The Bruce Family

Back row, left to right: Andrea, Michael, Ramsay, Dand

Front row: Mhairi, Malvina

Somebody bought a cat at the pet store. His original name was Baxter, again, but I changed it to Bigelow.

Mhairi was excited to pay the taxes – she really, really hoped that she and her siblings would be able to attend university. The Bruce family’s share was $45,000, consuming almost all of their family funds.

With what was left, they started fencing in the back yard – since they live in a castle, their rear needs to be protected.

I guess Annika’s still mad at Ramsay.

Everybody headed off – Dand and Andrea to work, and the kids to school.

When the teens returned home, Ramsay went to repair the shower he’d broken that morning.

Michael brought home next door neighbor Dimitri Hamilton, and had a nice outing with him.

Mhairi headed straight to the bookshelf. She was determined to be ready when it was time to apply for scholarships.

Baby likes Bigelow a lot better than Buttons, and they were able to try for kittens – but without success. I have a larger households hack, but apparently it’s not working.

Mhairi brought Faina Thayer home from school, and greeted her with a water balloon.

Andrea got a promotion!

With the money from Dand’s salary and Andrea’s bonus, they were able to finish fencing in the yard, put in a back door and steps, and put out a small garden.

Andrea needed 2 logic points for her next promotion. She wasn’t about to go near the telescope, so she settled at the chess table.

She tried not to think too much about the baby she was carrying. She was just going to assume that Dand was the father. He had to be, because she couldn’t handle anything else.

I tried to send Dand and the teens to the store, but Dand wouldn’t leave – said he couldn’t leave the little ones home alone. Apparently Andrea counts as a little one?

So the teens went on their own, and called Dand up and invited him over.

I didn’t quite catch it in time, but Bolts gave Wired its 125th star, making it the 7th level 10 business in the neighborhood!

Back home, it was back to the skilling grind.

(I hadn’t really been planning to send Michael and Ramsay to college until I decided to make a hard push at the beginning of this season. So they’ve got a lot of work to do to get all their skill scholarships.)

Dand planted some tomatoes in the new garden.

It occurred to me later that I probably should have had him wait until spring, but whatever.

Malvina made herself a yummy muffin before bed.

Mhairi continued in her determination to meet her other parent.

(Must go to school and remove glitched staircase.)

Skill skill skill

(Mhairi’s still in her school uniform because she didn’t sleep. No sleep for her until she gets abducted.)

Malvina couldn’t skill as she had homework.

Annika, it’s Ramsay you’re mad at, not Mhairi.

After getting Buttons a job in Pet Service, Dand worked on skills with Baby. Eventually she’ll hopefully get a job in Pet Showbiz.

Andrea got her 9th logic point, and headed in to work late. Dand had the day off, so he stayed home with the cats.

After school, Ramsay decided it was time to call up Annika.

“Listen, I’m not sorry. I’m a Romance sim, and so are you. But we had a good thing going. Surely you’re not going to let one little date ruin that.’

“So, uh, want to go on an outing?”

“I’d love to!”

Michael had done his fair share of dating around the neighborhood, but Mireia Picaso was something else.

“So, how are things going with your girlfriend? Is she still mad at you?”

“She’s not my girlfriend.”

Malvina brought home her good friend Akilina.

Andrea did well on a chance card, and got a $35,000 bonus and a promotion to Business Tycoon! She’s the neighborhood’s sixth business tycoon, and the Bruce household is the first to produce 2 Business Tycoons.

Michael was pleased to discover that Mireia liked him back.

Look at all those skill bars!

I don’t understand why sims will stand to watch tv instead of just sitting down and turning their heads.

“Yeah! I bet this will make even more girls swoon over me.”

That evening, as Malvina prepared to grow up, Andrea gave her stepdaughter an appraising look. If it weren’t for those aliens, she would be cheering her youngest becoming a teenager, not worrying about whether this new baby would be one of Them.

Malvina became a Family/Fortune sim, with a LTW to become a top Entertainer. The outfit she grew up in didn’t suit her at all, so she headed off for a makeover.

Using his mother’s bonus money, Michael sat down and bought himself a business.

(I’m still hoping to have them donate half of Andrea’s bonus to the uni fund, but not just yet.)

