It’s time for the youngest Pavlov, Stepan!


Stepan with baby Akim.

Not pictured are the two dogs, Snickerdoodle and Rosalie.

Stepan moved into a new house. It’s not much bigger than his old one, but it’s on a much bigger lot. He has super green grass just because.

Stepan’s helicopter came, but of course he wasn’t going to work – he had to stay home and take care of Akim.

Stepan went in to pay his taxes. Move along, nothing to see here.

Stepan used his inheritance money to plant a nice big garden.

“Who are my good puppies?”

The Welcome Wagon had fun playing with the dogs.

Stepan invited Brittany over!

Stepan’s new pond proved quite popular.

Birthday time for Akim!

He’s a cutie, and has a terrific alien personality – 7/0/10/0/10.

“I wonder if Stepan would notice if I just took this baby home with me.”

Um, sorry, you can’t do that.

Brittany agreed to move in! She’s a Fortune/Popularity sim with a LTW to own 5 top businesses – yikes, another one! She brought $18,000 plus about $15,000 in inventory items. She’s also a General in the military, so that opens an Intelligence position.

Brittany noticed that Stepan’s furnishings were a little lacking. She decided that she wanted to live in a house with a kitchen and a bed, so most of her money was spent building a kitchen and buying a bed. The rest was used to build a greenhouse around the garden.

Aw. Look at Rosalie with her eyes closed in puppy bliss.

 “I’m so glad I invited you to move in, Brittany.”

“Ugh, my head feels funny. Is that pollen?”

“Oh, look, it’s a seedling.”

Stepan’s plantbaby is a girl, named Shura.

Shura proved quite popular with the rest of the family.

Brittany and Stepan headed down to the flower shop, where they earned some badges and got the business up to level 7. Normally I’ve been having them roll for their business perks, but Stepan took only money perks as he’s going to transfer the business to Brittany for her LTW.

Normally I have my families work their businesses a total of 24 hours during the course of the season, but since Brittany’s LTW is 5 top businesses, I’ll try to get them to work their businesses 24 hours each day of the rotation, for 120 hours total. I’m sure if I had each family do this my SM would be much higher, but I wouldn’t be able to stand that much business running in every household.

During a break to get aspirations up, Brittany surprised Stepan by getting down on one knee.

“Stepan, will you marry me?”

“Of course I will!”

Back home, Brittany headed to work, while Stepan took a vacation day to care for the toddlers.

Hooray for the block table!

I kind of wish sims could teach plantbabies the regular skills. Maybe not potty training as they have no need for it, but at least walking and talking. But hey, we have the nursery rhyme!

In the afternoon, Brittany and Stepan worked on getting the garden established.

Turns out Brittany’s OTH is Nature! Between that and her LTW, she really lucked out when she snagged a plantsim.

Since Brittany’s going to need a lot of money to buy 5 businesses, and she’ll ultimately make more climbing the career ladder than she will at the top of a career, she quit her job in Military and took a position in the Music career instead.

It was quite late by the time Stepan finally finished planting all the crops.

“Oh, so this is what a bed is for.”

They decided to have a quiet late night wedding ceremony right there in the bedroom.

Brittany’s had a want for Snickerdoodle to get a promotion pretty much since she moved in, so she taught him to shake.

Shura maxed her mechanical skill! That’s…actually kind of sad. Since she now has max Charisma, Logic, Creativity, and Mechanical, there’s no more skilling she can do for her remaining 36 hours of toddlerhood.

“Really, Stepan? You want to give me Sunshine Floral?”

“Well, you want 5 top businesses, and it’s already level 7, so you should have it.”

Then it was time to head back to the store, where the business got up to level 8.

“They told me I needed glasses, but I was like, ‘Pshaw, no’.”

Nadezda has no intention of buying anything, apparently – she just came to hang out.

“I’m so happy with this view, the happiness is just exploding out of my head!”

Yeah. Spores of Happiness. I should use them more often.

Back home, Shura discovered her passion for splashing in filthy puddles and making a huge mess.

“So, Akim, I hear you like to drink milk.”


“I wouldn’t know what that’s like, myself, but it sounds interesting.”

Shura discovered the radio. Definitely less messy than the puddles.

Bronze badge, hooray! I put in the huge garden because long term this is going to be a plantsim house – Shura is already the heir. I’m figuring most likely there will be 2-3 plantsims around most of the time. But for right now, the garden is too much for just Stepan.

Aunt Aglaya came to visit! She held Shura, snuggled her, and played with her for about 6 sim hours.

Puppies! I named them after flowers – the girl is Violet, and the boys are Clover and Phil (short for Philodendron).

Even after a date, Brittany was really hungry, so she made herself some spaghetti.

“Shura’s puppy!”

That would be great if I knew which one that was.

Snickerdoodle got a promotion, hooray! Now I can have green dogs.

“Chibi tamba luna…Akim?”


“No, we’re inside.”

“Go outside!”

Back to the flower shop. Shortly after arriving, it reached level 9.

Stepan got a gold restocking badge! As you can see, he needs it.

Melissa Fancey gave Sunshine Floral its 125th star! Level 10, hooray!

Brittany promptly rolled up the want to buy another business.

Snickerdoodle and Brittany shared a carpool.

“Is this…yes! They’re looking for a journalist to write a Willow Valley section for the Maple Hills news! I’m their man!”

