next up is the Cooke-Pavlov household!


Household: Richter

Business: Spa Bliss, Level 2

Taxes: $1000 ($1000 total)

Total uni fund: $376,900

Positions unlocked: 1 position in Slacker (as I’m classifying Spa Bliss as a club)

Playable sims: 64

Sim multiplier: 21

Population: 1344