Back to the cold wintry world of the apocalypse… Hopefully things will get a little bit brighter soon.

Chryseis has been locked in the bathroom with the exploding toilet for months now. Fortunately, she finally gets to come out.

Here are the kids in all their random clothing glory.

“Shaun? She’s home. Get over here.”

Future mother-in-law from hell?

Torgny and Cainneach decided a snowball fight was in order. Rina headed in for a quick potty break before her fiance arrived.

Rina greeted Shaun with a kiss, then wiped her mouth. That had still been kind of meh.

“So, here’s the ring. Isn’t it cool? I found it in a Crackerjack box.”

“But you’re loaded! Why are you getting rings out of Cracker Jack boxes?”

“No stores.”

Paring down Shaun’s inventory turned out to be difficult. He had a lot of big, expensive, heavily restricted items. I was able to fit everything in on the roof except for the three biggest items, which Shaun will keep in inventory. The blocked half of the roof is pretty much full, though.

They have, I think, 4 re-nu-yu chugs on the roof – on the accessible part, since they’re not restricted. So Shaun drank one, bumping his relationship with Rina up to two bolts.

While I wasn’t paying attention to him, Cainneach had wandered upstairs and loaded up SSX 3. Which is…not restricted! Shaun is a Mad Scientist, so the Science restrictions are now lifted. Sims can have lights and TVs, and have full use of the computer on Tuesdays from noon to midnight.

Still, Cainneach has to stop playing his game and find a job. Since he has the computer, he’ll have his choice of any of the five jobs, but he must take one of them (unless they’re all previously lifted or restricted, but that’s not very likely).  Torgny will also be taking one of the five available jobs. Rina is not looking for a job yet; she’ll start her job search next Tuesday.

The available jobs are… *drumroll*

Education (boo, already lifted)

Adventure (hooray! Yippee!)

Paranormal (well, that would have benefits, I suppose…)

Politics (boo, restricted)


Medicine! (I actually got out of my chair and jumped up and down.)

Cainneach took the job in Medicine, because if his mother can go to work in a helicopter, gosh darn it, they ought to be able to have showers.

Torgny took the Adventure position. Sadly, he didn’t start until Friday. They both started at level 8, though, so hopefully these should be quick lifts.

I got them a second computer, since that’s allowed now that Science is lifted. It’ll still just be a typewriter for most of the week, but they can definitely use two typewriters.

“So then I graduated with honors, and…”

“That’s nice, Rina, but I was told there would be woohoo.”

Shaun here is a Romance sim. Since Education is lifted, I was able to give him a secondary aspiration and rolled Knowledge. Fortunately, his LTW to top Athletic is achievable, and he’s already at the top of his career and can start the job search right away.

They still had some Tuesday left, and so the boys made sure to use their phone time to call up their college friends.

I got them a tv! Now they can fulfill all of those “watch movie” wants.

“So, Rina, success?”

“No, it’s like we have a dark cloud over us. We tried twice, and no lullaby! And now Shaun has to go to work!”

Chryseis makes $5000 a day. Also, she gets home at the same time Shaun leaves, which is probably a good thing, as Shaun is one of her college lovers.

Not even midnight yet, and the boys are back to work on writing more bestselling novels.

Rina chowed down on a couple of burgers and watched a movie with Chryseis while waiting for Shaun to come home. They had to keep trying for a baby, which meant everyone in the house had to stay up until they were successful.

“Well, that was a third failure. Shall we try again?”

“One more time?”

“Oh, Shaun, I’m so tired.”

“Fifth time’s the charm!”

It wasn’t.

Finally, on their sixth woohoo, they got a lullaby.

(I was desperate to get things started because, y’know, my whole apocalypse kind of depends on Rina having a daughter. That’s why she didn’t get a job yet – because for her, having babies is way more important than lifting a career.)

Finally, at about 6 am, everyone could go to bed.

Chryseis moved up to the 3rd floor isolation room, but didn’t get to bed until after dawn because it took me a while to figure out I’d left the door locked.

“Got to get all clean for my first day of work!”

In a historic moment, the eldest Gen 2 sim headed off to work, to bring us showers.

“Finger guns!”

When unlocking the Science career, Shaun also invented the Energizer!

“Hmm, I don’t know, is this thing safe?”

“You invented it, you should know. I’m using it after you, if you survive.”

Yeah, all that woohoo kind of tuckered them out.

Shaun checked the paper for an athletic job, but no dice. Today the available job was Intelligence. He immediately recycled the paper, because I would love an Intelligence lift, but it would be against the Unemployment Office rules for Rina to take the job after Shaun looked at the paper. (Yes, it’s true that Torgny was the second one to look at jobs when he got his, but I figured it’s fair since he and Cainneach were both looking for their lift jobs.)

Since Torgny had two days off, he pretty much spent Wednesday and Thursday chained to the computer, writing novels. They don’t need the money, or the creativity, but it keeps them out of trouble.

