It’s time for a new season in Willow Valley! The overarching goal for this season will be the acquisition of uni funds. More on that later.

This is a ridiculously long chapter, full of teenage drama and shenanigans. You’ve been warned.

First, a visit to the neighborhood. Most of the residential lots can be seen here. I placed a CAS family that’ll be played at the end of the rotation, which was the 16th household! So the big building to the lower right of the large rock is my free lot, the Willow Valley K-12 School. Now the kids don’t have to be bussed to Maple Hill anymore.

While I was school hunting on Mod the Sims, I also downloaded a proper sports lot. It’s a soccer stadium, where the minor league Willow Valley Boars play. They have a 0-6 record, but at least they have heart. This lot is actually worth over $250k. The old placeholder Athletic lot, the Roller Rink from the bin (which was never meant to hang around for 2 years), has been removed.

Now, on to the Pavlov family!

Back row, left to right: Larisa, Vanya, Noelle

Front row, left to right: Nikifor, Anya, Feofil, Saveliy

The Pavlovs also acquired a pet, an elder cat named Henry.

As cats will, he promptly went to try to destroy Larisa’s bed.

Saveliy couldn’t get back to sleep after the burglar at the end of last season, so he decided he might as well go tend the garden.

Larisa also couldn’t get back to sleep, so she worked on sewing nice outfits for her grandsons.

 The kids got to play before school, but since it’s fall, I’m going to make them skill mercilessly.


No real renovations for the Pavlovs this season, just some redecorating. It was time for the log cabin look to go from the interior, although I’m keeping it for the outside. Next season it’ll probably be time for new windows and doors.

The kids headed off to school, still upset about the burglary.

Part of my plan for collecting more Uni funds is increasing the private school fees. Previously, they were $250 per kid per day. Private school will now cost $500 per kid per day, with a recommended donation of another $500, for a total of $1000. The Pavlovs have 4 kids in school. It’s Tuesday, so there will be 4 days of school this rotation. So their school fee contribution will be a total of $16,000.

Vanya paid the season’s taxes. Throughout the challenge, my tax rate has been 5% of net worth. That’s still going to be the mandatory tax rate – in the long term, it seems to be a good number to allow growth. For this season, though, there will also be the option for families who can afford it to make a donation of an additional 10% of net worth. The Pavlovs can definitely afford it. Their net worth is just over $600,000 (including their two businesses), so Vanya paid a total of $90,300 in taxes.

The third leg of my uni funding strategy will be an optional donation when sims get “windfalls” – chance cards, money perks from businesses, genie lamps. Sims will have the option of donating half the windfall money, if they can afford it.

Most of the burden is going to fall on Willow Valley’s richest half dozen or so families. We’ll see if that will be enough to get a university by the end of the season.

None of the adults have to work. Lucky them, they get to stay home with no kids.

Noelle achieved her LTW to top Entertainment last season. Now she wants to top Oceanography. Wouldn’t hurt to try to get her her gold badge, especially since Larisa’s Fish Market has been rather lacking in fish lately.

“Soon it’ll be winter, and then you’ll go to sleep for a little while. So bloom now, and make some fruit for us!”

The kids were doing most of the routine garden tending, but Vanya still needed to talk to the plants to make them as healthy as possible.

Larisa headed down to the Fish Market to stock the shelves. They won’t actually be running it this season, but I’d like to keep it stocked and find out if sims in other households can come in and buy themselves fresh fish and produce. (As long as Noelle acquires some fresh fish, that is.)

Bronze badge!

The kids returned home, and the older set of twins headed out to tend the garden.

Saveliy needed a nap, while Nikifor needed a fun boost, so they were excused from garden chores for the day.

“Vanya, listen, I’m not going to be around forever. I want you to take ownership of the Fish Market.”

“Mama, no, you’ve got lots of time left.”

“I’ve got a little time left – I’m not going to kick the bucket right away. But it would be best if you take over the business now. Doesn’t need much, anyway.”

“Here’s the deed and the extra produce.”

“Thanks, Mom. But you’re going to be around a long time.”

After the garden was tended, Feofil headed to the easel to work on his giraffe painting.

Larisa made complementary fall outfits for the younger twins.

In the evening, everyone gathered together in the living room for Anya and Feofil’s birthday!