Lucky for Stepan, his brother happened to be visiting.

“Vanya, I got a job in my dream career!”

“That’s great, Stepan!”

“They want me to start right away. Do you think you could watch the kids for me for a few hours?”

“Sure, no problem. Good luck!”

Vanya made a great nanny. Of course, it wasn’t surprising, as he’s got plenty of experience with his own two sets of twins.

Triple promotion!

(Why do the dogs always pee on the sidewalk? There’s grass. Right there. Lovely green grass.)

“You know that guy Stepan? He had two kids out of wedlock!”

Stepan had gone right back to work earlier, and returned a couple of hours later with a chance card promotion. He looks thrilled, doesn’t he?

Time for a double birthday!

Akim continues to be adorable, but that shirt color doesn’t suit him.

Shura became a Knowledge sim, with a LTW to top the Oceanography career. She still hadn’t decided on a secondary aspiration by the end of the season.

The garden had gotten a little overgrown while everyone was at work, so the adults headed out to get it in shape.

“Arr, matey! I be a pirate boy!”

Even pirates have to help weed the garden.

“Oh! Stepan, honey, we’re having a baby!”

I think it’s funny that Stepan will have 3 kids with 3 different “mothers”, even though Brittany’s the only one he’s ever woohooed with.

Shura wasn’t partial to the regular plantsim dress, and decided cloth suited her better.

Brittany sat down and bought her next community lot. It cost about $65k, and they still had about $40k left (all of which is reserved for move out funds for Akim and the new baby).

They won’t go until tomorrow (yes, I’m breaking from my usual pattern and sending her while pregnant). But! Brittany’s new business is the 20th player-owned lot, which means Business District #4 is now available! That increases the sim multiplier to 26, hooray!

Stepan wanted to teach Rosalie to Come Here, so he did.

Eventually she’ll probably get a job. But so far all employed pets have been in Pet Service, which is the only one that’s open. So for right now, she’s just learning skills.

“These pancakes are so good, you’re going to get an award!”

Brittany and Akim have a special bond as the only sims in the house who eat.

“Eating breakfast with Brittany almost made me late for my first day!”

They have lots of money, so Akim was enrolled in private school.

As soon as Akim was gone, everyone else headed off to the new business.

Don’t ask why I decided to make the building all weird, because I don’t know. Anyway, this is Parker Statuary, and it sells statues.

Shura didn’t meet a lot of people, but she did turn out to have 2 bolts with Toby Bruenig.

(I’m not in a hurry to get her married off, at all. The plan is for her to spawn a plantbaby before she gets married, so that the plantsim line has the Pavlov name. But if she spawns too soon, the generations will get smashed together and there will be too many people in the house. So she’s going to get some elixir, and wait to get married.)

Brittany did have to make a few trips to the Energizer – 3 during the 24 hour stint at the store – but she stayed in platinum due to the store increasing in levels, so it wasn’t a problem.

I got Shura on the register early, since a low register badge cashier works best in a low level store. By the end of 24 hours, though, Shura had a silver register badge and a silver sales badge, and Parker Statuary was level 6.

Back home, everyone had the day off. Stepan taught Snickerdoodle to Roll Over for his last promotion.

Brittany weeded the garden – a seemingly never ending task.

Like a good Knowledge sim, Shura sat on the couch and studied.

She doesn’t have a job as of the end of the rotation – she needs a gold fishing badge to get her dream job in Oceanography. Since there are now spots available in all careers, all sims with non career related LTWs (or who are waiting on their LTW for whatever reason) will take jobs in Business. So Shura will get a Business job when it shows up, and hopefully top the career before switching to Oceanography.

Rosalie is a great doggy mommy, always nuzzling her puppies.

“Earlier your dad and I went on a terrific Dream Date!”

“Uh, great, Brittany. Thanks for telling me.”

“Ow! Feels like I got bonked in the head by a badge!”

Shura’s actually a pretty terrible fisherperson. In all the time it took her to get her bronze badge, she caught…absolutely nothing.

Um, Carme, newspaper stealing tip: don’t do it when the owner of the house is right there on the lawn having an outing with his brother.

Even though Brittany was on maternity leave, she headed off to work. At least she’s wearing clothes.

“Well, I never went to school, but I suppose if your homework asks you a question, then you should answer it as best you can.”

“So if I have 7 apples, and I give 3 to my friend, how many apples do I have left?”

“Son, if you only have 7 apples, you should plant another apple tree.”

Akim wrote carefully, “Plant another apple tree,” on his homework.

Stepan and Shura spent the last night of the rotation gardening and fishing, respectively.

Brittany came home with a promotion! I didn’t check when she goes to work next, because it’s the end of the season.


Household: Pavlov/Parker (Stepan took Brittany’s name, and one of their kids will carry on the Parker name, but Akim and Shura are Pavlovs, and Shura will inherit the house.)


Sunshine Floral, Rank 10

Parker Statuary, Rank 7

Taxes: $3000 ($2700 in regular taxes, $300 in school fees)

Total uni funds: $389,700

New this rotation:

1 birth (Shura Pavlov)

4th business district opened

Intelligence position (due to Brittany being a General)

Architecture position (due to business district)

2 Education positions (due to population increase from business district)

Playable sims: 68

Sim multiplier: 26

Population: 1768