It’s time for the last household of Summer 3! The Gavigan family is newly removed from the sim bin.

Left to right: Nathan, Mary, Isaiah

Apparently my hack to prevent playables from actually buying stuff doesn’t apply to pets, as the Gavigans seem to have acquired a small ugly dog. His name is Baxter.

If this house looks familiar, that’s because it was the Pedersons’ house through last season. It’s the biggest starter home, so hopefully the Gavigans will be comfortable here for a couple of seasons while they acquire some funds.

Nathan’s a Fortune/Pleasure sim with a LTW to top the Athletic career. Unfortunately, there were no Athletic spots available, so he took a position in Military in the interim.

The Gavigans started out with plenty of money to furnish their house, but they’ll need quite a bit more to get their business off the ground – about $10,000 more just to purchase the building, which is all I pre-built for them.

(Unless someone in a family has a specialized interest, like a crafting badge or some such, I roll to choose their business from a list of business ideas. The Gavigans were unlucky and rolled a venue business that will be expensive to furnish.)

I gave Mary a makeover. She’s still weird looking, but it’s better now – that hairstyle did not do her face any favors.

Mary is a Family/Fortune sim with a LTW to reach her Golden Anniversary. Since she doesn’t have a career based LTW, she’ll be taking a job in Business eventually. There wasn’t any Business available the first day, either, so she took a temporary job in Adventure.

Isaiah headed to school and Mary to work, leaving Nathan alone. He figured he might as well try to make some money, so he started digging for treasure.

While spraying bugs, he realized how much he loved Nature. He was going to enjoy nurturing these tomatoes to harvest.

Mary came home with a chance card promotion – especially awesome since she didn’t have a needed skill point.

Mary worked on getting those skills up while Nathan made a new friend.

Baxter tried to sing along with the radio. He wasn’t a very good singer.

Hooray, making friends with other playables!

(The family started with about 8 friends, all playables. Ah, the joys of moving new households in at the beginning of the rotation and playing them at the end.)

Isaiah got home and got started on training Baxter.

I don’t know which of the adults bought the dog, but I’m declaring that he’s Isaiah’s dog.

“Hi, I’m Isaiah.”

“Oh. Um, I’m Nastasia.”

“You weren’t planning to steal our newspaper, were you?”

“Um, of course not, why would you think that?”

“Well, the steepling your fingers and cackling were kind of clues.”

“So, are you and your little girlfriend in love?”

“She’s not my girlfriend, Mom. Geez.”

Woot! Thanks, Larisa!

Mary found a job in Business and promptly gave up the Adventure position to take it.

Nathan headed to work in the early morning hours.

“The Maxian invasion of Simlandia was in 1604, not 1406, Isaiah. Next time don’t leave your homework for the last minute.”

Everyone headed off for the day.

Larisa came by again.

“Yeah, my dad’s on this health kick. He said after he works out he’s going to eat some eggs.”

Isaiah had learned his lesson, and got his homework done before bed.

Nathan was thrilled to harvest the tomatoes. They weren’t the huge, bright red, practically glowing fruits that he’d seen for sale at the grocery store here in town, but they were his, and he was sure they would be delicious.

Mary decided to do some digging while Nathan took care of the small garden. She was tired of the matter -of-fact questions from others in town: “So, what kind of business do you own?” Thus far, she’d been able to say that they’d just moved here and were still deciding, but they had to have a business up and running by the end of the season.

“Wow, Dad, these toaster pastries are really good!”

“That’s because they’re made from home grown ingredients, son.”

Personally, I would find tomato Pop Tarts kind of gross, but hey, I’m not a sim.

Morning came, and Mary and Isaiah headed off to work and school.

Nathan was left home with the dog. He earned himself a Mechanical point for work.

After a little more digging, he finally had enough! Nathan sat down and purchased his first business.

He would wait until they had about $5000 in cash to actually go there, though, since the place would need to be furnished.

Baxter enjoyed the fruits of the family’s digging, too.

Mary got a promotion!