Anya became a Romance/Pleasure sim with a LTW to become a top Artist.

(Also, she’s not a Noelle clone, as I thought when she was a child. She’s got Vanya’s mouth, definitely. Not sure about the eyes.)

Feofil became a Popularity/Family sim. He wants to be an Oceanographer, just like his grandma. I anticipate him going to college, though, so skilling will have to come before fishing.

I like that outfit, so he can keep it.

Anya immediately got a new hairstyle – pink pigtails were so childish! Before she could go clothes shopping, though, she had to fix the computer.

Nikifor and Saveliy both wanted to make friends with their cousin Akilina. Fortunately they have two house phones, so they were both able to chat with her.

After going clothes shopping, Anya was quite happy with her new look. It wasn’t very colorful, but the flaming hair took care of that well enough.

Feofil was about to head to bed when he noticed uncompleted homework on his desk. He must have forgotten in from last season. It seemed easy now, just kid stuff.

The next morning, Vanya enjoyed grilled cheese sandwiches with his two oldest. He couldn’t believe they were teenagers.

“You don’t really think we’ll be able to go to college, do you, Papa? I mean, it’s so much money.”

“I’m doing everything I can to get you there, Anya. And I know a lot of other parents in town are working hard, too.”

Nikifor and Saveliy have Fun issues. As in, they need to be having it, all the time.

Finally, they were able to settle down and do their homework.

They finished just in time to make a run for the school bus.

Vanya headed to work an hour later.

Larisa used her very last vacation day. She hasn’t gone to work in 2 or 3 weeks.

Noelle had another day off, so she headed out to the pond and got her silver badge.

Feofil brought home Annika Richter, and went on an outing with her. Anya brought Mhairi Bruce, who she’s already BFFs with, so she headed out to tend the garden.

Silver badge!

As soon as Vanya got home from work, he, Larisa, and the teens headed off. Time to do some badge earning!

“Oh yeah, I’m the hottest sales chick you’ll see today.”

Anya worked on sales and got her silver badge. Feofil manned the cash register with Larisa’s help – the Five & Dime is level 9, so a cashier with no badges by himself wouldn’t work very well.

Back home, it’s skilling time!

Vanya’s new LTW is to top the Medical career. Since nobody else wants the spot, and since I’m hoping the career will be unlocked by the end of the season, I figured he might as well take the job.

After coming home from the store, Anya invited over Ramsay Bruce. She thought he was super hot.

Anya asked Ramsay on a date, but then Annika came over and gave him a big smooch on the mouth.

“All right, let’s finish this date,” Anya said, pulling Ramsay into an embrace.

“But…but…he’s MINE!” Annika cried.

Really, Annika? You want 20 lovers, but they all have to love only you? Isn’t that a little hypocritical?

“Yeah, um, I’m on a date with him right now. Bye!”

“Hmmph. I’m leaving.”

(Next time I see Annika I’m retooling her jealousy settings. Because really.)

“Anyway, where were we?”

Larisa got her gold sewing badge!

Anya got her first kiss! It’s at least Ramsay’s third.

And guess what? Now that Anya’s in high platinum with full mood bars from her date, it’s time for SKILLING!

“Nikifor, did you really see Anya kissing a boy outside?” Saveliy asked at dinner.

“Boys, don’t gossip,” Vanya said sternly – even though he definitely wanted to know more about this boy Anya had supposedly been kissing. She was far too young to date.

Hi, Leo!

Stuck smart milk effect + Education bookshelf + fall skilling bonus = totally ridiculous skilling speed. These kids went from zero to eight skill points in about 3 or 4 sim hours.

“Yeah, I’m old and cranky and tired. I’m retiring.”

After not showing up for work for a couple of weeks, Larisa officially retired. She’ll earn a pension of $650 per day and now gets to do whatever she wants (like she wasn’t doing that before).

I didn’t see it, but apparently Vanya was the recipient of the first ghost scare in the neighborhood.

Larisa made Anya a lovely custom outfit. I like it better than the gray outfit.

Another day of school.

Vanya headed off for his first day as a doctor.

I love how he just picked up a doctor job on the computer. “Where’d you go to medical school?” “Um, I didn’t, I maxed out at high school. I played a lot of chess, repaired a lot of computers, and cleaned a bunch of toilets, though.” “Well, welcome to our team, Doctor!”