Bruce & Son Booksellers sells books, magazines, and even has a small stand for video games.

Malvina was tired, but the other teens were game to go run the new business for a few hours.

The reviewer gave Michael a Best of the Best Award, but I don’t know why she has to be so creepy about it.

The store got up to level 3 before the teens headed home.

Back home, Malvina tried on her new clothes before bed.

I got a different larger households hack, and…success!

Mhairi spent another night in pursuit of the aliens.

She might be developing a bit of an energizer addiction.

Early in the morning, Andrea woke up with the onset of labor pains.

“Oh boy, oh boy, this never gets any easier.”

Malvina was excited that she was about to get a new little brother or sister.

Andrea held the discolored, monstrous thing away from her. “It…it’s hideous.” She glared at Mhairi. “It’s like YOU!”

She put the alien thing on the ground and backed away. “What’s wrong with all of you?” she asked, gazing around. “You act like you’re excited by this! They took me, and they did things to me, and now I have…that!”

She turned to Dand. “Get rid of it!”


“I want that thing out of my house! I don’t care what you do with it. Call the social worker, put it up for adoption, maybe some other family that likes freaks will take it. But get rid of it!” She turned and stormed out of the room, not looking back at the baby on the floor.

Mhairi scooped up the baby. “Dad, what are we going to do? We can’t just…I mean, we’re keeping her, right?”

Dand frowned, looking at the baby. “Yes, of course we’re keeping her. Your mother will come around.”

Mhairi raised her eyebrows. “She’s not my mother. I think she’s made that perfectly clear.” She cuddled the baby against her shoulder. “I’ll take care of the baby. We can put the crib and stuff up in my room. Andrea never goes up there.”

“All right,” Dand said. “And I’ll talk to her.”

“Dad, was it like this when I was born?”

Dand took a deep breath and considered the best response. “Not for me,” he said finally. “I loved you from the moment you were born.”

The other teens were devastated. They would have been hard pressed to say what exactly upset them the most – what the aliens had done to their mother, or their mother’s reaction to their new baby sister.

Mhairi found the baby stuff in storage and put it in her room, then took a long look at her new baby sister before laying her in the crib. “You need a name, don’t you? I guess I get to name you.” She thought for a moment. “How about Catriona?”

It occurred to her that she and Catriona weren’t actually related by blood. But the baby had no one else, it seemed. Mhairi didn’t believe that Andrea would “come around” – she’d never come around to Mhairi, after all. They lived in the same house and never spoke to one another.

Once Catriona was settled, Mhairi got out her cell phone. She would be leaving for school in about an hour, and Dad had to work. Andrea had the day off, and Mhairi was afraid if she heard the baby crying maybe she’d call the social worker herself. So Mhairi called a nanny. Hopefully Andrea wouldn’t notice the small deduction from the household funds.

Andrea was famished after that ordeal, so she sat down to a plate of chef salad. After she ate, she planned to go back to bed for a nice long snooze and forget that the last 3 days had ever happened. She didn’t even want to know what Dand was doing with the alien – but it had better be out of her house.

Michael and Malvina decided some physical activity would help them deal with their stress.

Mhairi passed the nanny on her way to the bus. She hoped Nanny Kendal would take good care of her little sister, and keep her out of Andrea’s way.

Nanny Kendal did a great job. She cleaned the place up…

And had Catriona fed and changed when the teens got home from school.

Just Malvina and Ramsay went to the store that afternoon. Because of the way the bookshelves work, it’s pointless to have somebody on restocking duty, so they just needed a seller and a cashier. Malvina earned her silver sales badge, and Ramsay got a bronze cashier badge. They got the store up to level 4.

Ramsay and Malvina enjoyed an outing before heading home.

After getting home from school, Mhairi hurried to her room to check on Catriona. “Did the nanny take good care of you, little one?”

Mhairi had brought Dimitri home from school, but she was busy, so Malvina took him over.

It turned out they got along really well.

Andrea hadn’t written a novel in years. But now she was at the top of her career, and all three children were teenagers, so she could get back to it. She decided to write a thriller called The Alien Menace.

“So this is where you’ve been hiding. You’re such a cutie. But stay quiet so Mom doesn’t find you.”

Friday night was spent  partying skilling.

 “About time! I’ve got some serious questions to ask you!”

