It’s time for the Cooke family!

Back: Armando, Julien holding Sharlene

Front: Colin, Madelina

Not pictured: James – he moved out. I got distracted and missed taking a picture of him.

There’s also a new addition to the family, a puppy named Brownie. You might recall that Annika Richter sold him to Madelina last season.

Madelina spent the morning barfing.

Julien took charge of Sharlene, making sure she learned her nursery rhyme.

Armando relaxed on the couch, listening to Madelina’s lovely piano playing. Colin caught up with a friend before work.

“Oh goodness! Brownie, I’m pregnant!”

Brownie grew up! He looks more like Sarah than any of the others, but he’s still got Danny’s coloring.

Apparently he bonded with James during their short time sharing the house, because he immediately went and curled up on James’ old bed.

Since they’re both permaplat, Julien and Madelina went down to the rarely visited Club C so he could pass on business perks to her (while making money, of course).

Hey, look who’s playing poker together! Maybe they won’t hate each other so much next time they meet.

Julien spent nearly two sim days transferring his perks to Madelina, and they earned $20,000. I’m declaring it a windfall, so Madelina donated $10,000 to the uni fund.

Sharlene earned 8 charisma skill points, so I went ahead and bought her an activity table.

Colin came home with a promotion, Aglaya, and a cold. 😦

Then Makari came strolling by with Blondie, and invited himself in.

The Cookes were out of food, so Julien went to the grocery store.

This is the first time I’ve actually had to send anybody in the neighborhood out for groceries!

Nice job, Colin. You gave your cold to the pregnant one.

Julien decided it would be best to send the assorted guests home.

Finally, Colin was able to make a big pot of comfort soup to cure himself and Madelina. The remaining 4 bowls were stored in the fridge against future need.

Way to be interested in Sharlene’s birthday, guys.

Sharlene finally got everyone’s attention, and grew up super adorable.

I love that dress, but it clashes with her skin tone and therefore will have to go.

Post makeover, Sharlene continues to be ridiculously adorable.

(She moved into James’ old room, which was redecorated for her.)

Colin wanted to get fit and earn a skill point, so he headed out to the backyard for some hoops.

Sharlene had just napped before her birthday, so she worked on her mechanical skill.

“Good doggie!”

Sharlene spent a little time playing with Brownie before finally heading to bed.

Julien got up early and made some candy.

This is not the career reward candy maker. It’s a buyable one that makes actual candies that go into inventory.

Sharlene started the day with a little jump rope.

Everyone sat down for a delicious Sunday breakfast of pancakes.

The Cooke-Pavlovs came over for family Sunday.

“Hey, what’s that?”

“Denise! You were trying to cheat, weren’t you?”

Despite the cheating, Sharlene and her cousin became good friends over the chessboard.

Madelina had to skip much of family Sunday to take a nap.

Colin got home at 3 with a promotion!

Madelina woke up in time to enjoy some ribs with her niece before the Cooke-Pavlovs headed home.

“Clean, clean, sparkly clean…”

Sharlene is a little neat freak.

She then headed up to the roof, and discovered that her OTH was science.

She’s a Star Child, all right.

Leftovers for breakfast!

“Mommy, is the new school haunted? ‘Cause Faina Thayer said it’s haunted.”

“No, sweetheart, the school’s not haunted. It’s brand new! How could a brand new building be haunted?”

Colin and Sharlene headed off to work and school. Sharlene was of course enrolled in private school – she’s my very first private school legacy!

Since Colin is in Law Enforcement, Armando was able to get Brownie a job in Pet Security.

Armando taught Brownie to Stay, so that hopefully he could move quickly up the career ladder.

Madelina spent the morning making candies.

Right around lunchtime, the labor pains hit.

It was a little boy, with Madelina’s coloring. She named him Dustin.

“Our tenth grandchild, Julien! Amazing!”

Colin came home with a promotion, and Sharlene brought home Nastasia Thayer.

The adults headed out to the restaurant for a few hours. No change in rank – it was still level 8 when they left.