Noelle didn’t go to work until 2. She didn’t like working evenings, so she hoped she would get her gold badge soon.

“I’ll show that Anya for stealing my not-boyfriend. I’ll steal the newspaper that no one ever reads! Hah!”

That is a very large fish. I have no idea how she’s going to fit it in the back pocket of her bikini.

Just like any teenagers, Feofil and Anya got home from school and spent the next 5 hours on their cell phones.

Saveliy brought home his best friend, Isaiah Gavigan.

Off to the store.

“Ow, my boobs!”

Poor Anya.

Simultaneous stars from Kylie Cooke-Pavlov and Benjamin Long brought the Five & Dime up to level 10!

“What’s wrong, Anya?”

“I hate chess.”

“Go do something else, then.”

“No, I’m staying.”

“Huh? I’m what? Fit? Oh, cool.”

“Hi, Mommy!”

“Well, hi, Nikifor. It’s 10 o’clock. Shouldn’t you be in bed?”

Feofil trimmed the trees in the garden, occasionally glancing over his shoulder at the pond. Shouldn’t Grandma be going to bed soon?

Just as Grandma went to bed, Dad came out and started talking to the frammin’ lemon tree! What was up with the grownups tonight?

Finally, everyone else was inside, and Feofil was able to make a dash for the limousine his cousin Liouba was driving.

The only other person awake was Anya, and she was too busy looking at the sky to notice her brother driving away.

I thought Annika was going to knock over the trash can, but she ate out of it instead.

Annika, you have money. I promise I’ll send you to the grocery store when I play your house, okay?

No reason why playing the guitar on the balcony at two in the morning should wake anybody up, right? I mean, there’s, like, a wall there and stuff.

“I hope nobody noticed I was gone! I’ll just go use the Energizer and pretend I took a shower really early.”

“Hello, aliens? My brothers-in-law told me you were up there!”

“Wow, that was fast!”

“Wait! I changed my mind!”

Yeah, yeah, everybody always changes their mind.

“Is mom going to be ok?”

“I hope so. You might get an alien brother or sister, though.”


Nikifor had a bit of a hard time concentrating on his homework, but he managed to finish it.

Since the Five & Dime had reached level 10, it was time to buy a new business. It cost $64,000, without merchandise.

This new lot is the 25th community lot, increasing the Sim Multiplier to 27, which puts me over 2000 population! Hooray!

Anya got her 8th body point while color coordinating with the wallpaper. She now has 8 skill points in all 7 skills, so she’ll be able to earn all the regular skill scholarships once a university is opened!

Next maybe I’ll have her work on the dance or pool scholarships.

The kids had to head off to school, with their mother still missing. They didn’t seem overly concerned.

Right after the bus pulled away, the flying saucer showed up.



“Woot! Yeah! Good job, aliens!”

Way to be nice to the abductee, guys.


Vanya headed off to work, while Larisa sat down to pay the $16,000 in school fees for the season.

Noelle got on the phone. “I just got abducted by aliens! It was so awesome!”

Apparently it was field day at school. Also, Michael Bruce came home with Feofil.

Feofil was already friends with Michael, but Anya wasn’t, so they had an outing and got to know each other.

Anzhelina Pederson came home with one of the younger set. The bus pulled away before she could get off, so she just teleported into the kitchen.

“Hello, family! I got a promotion!”

Of course you did.

Welcome to the newest business in town, Pavlov Motors!

Unfortunately, those sweet custom cars out front apparently aren’t OFB enabled, because the sims couldn’t restock them, and the customers threw their bags on the floor rather than paying for them. I got rid of them and replaced them with the boring Maxis cars, but unfortunately the family lost about $25k from the debacle. The business did get up to level 1, though.

Back home, Feofil flirted just a bit with his good friend Michael…

Love, true love…at least until someone grows to adult or goes to college.

The poor Bruce boys are just romance fodder for everybody. Alas. There just aren’t that many teen boys in the neighborhood (that aren’t Pavlovs).

Feofil was a little nervous about using the telescope after what had happened last night, but he did need the logic points.

Noelle had taken a vacation day, and she was glad she’d done it; she’d been able to rest after her abduction and then spend time with all her kids.