No promotion today, although his progress bar did move up. Cainneach got a horrible chance card. One choice had an 84% chance of the “good” outcome of nothing happening, and a 15% chance of getting fired.  The other had an 84% chance of losing $5,000, and a 15% chance of gaining about the same amount. It was really a no brainer – Cainneach took the $5,000 hit.

Shaun moved in with only 3 body points. He’ll need 10 of them for his LTW career of Athletic, and also if he ever wants to leave the lot again, so he took up yoga.

So nice having the second computer.

This is the disadvantage of maxing skills in college – bored sims. Still, I’d rather have the maxed skills.

Always sad when a sim burns the nightly hamburgers. Still, since the fenced-off roof area is full, I’m not storing them anymore, so there’s that.

“So, I got married.”

“Oh, is it that guy I’ve seen around?”

“Sure is.”


Bump #1!

“I hope it’s a girl in there.”

Me too.

“Bills and the phone’s still out? Must be Thursday.”

Shaun wanted to study Lifetime Happiness, so I set him to it. Torgny wanted to study…I don’t know, relationship fixing or something. Whatever.

“Hey, I brought a friend home!”

You didn’t get a promotion. That’s 2 days without a promotion.

“But I brought a friend home!”

Cainneach wrote a bestselling novel, putting him into platinum!

I sent him to bed immediately, and never mind that it was only 7:30 pm.

“Yay, you kept my toilet!”

Huh? He died on a Monday, and since the beds are replaced every Monday morning he never slept in the new ones, but…the toilet?

“Ack! A ghost! Oh, hey, you’re my daddy!”

I don’t know what’s wrong with Rina’s eyes here.

I’m having flashbacks to RoseFyre’s apocalypse, in which her founder died early and ended up killing two of his children. Maybe I should have had one of the boys take that Paranormal job.

Fortunately, Ben drifted around quietly for the remainder of the night.

Looks like Torgny will be going to his first day of work platinum!

Either Chryseis or Shaun checks the paper every day. Shaun’s looking for his Athletic job, Chryseis is keeping an eye out for Criminal, to supress the payments. They’re at $750 per week right now, which is pretty much nothing, but it would give Chryseis something useful to do.

One more day!

Cainneach went to work platinum on Friday, so he was really hoping a promotion was in the works.

Chryseis only works 3 days a week, so the rest of the time, she gets to do whatever she wants until her grandbaby arrives – even if she wants to stick her foot through the wall.

Torgny got a promotion!

And went right back to work.

Cainneach finally got a promotion! Sadly, he had the weekend off and didn’t go back in until Monday. He’d better hope for a promotion Monday or Tuesday, because if he doesn’t top the career by Tuesday he has to stay an extra week.

Um, Cainneach, he has the same face as your father. That’s kind of creepy.

Still, Ethan Barrett is the first guy Cainneach has had any boltage with at all.

I was so hoping Torgny would lift Adventure tonight, but alas, it was not to be, thanks to another terrible chance card. On the one hand, he had an 84% chance of earning $15k and a 15% chance of getting fired; on the other hand, he had a 15% chance of promotion to Space Pirate and an 84% chance of demotion back to level 8. I really want that Adventure lift, so I decided to take the demotion so he didn’t have a risk of getting fired.

Fortunately, Torgny had work again on Saturday.

Once again, I sent everyone to bed early to keep their aspirations up, so soon Torgny was off to work again.

“Mom? I think it’s time.”


“Chryseis, where’s Cainneach?”

“Why would we want Cainneach?”

“He’s a doctor, isn’t he?”

“What does being a doctor have to do with having a baby?”

“Oh boolprop this hurts!”

“Well, I was hoping for a girl, but you’re a cute little guy, aren’t you?”

Yes, the firstborn was a boy again. He was named Binyamin.

“Here, Shaun, hold your son.”

This is Olli, who is also the wrong gender for heirship.

*sigh* I was actually really happy when I saw it was twins, since I figured I had a pretty good chance of getting at least one girl and being done with the baby having. But no, the game knows this is a matriarchy and is making it difficult for me.

“So we have to have another one, huh?”

“Until we get a girl, yes.”

“Darn it.”

Only took 3 tries for a lullaby this time.

I debated whether to have them try right away. There are only two cribs, and not much space for more. But I really want Rina to get a job on Tuesday, and this way she should have the baby on Tuesday afternoon and be able to use the computer to get a job afterward – if it’s a girl, that is. If it’s a boy, I might have her wait another week.

Torgny got promoted back to level 9! Once again, he went straight back to work. With luck, maybe Rina will be able to have Jumbok as a friend during this pregnancy.

Cainneach went back to his novel writing, so Chryseis was left to care for the twin spares.

Since Generation 3 is here, that’s it for this chapter! Tune in next time to see if Rina and Shaun will manage a proper heir, and if either of the boys will ever top their careers.

Restriction lifted this chapter: Science, at 44 days, by Shaun (Goss) Random