Back home, Julien finished painting Colin’s portrait, and hung it up right above Colin himself.

Sharlene just managed to make friends with Nastasia before she had to leave at 6 pm.

“Everybody at school said the building’s haunted.”

“Well, did you see any ghosts?”

“No, but everybody said.”

“A true scientist gathers her own evidence.”

“Math is hard, Grandpa.”

“I know, Sharlene, but you can do it. Just concentrate.”

“Hmm, I wonder if the aliens will come for me? I could have an alien baby, too!”

“Who’s Granddad’s little nooboo?”

Everybody’s favorite breakfast!

I really need to stop having them cook. Their fridge is overflowing with leftovers, but so many sims have max cooking that I’m always letting them serve meals.

Um…I don’t even. The baby glitched and I had to force errors, so I can only figure the sack of money has something to do with that.

Bad omelettes, alas.

Colin and Armando shared a carpool – or they will, as soon as Armando finishes raking the leaves.

My sims pretty much never take baths unless they’re pregnant, or toddlers.

“Oh, hello, Davis.”

“Hi, Dad. I’m definitely not stealing the paper or anything. Heh heh heh heh heh.”

Madelina spent the day home with little Dustin.

(Mad Scientist is an awesome career for a parent, because the hours don’t overlap with most of the other careers.)

Madelina brought Angie Pederson home from school. They spent the afternoon blowing bubbles, which is absolutely an entirely appropriate activity for children and not concerning in any way.

“OMG so hungry. I hope Sharlene’s having fun with her friend.”

 Brownie’s gotten into the bad habit of begging for scraps, and the sims have gotten into the worse habit of giving them to him.

Colin brought home a promotion and Aglaya, but fortunately no illness this time.

Julien got a chance card, and earned a $60,000 bonus! That means an extra $30,000 donated to the Uni fund!

Now that Julien was home, it was time for Dustin’s birthday!

He’s a mean little sucker – only one nice point. You can tell by looking at him, can’t you?

Poor Brownie got fired on his very first day! Stupid chance cards.

At least there was a toddler to lick to make him feel better.

Madelina once again rolled wants to teach Dustin all his skills.

Dustin’s training was interrupted, though, when the next baby made its presence known.

The next morning, Colin had to go to work early. He knew he wouldn’t have time to get the 2 body points he needed for his next promotion, but he was sure a little yoga would calm him.

After a delicious breakfast of birthday cake, Sharlene bonded with her little brother at the block table before school.

Julien helped Dustin use the potty before he had to head to work.

Madelina spent the day lazing around and eating, as is only proper for a pregnant sim.

Boy, Sharlene, you look happy.

“I joined the football team!”


Armando really needs a hobby. I make him do all the yard work, and he still has his job, but otherwise he just hangs around.

Sharlene got her 8th mechanical point! That’s two skill scholarships squared away for her.

Colin was thrilled to max his body skill. Hopefully it wouldn’t be long before he was Captain Hero.


“Oh, good job, Dustin! What a big boy you are!”

I finally remembered to have Armando get Brownie back into the Pet Security career. Unfortunately, it was too late for him to go that night.

Why do burglaries always happen on the last night of the rotation?

Officer Ramin Centowski to the rescue!

(Uh-oh – he failed to catch the burglar last time.)

The whole family hurried out to watch the fight. Sharlene, of course, had made sure to make her bed first.

Fortunately, Officer Ramin won this one, and the burglar was carted off to jail.

Everyone headed back to bed except Sharlene, who wasn’t tired enough. She got a start on her creativity skill.

That’s it for the Cooke family! Next up are the Bruces.


Family: Cooke


Club C, level 10

Cooked to Perfection, level 8

Uni fund contributions: $104,600 (regular taxes $20,500, voluntary levy $41,100, windfalls $40,000, school fees $3000)

Total uni fund: $610,100

(On average, each of the remaining families will need to contribute $30,000 to make it to $1 million this season.)

Playable sims: 77 (+1)

Sim multiplier: 27

Total population: 2079