Next to last household of the rotation!

 Marisa and Ashton.

I don’t know what Ashton’s mad about.

 Like Ashton’s brother Davis, they live in a little starter house, although it’s more nicely furnished than some thanks to Marisa being an avid shopper prior to moving in.

Also like Davis, they’re planning to move out at the end of the season, but not so they can have parties. Ashton wants bedrooms for a bunch of kids, while Marisa wants room for lots of statues, paintings, and living chairs.

Home from work, both with promotions!

Ashton and Marisa are both in their LTW careers – Culinary for Ashton, Dance for Marisa.

Marisa headed right back to work. Ashton could have gone back, but he needed two cooking points for his next promotion, so he hit the candy machine instead.

Another promotion! Marisa tried to overstuff the fridge with the groceries in her inventory whenever she came home.


Unfortunately, Ashton just missed the end of his work shift.

Late that night, the labor pains woke Marisa from a sound sleep.

She soon gave birth to a baby boy, named Devan!

“Yeah! Go Marisa! That’s my baby boy!”

As per the neighborhood routine, the new parents headed off to open their business, Tots Best Toys. The shop hadn’t been very popular with the customers last rotation, but they did better this time, getting the shop up to Rank 5.

“Who’s Daddy’s little nooboo?”

Sunday morning, Ashton stayed home with Devan while Marisa went to work.

Davis and Sandy came over for family Sunday.

Ashton had a nice outing with his sister-in-law.

He had to go to work in the afternoon, but fortunately Davis was willing to watch the baby.

Marisa got home a couple of hours later, and spent the time until Ashton got home getting to know her brother-in-law.

Ashton got home with a promotion to Celebrity Chef, achieving his LTW!

Time to get to work on his portrait!

Marisa spent the night working on her Charisma skill. They’re one of the few households without an Execuputter, it seems.

Portraits done! Marisa’s is weird, though, so I think I’m going to have to have them redo that one.

Marisa was finishing up a date and missed her carpool, so she had to walk to work. She’s clearly unhappy about it.

This was the second time this rotation that their trashcan was knocked over, both times by AL townies. Fortunately, they cleaned it up quickly and didn’t get roaches.

Another promotion for Marisa.

They grow up so fast. It seems like he was only born yesterday.

Little Devan grew up super cute.

For his birthday, Devan got a whole pile of home crafted toys.

And the beginnings of a little brother or sister.

After a nap, Devan got a new outfit and learned how to walk.


“My brick!”

All right, enough toddler spam.

Marisa needed something to do when she wasn’t skilling for work. She had a bronze sewing badge and a high interest in fashion, so she got herself a sewing machine.

After Marisa headed to work, Ashton put Devan down for a nap, then indulged in a nice soak.

Marisa came home early with a chance card promotion and a friend!

Ashton had been planning to take a vacation day, but since Marisa was home early, he decided he might as well head off to work.

Devan’s first word was “highchair”. Marisa thought that was a bit odd, since they didn’t own a highchair, but she was proud that her son was starting to talk.

Ashton got home and was shocked at the state of the foliage. Even though it was late, he whipped out the shears immediately.

“We’re going to make sure you’re a clean boy, aren’t we?”

Marisa autonomously gave Devan a bath. I was impressed.

“It’s my 3rd trimester already!”

Ashton taught Devan his nursery rhyme, making him a very well educated toddler.

Marisa’s amazingly flexible for someone who’s 8 months pregnant.

Ashton spent the last night of the rotation making toys – he had earned his gold badge, and planned to begin selling water wigglers at the store. Marisa painted away the last of her pregnancy.

She lay down for a few hours, but the contractions woke her up.

Marisa gave birth to a baby girl, named Drina.

She was followed by her twin sister, Kat.

The birth of another set of twins marks the end of the season for this household! They’ll be moving to a bigger house next time.


Family: Bendett

Business: Tots Best Toys, Rank 4

Taxes: $4800

Total uni fund: $399,200

Playable sims: 73 (+3 this rotation)

Sim multiplier: 26

Population: 1898

Career topped: Culinary