We’re into the final stretch of the rotation now, with only 3 households to go!


Sandy and Davis

Sandy is a Romance sim and Davis is a Pleasure sim, so this household is a bit of a departure from my norm.

Last rotation they spent their money establishing their business, so they still live in a little 2 bedroom starter. This season, though, they’ll be saving up for a house big enough to have parties and bubble blowers and such.

Whenever she could take a break from keeping her needs up, Sandy worked on getting skills for her job. She was determined that, baby or no, she would be a Celebrity Chef one day.

Davis headed to work, leaving Sandy alone for a few hours.

She used the time to crunch up on the loveseat and snooze, until it was time for her to waddle off to work.

Yes, it’s a tight fit, but couch naps are just better.

They both came home with promotions. Sandy hadn’t had enough couch napping, so she promptly headed to bed.

I love this painting. I especially like to hang it up in baby nurseries.

While Davis was on an outing with a walkby, one of the neighborhood teens jogged by.

(I love having a busy neighborhood with lots of playable walkbys.)

Davis wanted to max his Arts & Crafts enthusiasm, and was bored with painting, so he got a pottery wheel.

Early in the rotation, Sandy had bought an awesome zebra striped living chair. It was her favorite chair, and she sat in it whenever she had a chance. It certainly didn’t hurt that it was very comfortable, which was important as the baby got bigger and bigger.

Davis returned home with another promotion. All the money from both their salaries went into savings for a new house.

Aside from the constant hunger and the need to sit in her favorite chair a lot, this pregnancy thing wasn’t too terrible. Sandy had even begin to warm toward the idea of having a baby. She’d love a little girl that she could do hair and makeup with, but a boy would be good, too. Either way, she could teach the little one to play chess, and Davis could teach the guitar…maybe this would turn out to be a good thing.

Sandy had just finished her burger when the labor pains struck.

“Ohmigosh! We’re having a baby!”

“WE’RE having a baby? I’M having a baby, dunderhead!”

After a few minutes, Sandy held her son Eric. He had Davis’ coloring and was absolutely adorable.

The empty back bedroom had previously been decorated in red, but Sandy and Davis redecorated in blue for little Eric.

“Hey, Dad, guess what? We had a baby!”

Eric had the good taste to be born on Sunday morning, just in time for family Sunday. The main Cooke household was invited over, and everyone made it but James.

Sandy met everyone quickly, but then had to excuse herself and do more skilling for work.

Julien won the granddad sprint for the baby.

By the time she’d gotten all her skill points, Sandy was a little late for work, but at least she made it in.

Davis spent the afternoon getting to know his brother-in-law.

“Hey, Dad, could you watch Eric for a bit while Sandy and I go open up our shop?”

“I’d love to, son!”

I really love this babysitting hack.

Huh. I didn’t know Davis was an OCD window washer. He only has 7 neat points.

“I need a bed! Please help me! Which section has the beds?”

In a 24 hour stint, Sleep Soft got up to level 6, and they made about $20,000. Who knew the furniture business was so lucrative?

“Who’s Daddy’s little Eric?”

Eric was just wonderful, and Davis wondered if he could talk Sandy into having a second baby. But he’d known she was a Romance sim when he married her, and he’d promised himself he wouldn’t pressure her about more kids. If it happened, it happened.

This wasn’t so bad, Sandy decided; even the dirty diapers weren’t so bad. But would Eric be lonely growing up? Maybe she should think about having another one, so Eric would have a brother or sister to play with.

They were both very busy, keeping up friendships and skills for work.

“Armando, how would you like to play with your grandson for a few hours while I finish studying and go to work?”

“Sure, why not?”

Despite this picture, Eric was generally quite well cared for – even if he did spend a fair amount of time on the floor. Sims don’t seem to ever put babies down on blankets autonomously.

Frequently, Davis or Sandy would return from work with a promotion, then turn around and go right back for another shift.

Monday night, when Sandy returned home…

She hadn’t had any morning sickness at all, so her pregnancy came as something of a surprise.

“Do you still think I’m beautiful, even though I’m all huge and pregnant?”

“Baby, you’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever laid eyes on.”

Soon it was time for Eric’s first birthday!

Eric looked like he was going to be the spitting image of his father.

Sandy was famished, so she scarfed down two huge slices of cake while Davis fed Eric his smart milk and put him to bed.

“Yes, you’re such a strong boy, aren’t you?”

Sandy had fun fixing up Eric’s hair, too – but he still looked like a mini Davis.

Finally, Eric took his nap, and Sandy was able to have some fun. Hopefully, when she had the new baby, the kids would be able to keep each other company.

After 4 days of seemingly nothing but work, Davis was promoted to Professional Party Guest! Not only did he now have the best job ever, but a position in Show Business was opened.

Sandy was excited – only one more day until she was done with pregnancy forever! A second baby would be fine, good even, but there was no way she was having a third, so as soon as the baby was born she planned to go on birth control.

Davis spent a lot of his free time making pottery.

Sandy and Davis still managed to find time together. Davis loved to dance, so they would often spend time just swaying together.

Eric was a smart little boy, and learned to talk quickly.

Davis maxed his Arts & Crafts enthusiasm!

“So, how’s the bank account coming?”

“Great! We’ve got about $50,000. We should definitely be able to build an awesome house at the end of the season.”

“That’s terrific. There’s just no room here to throw parties, you know?”

Friday afternoon, Sandy met Sinjin walking by. Sinjin said he would drop a line to her boss to give her a raise!

“No! I don’t want to have my baby on the sidewalk!”

“Sandy! It’s dark out here!”

Sandy was thrilled to give birth to a baby girl. Little Greta rounded out the family perfectly.

“Here, Davis, hold your daughter. I’ve got an outing to finish.”

“Who’s Daddy’s cute little girl? You are, yes you are!”

After her outing, Sandy fed Greta a bottle while Davis gave Eric his bath. The whole thing was almost painfully domestic. Sandy vowed that next season, she would have more fun.

That’s it for the Fairchild family! Next up is the Bendetts.


Family: Fairchild

Business: Sleep Soft, Rank 6

Taxes this season: $4700

Total Uni fund: $394,400

Playable sims: 70 (+2)

Sim multiplier: 26

Population: 1820

Career positions opened: 1 Show Business slot