Unfortunately, the younger twins are not doing as well with their skills as I’d like. It’s hard to get them to sit down and study.

Anya’s got a long way to go if she’s going to get a dancing scholarship.

8th Logic point for Feofil! That’s all of his skill scholarships. Now he’s got 1 day left to fish before the pond freezes over.

“So, do you think you and Michael are going to go steady?” Anya asked over a late night spaghetti dinner.

“Eh, who knows,” Feofil replied. “Probably not. I mean, he’s probably going to college next season, if we can get one.”

Anya was relieved. She was attracted to Michael, too, and as long as he and Feofil weren’t going steady, she wouldn’t have to feel guilty if anything happened.

The next morning, while eating pancakes, Saveliy disappeared.

Taking full advantage of his invisibility, he stole Noelle’s plate when she stood up to be nauseated, leaving her still hungry.

Vanya and Feofil did some father-son bonding in the time honored traditional way: with fishing poles in their hands.

Larisa took Saveliy for a walk and used her super founder powers to make him reappear.

Off to the store, where Feofil and Anya earned their gold sales badges.

So Larisa and Vanya started dazzling the customers while the kids ran the cash registers.

But even though I got rid of all the custom cars, the customers still threw their bags on the floor.

I finally got rid of some half wall sections and moved the chairs away. Guess you need a space to the side of the cash register? Anyway, it works now, and Pavlov Motors got up to Level 3.

“Here, I want you to have something to remember me by when I die.”

“What? Mom, you’re not…”

“I’m old, and I know what I’m talking about. Take it.”

Larisa’s been sewing a lot, and made a quilt for each of her 7 children. I’d love for her to make one for each of her grandchildren, too, but she’s got 26 of them with another on the way, so that’s not really feasible.

“Oh my, must have eaten too much sparkly food.”

Denial will only get you so far.

Saveliy went invisible again. I decided he wasn’t going to use “but I’m invisible!” as an excuse to get out of studying.

Then I discovered that he didn’t have stuck smart milk like everybody else, which explains why his skill points are so far behind. So I cheated it back.

Future oceanographers, unite!

Larisa invited over the kids who hadn’t come to the car dealership – all except Aglaya, who was working.

“Here, I made you a quilt.”

“Oh, wow, thanks, Mom!”

Noelle got her gold badge!

Alas, no Oceanography today.

Invisible Saveliy: *is invisible*

“Why are you wearing a swimsuit? It’s almost winter!”

“We have a hot tub, doofus.”

Feofil wanted to have a party, so I let him. This is what happened.

“Heh, your brother is such a man-whore.”

“Which one? Oh, it doesn’t matter, they both are.”

“Do you think we should be supervising the teenager party?”

“Don’t be ridiculous. I just caught a fish.”

The Pavlovs definitely have the best party house in town.

Michael’s not a Romance sim. Really, he’s not.

Larisa finally got Aglaya over, and gave her the last quilt.

(Marya and Venyamin didn’t get invited to the party originally, because there wasn’t space, so they came with Aglaya.)

Since the teens were busy partying, Nikifor and Invisiboy tended the garden before going to bed.

Leo came out to join the party! Feofil seemed to find being scared rather amusing.

Makari: “Um, nephew, are you okay?”

With only 7 minutes to go in the party, the po-po decided they’d better hurry up if they wanted to shut this thing down.

“Great party, Feofil!” Liouba called as she flew off toward home.

After everyone else went to bed, Vanya was left with the tidying up.

Oceanography showed up in the computer early in the morning, so Noelle took the job and headed out at 4 am. She hoped Vanya wouldn’t mind if she took the car.

She was glad she’d found the job, because now she could get work out of the way in the early mornings and spend her afternoons and evenings with the kids. There was only so much time before they would all head off for college.

“Hi, Grandpa!”

That’s it for Fall for the Pavlov family! Next up: the Cookes.


Family: Pavlov


Larisa’s Fish Market, Rank 10

Five & Dime, Rank 10

Pavlov Motors, Rank 3

Uni fund contribution: $106,300 (taxes $30,100, voluntary contribution $60,200, school fees $16,000)

Total uni fund contribution to date: $227,000

Uni fund: $505,500

(Hooray, over half a million!)

Playable sims: 76

Sim multiplier: 27 (+1 for 25th community lot)

Population: 2052