It’s time for the Cooke-Pavlov family!

Sofiya, Kylie holding Denise

As you can see, another baby is on the way.

The season started with Saturday, and both Kylie and Sofiya were off work. Sofiya enjoyed a delicious omelet while Kylie caught up with friends.

The family has plenty of money, but Kylie wanted more, so she spent some time giving financial advice online.

I realized that Sofiya wasn’t friends with her brother Stepan! How awful! So he came over for an outing.

Agnes Picaso was walking by, and was invited in so Kylie could cheat her at chess.

“Is Sofiya getting the proper medical care during this pregnancy? We wouldn’t want her to have any problems.”

Denise got a new hairdo! I downloaded some new braided hairstyles.

For Reno day, I made the nursery a little bigger. I also bought them a new couch and coffee table.

Kylie got a soccer goal, to work on her Sports hobby. Man, that thing drains energy.

Stepan can always be counted on for the outing gifts.

Early in the morning, Sofiya and Kylie had a little fun on the couch.

As soon as it got light, it was time for Family Sunday! The Hamiltons were the lucky family.

(Kylie and Sofiya have a big selection to choose from, as their two families currently comprise 9 other households.)

The hot tub was immediately occupied.

“We’re expecting the new baby very soon,” Sofiya told her niece and nephews over a breakfast of omelettes.

Very soon indeed.

“A pregnant woman going into labor? We never could have expected this!”

Sofiya gave birth to a baby girl with blonde hair and brown eyes, named Eva.

Eva was quickly followed by her twin brother, Jake. Jake has black hair and green eyes.

Just for fun, I got a bear statue to put in the nursery.

I also put Sofiya on birth control. She has enough kids now to achieve her LTW (as long as there’s a uni available by then). It worked out quite well for them with 1 pregnancy each.

The babies were very popular.

Denise made some friends, too. I’m glad she met Pavel, as they’re about the same age.

Also, Pavel obviously still wants to go on vacation. Maybe I’ll send them to Three Lakes next season or something.

“Ha ha, Eva, you’re such a baby! You pooped your diaper! Ha ha!”

Silly sim. I guess it’s a slight improvement from lecturing the poor baby.

“All right, sis, it’s been a great visit, but the kids need to sleep.”

“I understand. Nice seeing you.”

“Hey, hot stuff, call me when we get home!”

Silly Marylena. Anyway, family Sunday had to end early, as all the tromping through the nursery was getting annoying.

Sofiya and Kylie then headed down to Paws, their pet store, where Sofiya made her first $100k.

The store got up to level 7, and got busy enough that Kylie had to hire someone to come in and restock.

 Back home, Denise got a bath so she could be clean during her last day of toddlerhood.



Kylie headed off to work.

I wish the gardener came every 2 days. The flowers always look terrible by the time she shows up.

“You’ve got your grandpa Leo’s blond hair, don’t you little Eva?”

Sofiya also spent a little while painting while the kids were napping.

Kylie got home with a promotion!

“Hi, Mom. So glad you could come.”

“The kids will be so excited to have you at their birthday.”

Um, guys, this is a kids’ birthday party.

Denise is up first. All three grandparents are quite familiar with a line of birthday cakes.

Denise continues to be very cute.

“Yay babies!”

Come on, grandparents, muster up a little enthusiasm here.

Eva inherited The Mouth.

Jake looks like Kylie.

“I’m glad you could come to my birthday, Grandpa, but I’ve got to go to bed now.”


I put them in the little frog hats, because I’m a horrible person.

Denise decided that since she was the oldest, she ought to look more mature and wear her hair in a single braid. Also, she has a ladybug dress.

Shortly after, it was time for her first day of school.

“We should start getting ready for winter.”

“Right. We’ll need more toys, I think.”

Kylie had the day off, but needed to gain some mechanical skill points. Sofiya didn’t really want to go to work, so she took a vacation day to help the twins with their toddler skills.

All right. I relented on the frog hats.

Cute, but he definitely looks like he’s thinking about getting into trouble.

Makari stopped by for a visit. “So, Kylie, what are you studying?”


“Oh, Mechanical’s my favorite. After you max it, you should get a robot station.”

Denise brought her cousin Anya home from school!

“And when you’re in sixth grade, like me, you get to study geometry!”

“Oh, boy! Geometry!”

“Denise! No cheating!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. That piece was definitely there before.”

“The syndicate has big plans. We’re expanding worldwide!”

“Kylie, hush. Makari’s listening, and he’s a GOOD warlock.”

Poor Kylie . Her nefarious criminal doings have to be hidden around about half of Sofiya’s family.

“Come to Momma, Jake. You can do it!”

Meanwhile, Kylie helped Denise out with her homework.

“Ok, I got it. Thanks, Mom!”

Sofiya was playing a friendly game of Red Hands with Makari when she burst into tears.

“Hey, what’s the matter, sis?”

“It’s just…it’s my portrait. I hate it so much.”

Well, you’re not repainting it, so live with it.

Late that night, Kylie maxed her mechanical skill! Hopefully that means a promotion to Criminal Mastermind the next time she goes to work. That’s good, because Aglaya and Nadezda need a nemesis.

The next morning, Denise made friends with her brother and sister at the block table.

“Wait, bus, wait!”

Denise stayed on the block table a little too long.

Oh boy, a genie lamp!

I decided to wait and let them make wishes next season, since today’s the last day of summer.

I got rid of the soccer goal because it was annoying, and got a basketball hoop instead.

Denise didn’t bring anyone home, but she did catch Chandler walking by and made friends with him.

The kids spent the evening playing blocks…

While the moms had some grown-up time in the hot tub.

“Bye, I’m off to work. Have fun watering the flowers.”

Kylie didn’t make it home by the time the season switched to fall, but she did get $55,000 on a chance card! They’re going to have some serious taxes next season.

Next up will likely be an update of my long forgotten Doom by the Numbers Apocalypse, so keep an eye out for that!


Household: Cooke-Pavlov

Business: Paws, level 7

Taxes: $9800 ($9300 in regular taxes, $500 in school fees, and the highest first time taxes ever!)

Uni fund: $386,700

Playable sims: 66

Sim multiplier: 21

Population: 1386