Isaiah was a playful kid, and always came home needing a fun boost. Fortunately his dad was available to play the best game ever in the history of everything with him.

Mary headed straight inside to work on her charisma.

While Isaiah did his homework, Nathan and Mary found time for a date.

Everyone had work or school the next day.

Nathan continued to hope he’d find a job in Athletic, but in the meantime, Military was proving quite lucrative, with frequent promotions.

On his 4th day of school, Isaiah finally brought home a friend – Faina Thayer from across the street.

Mary made it a double promotion day.

Nathan was finally able to head out to his new business, a big, empty building.

With the money from that day’s promotions, he was able to buy a few pieces of exercise equipment. He named the business Train & Tone, and hoped to build it into Willow Valley’s premier fitness club.

The first customer to show up was Meadow Pederson.

“Hmm. I would like to become more fit.”

Then a wonderful thing happened: I saw the reviewer just as he walked onto the lot. If you’ve run a venue business, you know that the reviewer will instantly pay whatever the asking price is. So I totally cheated and had Nathan bump up the price to $9,999.

The reviewer really liked the treadmill, and stayed on it for a couple of hours. He didn’t give Train & Tone a good review, but he did give it something far better: $29,998.

The gym was very popular with the ladies, especially those ladies who prefer purple sweatsuits.

After 24 hours, the gym was in pretty good shape. Nathan still had some improvements he wanted to make, but customers were paying $30 an hour to visit his level 2 business. All in all, a great day’s work.

After all the improvements, though, Nathan had less than $50 in his pocket. So as soon as he got home, it was back to digging.

After Faina left, Isaiah spent the evening teaching Baxter to Come Here.

Mary was shocked to learn that she was expecting a baby! She’d wanted another child for a long time, but they’d just fallen into inertia after Isaiah was born. But now it was finally happening!

As she ate a leftover omelet, though, Mary worried about what this change would mean for Isaiah. He would be a teenager before this new baby was a toddler. Would he resent a baby after being an only child for so long? Or would he just be upset that he’d spent his whole childhood with no one to play with?

As Mary set her fork down, she made a decision about how to proceed. She hoped it was the right one.

Thanks, Meadow, you’re awesome.

Mary took her maternity day on Friday while Isaiah and Nathan headed off. She spent a little while arranging flowers on the new flower bench that she and Nathan had both wanted.

As 10 am approached, Mary tidied up the house and made sure everything was spotless.

Mary gave a big hug to her new son, Josiah.

“Social Worker says I’m going to live here forever. Is that true?”

“Yes, you’re part of our family now. But it’s Friday, so you’d better get to school.”

After seeing Josiah off to school, Mary headed off to work herself – no point taking an entire vacation day when she could still get a solid 4 hours of work in.

Nathan didn’t get a promotion, but he did bring home Goopy and had a pleasant outing.

Baxter doesn’t like the school bus. Josiah doesn’t much like Baxter.

Mary did get a promotion, and brought home Meadow!

Quick, Mary, have an outing with her. Maybe we can swindle another gift out of her.

Saveliy Pavlov came home on the bus, and the three boys spent the afternoon hanging out in the backyard.

Isaiah was so glad that he had a brother to play with. He was especially glad that Josiah was a boy, and not some dumb girl.

It would be okay if the new baby was a girl, though. The new baby would be too little to play with, anyway.

After searching every day, Nathan finally found his dream job in Athletic. He was more than happy to give up the military fatigues.

“So carry the 1, and what do you get?”


“Great job, son.”

Nathan was glad to have Josiah – it was nice to skip right past the baby and toddler periods.

“Wow, I’m enormous! Maybe it’s quadruplets!”

Yeah, you’d like that, wouldn’t you.

That’s it for the Gavigan family, and completes Summer 3! Look for Fall 3: The Quest for Uni Funds, coming soon.


Family: Gavigan

Business: Train & Tone, Level 2

Taxes: None (family’s 1st season)

Uni funds: $399,200

New career slots: 1 Slacker position (due to club opening)

Playable sims: 74 (+1)

Sim multiplier: 26

Population: 1924