“Did you hear that?”

“What was that?”

“I think maybe Mhairi finally got the aliens’ attention.”

As she chowed down on some pancakes, Andrea hoped that maybe the aliens would keep their spawn.

She heard a sound, and frowned, looking around. It had sounded like a baby crying.

No. She must have just imagined it. Her youngest, Malvina, was already a teen, after all.

“Hush, little one, Daddy will get your diaper changed,” Dand comforted little Catriona. “Big sister will be home soon.”

Buttons came home with a promotion!

Mhairi returned in the middle of the night.

“No! Wait! Can’t I stay a little longer?”

“Oh, you aliens, always a good laugh.”

That’s Baby down there hissing at the flying saucer.

“It was so awesome, Dad! I saw the moon, and the stars, up close! I can’t wait to go again.”

“Not until after you finish getting your scholarships, Mhairi.”

Mhairi told her siblings all about her trip over breakfast.

“I don’t think I would want to go,” Michael said. “But did you ask them about Catriona?”

“They said she was supposed to be a gift, just like I was a gift. And they’re sorry Andrea doesn’t like her, but she’s non-returnable.”

The Bruces need $12,000 to pay school fees, and $17,500 to donate for Andrea’s bonus. (Yes, the $17,500 donation is optional, so if they don’t have the money it won’t be a big deal. But the Bruces are hoping to have two students in the college’s inaugural class, so it’s only fair that they donate as much as possible.)

The bookstore is lovely, but not very profitable, so as soon as it was light out Andrea, Michael, Ramsay, and Malvina headed to the electronics store. They made about $15k before heading home.

Back home, Mhairi slept for the first time since becoming a teen, until Catriona woke her with cries of hunger.

Saturday is for skilling.

Dand worked in the garden, hoping to harvest some vegetables to see them through winter.

Ramsay is the first to get all his skill scholarships! (Mostly because he’s permaplat and doesn’t have to worry about those pesky wants.)

Michael was only a couple of hours behind him. Now he just needs money for college.

(Yes, I’m making my sims pay tuition for college. Most of the kids in the neighborhood already have move-out funds, including the other Bruce kids, but Michael doesn’t since he’s the Bruce heir.)

Ramsay’s OTH is Nature. Since he didn’t have any more skilling to do, he took over tending the garden, and was lucky enough to get to harvest the first fruit.

Baby had a kitten! I named her Melanie.

Sunday morning, Malvina and Mhairi bonded over omelettes.

Sunday morning Ramsay and Michael headed down to the bookstore and got it up to level 6. They only made about $100, though – the place isn’t exactly a moneymaker. But what’s a town without a bookstore?

Back home, Michael decided to dig for his college fund, while Ramsay tended the garden.

Andrea kept herself busy, writing another novel about the evil aliens. She hadn’t changed out of her pajamas in several days.

The Bruces haven’t been participating in Family Sunday until now, but Mhairi decided it would be a good time to get to know her half sister Liouba, especially now that the aliens had assured her that they were in fact half sisters. They had a nice outing before Liouba headed home.

I may have forgotten about Malvina on the exercise bike for a while – and sims will ride that thing until they’re practically dead. On the upside, she became fit and earned enough body points for a scholarship!

When 6 pm hit, Malvina headed to Mhairi’s room, compelled by the urge to toss her baby sister in the air.

Catriona grew up cute, but possibly evil, with a personality of 7/10/10/0/0.

Andrea just might be on to something.

Malvina got Catriona her smart milk, because gosh darn it, if she’s going to be evil, she’d better be an evil genius and not just some stupid sidekick.

Catriona got a makeover, and learned to walk from her big sister Mhairi. It seemed she couldn’t have what she really wanted, though, which was a snuggle and a tickle from her mother.

That’s it for the Bruce family! You’ll have to wait until next time to find out what Andrea will do when she discovers Catriona’s presence.


Family: Bruce


Wired, Rank 10

Bruce & Son Booksellers, Rank 6

Uni fund contribution: $84,500 (taxes $15,000, levy $30,000, school fees $12,000, windfall $17,500)

Total Bruce family contribution: $132,500

Total uni fund: $694,600

Average contribution needed from remaining families: $25,450

Playable sims: 78 (+1)

Sim multiplier: 27

Population: 2106